28 Feb 2020

Deathwatch - Corvus Blackstar #3

Hello One and All,

Another week passed, another addition to the Deathwatch force - this time a Corvus Blackstar flyer, another Vehicle - I really need to add some troops to this force.
The Corvus Blackstar was painted as per my other units with a metallic black base, and edge highlights with lighter greys up to Thunderhawk Blue for the final highlight. I have also completed all the options for the second Corvus Blackstar.
As per the other Corvus Blackstar's, I've added a panel for the pilots Chapter - this one is a homegrown Chapter with a transfer from the space marine decal sheet, on a blue base. I believe the decal is a Dark Angels one.
Happy with the look of the 3 Corvus Blackstars together! It'll be great to get them on the battlefield soon!
Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (5pts for a Flyer)

26 Feb 2020

Squaduary 2020 Complete - Relictors Devastator Squad w/ Heavy Bolters

Hello All, and a special hello if you are a Squaduary Squaddie coming to check up my progress. Well, as the tile says - I finished my Squad! Yep, not as numerous as some pledges and only 5 Marines, but the extra large weapons/packs and a unique Sergeant mini made this as challenging/time consuming - I am a slow painter!
Squaduary is a hobby event run through February and is run by Stepping Between Games blog, many thanks to Thousand Eyes who plows through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pools them together - it was motivational as always seeing the progress of other hobbyists get their squads together! Well done all Squaduary Squaddies!
Here is the squad's Sergeant, a Finecast Captain of the Relics, from the Chapter Masters set, I head swapped and added a Signum Backpack and a Chainsword. Armed with his trusty Combi-Plasma, he can challenge those with impervious heavier armour who stray into range of the Heavy Bolters and don't get cut down.
The mini is a great stand-in for a Veteran Sergeant for a Devastator Squad, his pad already comes with a Devastator Chevron. His pose is a bit too static to be a Captain, so demotion to a Sergeant gets him on the field of battle!
As the bond-studded pad without a green trim doesn't allow the 4th Company markings, I added a green stripe to the Chainsword to link in with the rest of the Squad's 4th Company colours.
The first two of the troopers, I love the Devastator's helmet with the metal plate, and a 3rd party Bionic Leg replacement - obviously a Plasma Cannon veteran before the accident...
And the other two Troopers, standard Devastators from the set. Coincidentally the piles of brass shell casings come with the kit too.
Here is a final shot from different angles, you can see on the far right the veteran bionics and the extra ammunition stowage on the backpacks - I guess the whole backpack is a feed mechanism to the belt, as well as the normal power armour suit functions.

Another successful Squaduary, thank-you all and see you next year! It's good to get the final squad of Devastators finally off the painting table queue and onto the battlefield, and such an iconic weapon selection, Heavy Bolters and a Chainsword.

Cheers, Siph (5 points)

24 Feb 2020

Relictors 4th Company Command Squad - Apothecary, Champion and Lieutenant

Hello All, thanks for dropping in to WeeMen. I have a few Characters to show today. I've finished off the 4th Company command characters I bought as a job lot eBay rescue along with the Company Ancient and the Techmarine already seen. I am pleased with the addition of the helix on the Chainsword.
This Apothecary started life as a Company Veteran but a backpack change and a new paintjob  plus re-basing on 32mm meant with some work he will now (and has) see battle on the 41st Millennium again.
As with the other members of the 4th Company Command, he has a relic book atop his armour and a command star on the right pauldron but now in Apothecary colours with the left pauldron a Relictors half skull and green company colour trim.
The Company Champion started life as a completely different model with Storm Bolter Power Fist. I repainted him entirely and gave him a relic blade from the bits box.
I painted his cloak to green Company colours and added a suitable Champion-esque pauldron with a green flash. He has the flaming braziers backpack the other Command Squad members have.
The original model came with an Inquisitorial Seal pauldron so I ran with it and gave it Relictor colours, maybe he had served attached to Inquisitorial retinue or Deathwatch some time ago? His helmet signifies his Veteran status in bone off-white colours.
The final member of these three started life as a Veteran and now has been upgraded to a close-combat armed Lieutenant. His job is to sit back with the heavy guns and offer his re-roll bubble (Command Advice) and if attacked, launch into defence of his charges.
I swapped out his original brazier armed weapon for a standard Chainsword and Power Axe for some bite. I was rather pleased with the overall look and the Lieutenant helmet stripes are the first ones I've done and look good.
Again the Command Star pauldron in Relictors colours with a green trim. The Power Axe looks quite heretical, just right for Relictors - maybe it's a Daemon Weapon?! Shhh...
So, there you have it, three more characters to fill out my 4th Company command.
And here they are with the other two members, five decent rescue jobs and rightly based on larger bases with re-paints and some re-modelling.

Cheers, Siph. (20pts - 1x complete repaint 10pts, plus 2x partial extensive re-paints so half points)

21 Feb 2020

Legio Crucius Titan Weapons - Reaver and Warlord - WIP

Hello One and All,

Some steady progress with regards additional weapons for the Warlord and Reaver.

Warlord "Hells Daughter"

I've added the Belicosa Volcano Cannon for the Warlord, this has had a magnet added to allow for the weapons to be switched. To finish I need to wash the gold trim, and then highlight, as well as the heat effect on the end of the barrel.
Reaver "Astramos"

For the Reaver I am converting a pair of Warlord Apocalypse Missile Launchers to be used as arms to have a 'Dreadfire' Reaver Support Titan. This was found in the early Epic version of the game. Three Apocalypse Missile Launchers will be putting out a load of damage and hits both in AT games, and 40K. I've added a bolt through the arm which is then secured with a nut and washer using the hold in the shoulder joint for access.

The launchers will be painted a Legio Crucius scheme to match.
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Princeps Lord Halfpenny

19 Feb 2020

Relictors Devastators w/ Heavy Bolters - Squaduary Week 3

Hello one and all, and a special hello to any Squaddies from this year's Squaduary. So, after some slow progress and a week lacking any significant goals, Storm Dennis gave me the opportunity at the weekend to stay indoors and get some paint down.

This chap (above) is the Master of the Relics, a finecast Captain however now re-purposed and rearmed with a Chainsword, his static pose and extra bling make him an ideal Sergeant for these Devastators. Armed with a Combi-Plasma, he can deal with any heavier armour straying into range of the massed Heavy Bolters.
And progress has advanced somewhat with his charges, all troopers now have their main bodies and bases complete, just the heads and armaments to go really - back on track and should have these completed in time for the end of Squaduary.
Squaduary is a hobby event organised by the chaps at Stepping Between Games Blog and runs every February to get that Squad that's been sitting around for too long finally finished and off the to-do pile!

Cheers, Siph.

17 Feb 2020

Relictors Primaris Space Marine Ancient w/ Banner

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, a little hurdle of mine overcome and finally off the to-do pile, a Primaris Ancient with Company Banner.

I have been putting off this mini for a while now as I was afraid that I would mess it up, however after seeking a price quote from a Commission Artist and rejecting it, I thought it was about time I 'got off my a$$' and did it! So i did.
The banner has a lot of pre-moulded details which make the job not as difficult as I expected, not like a freehand blank canvas is. I cheated with my original Banner Bearer (now Ancient) of my first-born Marines (HERE) using a skull from an ancient White Dwarf or Space Hulk, and struggled with the Chaplain in Terminator Armour (HERE) - so this one was actually easier than expected.

The golden winged skull finial was from a WFB kit and some Dark Angel Helmet Wings adjusted to fit outwards rather than swept backwards. The black trim on the banner denotes 5th Company as does the '5'... The scrollwork was using contrast Skeleton Horde over Dhneb Stone foundation and a Micron Pen for the text, tip, start in the middle and work outwards to always fit the space available.
I added some text on the reverse, detailing in High Gothic the path from UM and DA geneseed that the Relictors are grown from, both decals, from Custodes FW Decal Sheet. The greys used on the banner were different from the Dawnstone on the Armour, I didn't want an exact match as its meant to be fabric of sorts, so a lot more Administratum Grey and some Eshin Greys. The gold used is Burnished Gold rather than my metallics of Retributor Gold to also look slightly different.
Here is a shot from the rear, the crest is from the Horus Heresy plastics range, either BatC or BofP, and I've used my normal Relictors decal for the left Pauldron, but with a grey shoulder trim as my Primaris are Chapter generic, not attached to a particular Company throughout their Service, hence the 5th Company Banner details but not on the Marine.
The Veteran decal on the right Pauldron denotes his status as a Veteran Brother, as does the bone coloured Helmet. My Primaris are sticking to Insignium Astartes for markings, but variation of Bone over White for Helmets.
The savvy among you will see that it isn't a Primaris Helmet at all, but actually a studded MKIV, this Veteran has earnt a relic piece of battlegear.

Great to have this off the painting desk at long last, and I am rather pleased with the outcome. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers, Siph. (10pts Character)

14 Feb 2020

Beachhead 2020 - Bournemouth BIC Titan Walk. (Picture Heavy)

Hello one and All,

Last weekend saw the annual event - Beachhead 2020 at the Bournemouth International Centre. At this event there were loads of stores, demonstration games and tournaments. One of the demonstration games was the Titan Owners Club, with 6 Princeps fighting with their 28mm titans using the Adeptus Titanicus rules (AT28).

Here are images from the event that saw Legio Astorum, Legio Crucius and Knights of House Bordeaux against the forces of Legio Mortis and Legio Solaria as well as some Vassal Knight Banners.
Pre-battle photos
A couple of images for the Titan Owners Club - Sorry Lyden! Armigers (for show anyway, no rules)
The Battle Begins!
The convention's Cosplayers came over for a look-see
TOC's newest member bought along several Banners of Knights and soaked up a lot of enemy firepower!
Seeing your Warlord explode due to a friendly explosion is a tough pill to swallow...
The pain is less when the opposing team aren't mocking your poor fortune..
The Titan Owners Club with the Plaque for Best in Show, and the Best Demonstration trophy.
The battle saw loads of action, with 3 out of 4 Warlords exploding in glorious death, Dominius Victoria of the Legio Astorum detonated in the shockwave after the Crucius Warhound Black Strider was destroyed. The Crucius Warbringer Mons Igneus took the killing blows on both Unius Exercitus of Solaris and Bone Garland of Mortis.

The Titan Owners Club was very blessed to be awarded the Bill Thurlow Memorial Plaque for Best in Show, and Best Demonstration Game 2020 Trophy! Great going team!

Thanks for looking! LH
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