23 Jun 2013

Iron Warriors Gallery - BlogWars 5 2nd Place Comp and Painting!

A big-Iron well done to our own Chris (6thDegree) for his great placing at BW5, a friendly competition held this weekend, organised by Alex from "From the Fang".

And to help Alex out, he's been directing traffic to us to see pics of the 2nd best painted army at BW5 too... so I'm re-posting some pics of 6thDegree's Iron Warriors for all to see. Enjoy.

21 Jun 2013

Relictors Rapier Heavy Bolter Gun Carriage

I finally got to finish the crewman for my first Rapier Gun Carriage. This one is the FW Heavy Bolter version.
I used one of the members of my Devastator Squad as the second crewman, thinking ahead, I didn't want four identical pointing crewman for all the battery. The base is a resin wide-bike base made from a 40mm base cut in half and a square 40mm spacer in the middle.
I gave the crewman a new FW backpack and swopped the FW crewman into the Devastator Squad as a 'corporal', directing fire with his pointing arm.
Gotta love this view! Pure DAKKA.
Here's the newest member of my Devastator Squad.
And here he is with the rest of the Squad!

19 Jun 2013

Iron Warriors Blog Wars 5 List

Hi all – it’s Blog Wars 5 this weekend and I thought I would share my list ahead of the tournament.

As normal for Blog Wars, it’s not a competitive list, although I hope it has a few mean units. It’s not actually the list I would like to take; ideally there would have been a pair of Heldrakes, but i) I don’t have time to paint a second model (with three days to go, I am still trying to finish the first one) and ii) I never realised how expensive CSMs are! The list in my head had a few big units of CSMs in transports, Heldrakes, lots of long-ranged high-power shooty and a solid assault unit or two…turns out that costs about 3K pts…
And I say hope because I haven’t actually had chance to play this list yet. Even worse, I have only had a handful of games with CSMs; which have been very hit and miss.
I do hope I might stand a shot at the Best Painted awards, but looking at the competition this year – it’s going to be tight!

Anyway – the list:
10x CSMs  (Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Lascannon)
10x CSMs (Power Axe, CCW & BPs, Plasma Gun, VotLW)
Rhino (Havoc Launcher, Dirge Caster)
5 Terminators (Lightning Claw, 4x Power Fist, Reaper Autocannon, Combi-Plasma, Combi-Melta)
Helbrute (Reaper Autocannon, Missile Launcher)
Fast Attack
Heldrake (Baleflamer)
Forgefiend (2x Ectoplasma, Extoplasma)
Havocs (2 x Autocannons, 2 x Missile Launchers, 2 x Flakk Missiles)
3 x Obliterators (Mark of Nurgle)
Aegis Defense Line (Comms Relay)
Total – 1848pts

With the missions being random on the day, I have tried to stay flexible; the list contains a nice about of anti-infantry, anti-armour, anti-air and Termi killing options, although I am admittedly light on troops (only three scoring units including Abaddon) and might be in trouble if I get caught by a CC oriented army. The Comms Relay will help me if I want to deep strike Abaddon, Termis and Obliterators into my opponents backfield and also gets the Hellturkey in ASAP.
Pics of the army will be up if I have time before Saturday – if not they will be after the event. Wish me luck!

17 Jun 2013

40K Relictors trounced by Chaos Daemons 2000pts

Lord Halfpenny and I had a chance to get a battle in with our Daemons and Relictors. We would use the thematic Battle Board that Lord Halfpenny has as it always looks great - but tactically is not good for shooty armies - too much cover, as I found out.
I also chose to bring a Landraider Redeemer, on this board it sucks - only one route and against a Monstrous Creature flying circus - double sucked. I tried to capitalise on Vulkan Hestan's rule with TL flame weapons, but ended up doing the opposite - TL Flamers and Multimeltas are great against Armour and Hordes - these Daemons are neither...
My anti-flyer was in the form of a Mortis Contemptor, a great model and rules, however, this day the Dread did squat all, one wound on a flying Bloodthirster before being stomped by said God of War!
Lord Halfpenny rightly tailored his list for anti Marine, with multi-wound Bloodcrushers, Screamers and Flamers, Flying Daemon Prince, Daemon Prince and Bloodthirster. He also bought along a nice FW Decimator...
The Bloodthirster is a big fearful beastie, especially when all my CC was in shooty termies and a full squad of Assault Marines.... no match. My bad. I chose shooty over CC as my best bet was to down them with weight of fire - but the board, dice gods and bad luck meant all my shooting was ineffectual and from Turn 1 the flight of 24" meant I had a Bloodthirster in my lines! Doh.
He camped a unit of Plaguebearers on his objective. And a portaglyph added some more troops... It was only 2 objectives, one each worth 3VPs.
Turn one came and went, the marines were okay but had a Daemon Prince x2, Decimator and Bloodthirster in their lines. It didn't end well. By end of turn 2, it was all over - it was impossible for the marines to win. Their home objective was in Bloodthrister hands and all but one Termie was dead and Assault Marines were wiped out after dispatching the Bloodcrushers and Skulltaker. Vulkan was alive barely and surrounded by Bloodletters after dispatching the Screamers. The Landraider had survived a crush attack from one prince, but had two and a Decimator pressing onto it next turn... even the MM armed Attack Bikes and LasPlas Razorback failed to damage the Soulgrinder, twice.
The Deamons were indeed blessed by the dark dice gods, 3D6 shooting from the Herald was a typical example, 3 sixes!! ...and a Combat Squad of Marines dead. Even his invulnerable saves of ++5 were being made! And the Relictors dice, well my typical -. 14 shots with the Mortis Contemptor in overwatch - nil sixes... not to take away from Lord Halfpenny's generalship, it was well played.
These brave marines near my objective didn't stand a chance... game was over at end of Turn 2. But, even a thrashing was a little fun! What did I learn? Bad choices on a small board equal big losses! I need to buy another StormTalon and bring them all along - I wasted all my firepower on turn 1 trying to clip a Flying MC out of the air to no avail... even the Mortis sucked with Skyfire and 14 shots - some days you just can't win. Still love the game tho :)

12 Jun 2013

Paint little, Paint often...

Sometimes the task at hand can seem huge.... Dec 2011
But, keep chipping away...
And chipping away...
And you'll get there! ... Mar 2013

Some great advice I think hit the nail on the head was found at Dark Future Gaming by Fly Molo. Great article which I'm sure many of us will take some comfort in - "I'm not the only one, sigh" or "Yep, that's me, that's me... I'm that person".

In our busy lives it's often hard to devote some time to our Weemen. But hopefully this article will help you out.

Dark Future Gaming - Get Your Stuff Painted

3 Jun 2013

Relictors Rapier Heavy Bolter Carriage WIP#2

So, progress has been very slow but to show there has at least been some - a WIP shot of the Rapier Heavy Bolter Carriage seen before. Now with added crewman.... one more crewman to go. Once painted up, I'll photograph better, but I thought this is the main bit done so feast your eyes.
The crewman has a bionic left arm, something I didn't see until painting. Love it - however I'll need to do something about it for the other 3 identical crewmen in the three Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries! They can't all have bionic arms?!
Although these take up an Elite slot (1-3 Platforms) i have painted them up as Devastator marines, 'cos what can be heavier than a heavy weapon you can ride! I decided to use an old resin large bike base to mount it too. A round dreadnought sized base was too big. I've never mounted the Thunderfire Cannon but may have to after seeing the results with this one, a base suits it.
See why I love this miniature? Awesome view - dakka dakka dakka!
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