29 May 2020

Legio Crucius Reaver No.2 - "Primus Secutar" Will Walk!

Hello One and All,

Reaver "Primus Secutar" of Legio Crucius is complete and will Walk out to battle for Legio Crucius. I will post a couple of group pics of the Maniple together in a later post.
Reaver "Primus Secutar" has been painted in the same style as my other Titans, and then I've added the additions of homemade decals to show the Legio symbols.
The knee guard has had the Crucius name added to the scroll work .
The Titan Owners Club logo has been added to the carapace, same position as the other Titans in my force.
The Carapace scroll has had the Titans name added, further details will be added to the rear potion of the scroll once I've got the decals.
 'Lights Up'
LED's have been added into the head as per the rest of the Maniple, with the power supply hidden inside the torso.
The Reaver is armed with a Titan Chainfist and then a Battle Titan Laser Blaster and Twin Turbolaser Destructor, however the model, like my first can have weapons switched around.

Really happy with the final result and look of the model! LH (Annual Painting - 60pts)

25 May 2020

Primaris Lieutenant Amulius - Limited Edition Event Only Character

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, a break from the Daemons - a character for my fledgling Relictors Primaris reinforcements, this was the Event Only miniature meant for events and Adepticon 2020, however COVID-19 ruined that so GW have announced this will be/has been (depends on time of reading) released for general sale. Luckily when I bought it I didn't pay more than RRP, so quids in.
I love the stoic pose of this sculpt, rightly so for what I'll have him doing, sitting at the back with the bigger guns and intervening when the enemy gets too close, with his Power Sword and Bolt Pistol. I used Kantor Blue, Sotek Green, Temple Guard Blue and Baharroth Blue for the blade.

The leather straps (Pteruges) were painted Doombull Brown, washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Wazdakka Red and final touch of Squig Orange like Our Liege Duncan taught me - practice for Custodian Guard leathers.
As usual I used leather Mournfang Brown, washed Nuln and highlighted Balor Brown for the pouches to break up the greys. Greys are Dawnstone (AP Uniform Grey / old Codex Grey) for the armour, washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey (old Fortress Grey), a recipe I've used for over ten years.
I was rather pleased with the helmet details, the red and white stripes denoting his rank as Lieutenant (Lef-tenant for us Brits, not the US Loo-tenant I see so many UK YouTuber's saying...) haha. Just noticed I forgot to put script on the parchment - that was Ushabti Bone with a coat of Contrast Skeleton Horde, so easy. I will fix that right now.
And of course, a special mention to the Commission Artist Kooperkape I got chatting to over on Reddit who kindly agreed to use my heads as practice, and a great job he did too! Very pleased indeed, I hate faces! Usually I try to helmet my guys, makes sense on the battlefield, as you can see on the Intercessors Sergeant I removed his belt-buckled helmet and added it to his bonce. But this sculpt was pretty stoic and the face a great sculpt - his whole pose is based on the holding the helmet I wanted flesh! So, thank-you to Kooperkape for a job excellently done.

Not sure what I want to do next, I should really get some Reaver done if I want to beat 3.5yrs target...

Cheers Siph (10pts)

22 May 2020

Legio Crucius Reaver No.2 - Update WIP #5 - Nearly Complete

Hello one and all,

The Reaver, as of yet without a name, is almost complete. All but the weapons and 3 armour plates are left to add the final highlights to the gold trim, and then any additional details to be added, such as the heat marks to the weapons etc. and the scroll on the carapace. This will be painted exactly the same style as the knee plate.
The Carapace, the shoulder guards and the pelvis armour plates all display the same 2 thin black stripes on a white field.
I've drilled out a space for the nut/bolt to sit inside the shoulder guard, and then a smaller hole for a magnet, which will magnetise with the washer I'll have between the model and nut.
The main part to do to complete the titan is the addition of LED's to the head, I've got all the parts ready to go, and will be looking to do this as a guide for anybody wanting to add lights to their models.
Really happy with how this is coming together, the Reaver will either be used as a 'Dreadfire' Titan as per the old Epic version, or it can be armed with the various options I've already from my original Reaver Titan has.
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

18 May 2020

Chaos Daemons - Skull Cannon of Khorne

Hello All, I needed some ranged firepower in my Daemon force, just sitting back and taking punishment for two turns before you can close the enemy is quite irritating, to just lobbing a few shots back to make them think about positioning and some losses is quite fun.
The base is a resin one picked up on eBay for a few quid after the original was lost, and I'm pleased now it was lost. The extra skulls are about to be new ammunition!
The Skull Cannon lobs fiery skulls filled with the wrath of Khorne at the enemy and ignores cover, eats through Scout Armour and is even effective against the hardiest Dreadnoughts with S8 D6 shots.
In Melee the Cannon bites back too, the Bloodletters attack with their Hellblades and if an enemy is slain by the Cannon's Crushing Impact (mortal wounds on 5+), the Cannon feasts on the corpse and regains wounds...
A decent long range firepower unit to the growing Daemonic Incursion, at first I hated the model, but it's grown on me, its goofy maw and the grisly ammo chute...

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

15 May 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver No.2 - Update WIP #4

Hello All,

Anoher week with further progress on the Reaver Titan, as yet, unnamed, for Legio Crucius.

I've completed the build for the legs, with only details on the knee pistons and then a second coat of gold, then highlights on the gold trim remaining to be finished. The pelvis/Torso has been magnetised to allow them to be seperated for transport.
I have added holes to the shoulders to allow the arms to be bolted into position - this is the same process as my other Reaver, so I will be able to rotate the weapons around the two titans. The
shoulders will be fixed into position once the torso is completed.
The head is half way to completion, with the gold trim to be finished, and then onto the addition of the LED's.
Cheers - and thanks for stopping by! Lord Halfpenny

11 May 2020

Chaos Daemons - Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, the latest addition to my Chaos Daemon incursion, I painted a named Character, Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance!
From GW "Ever watchful, ever hungry, Karanak is the physical manifestation of the Blood God’s wrathful vengeance. Once he has the scent of his quarry, this tireless predator will not cease in his hunt until he tastes their torn flesh between his fangs". So, I'm looking forward to launching across the battlefield to slake his thirst!
He is a quite quick and decent Melee choice alongside some Flesh Hounds of Khorne, he also has the ability with the Brass Collar of Khorne, to deny up to two Psychic Powers, as Khorne cannot abide witches!
This was my first time doing some flames, which I think turned out quite effective - many people forget that the brightest colours are within, not at the end. The main colour for the Hound is Contrast Flesh Tearers Red, over Wraithbone. The contrast line don't work well on Power Armour (imho) but excel on organics such as these skin textures. The teeth are Skeleton Horde, the spikes over the red base with some Syish Purple contrast.
The Brass Collar was finished off with some Fulgrite Copper and some Nihilakh Oxide. Quick and effective paint job, I can't wait to do the Flesh Hounds now. A fast choice and decent in Melee is what my daemons need more of, getting there is the hardest against the firepower of the 8th Edition armies.

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

8 May 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan No.2 - Update WIP #3

Hello one and all,

Another week, with steady progress with the Reaver.

This week I've added the shin armour plates, and pistons to the lower legs, The pistons will get an addition of silver to the ones that are visible. The trim needs to have a wash as well as highlights added to complete.
The knee armour plates have had the details picked out, The scroll work will have further coats to highlight the extreme edges, for the Mechanicus symbol I opted to have this in grey to stand out from the black/white checks.
The head has had checks added, as well as starting the gold trim, I need to start the process of drilling out the lens to add the LED's to the head.
Pretty happy with how the model is coming along! Cheers, LH

4 May 2020

Imperial Knights - Knight Paladin - Vassal of Legio Astorum

Hello All, adding to my Dominus Knights and Armigers, another Knight Paladin in the colours of Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum. The scheme is loosely based on House Terryn which is a perfect match of Legio Astorum when substituting the white panels for yellow and horse heads for Legio Astorum eclipses.
Meet 'Sir Olwyn' riding 'Honoured Vigilance'. My usual trim colour and decals from the Forge World Legio Astorum decal sheet, and decals from the Imperial Knights decal sheets.
I used power cables being green like other Imperial Forces of mine and based the same as all my armies, with some slate from the garden.
The Astorum colours proudly on display on the carapace and shoulder pauldron. The helmet cowling is also yellow to accentuate the Astorum scheme. The cockpit view port is the same as on my other Knights and Armigers.
Finally the personal heraldry is displayed on the right shoulder and left knee, same as the box art, but in Astorum yellow instead of cream. The stripes are kill markings for the Rapid Fire Battlecannon which also has heat staining around the muzzle.

Growing my Vassal Knights to support the Titan Maniple. Cheers, Siph. (20pts)

1 May 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan No.2 - Update WIP #2

Hello one and all,

I've started adding details to my Reaver Titan lower section - Brass around the hips and knees, and then the lower leg details that are hidden behind the armour plates. I have also started work on the back reactor portion.

The lower leg section has had the gold picked out and detailed. These have had a wash added, I will add highlights once the armour plates are added, to see where the highlights might be shown.
For the hips I first sprayed silver over a black base, then added a light amount of gold over this. Once dried, the whole area had a wash of Crimson, followed by a highlights. Then a second wash, this time with Agrax over the entire area. I then added some Nihlakh Oxide for the Verdigris. I've never tried this before, but am happy with the results- and will be going back to retrospecitively adding this to the other titans.
The back reactors have had stripes added to them, and then the gold trim added to it. I will be going back to touch ups as needed.
Steady progress, however, I can see the end of this project, breaking a titan into sections, and having them bagged as a little projects helps to prevent the entire model looking like one huge job. I've not even looked at the head yet, as I am waiting for my LED lights to arrive, before I even think about it.

Thanks for stopping by! LH
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