8 Feb 2017

Alternative Sisters Of Battle - DreamForge Valkir and Statuesque Heads

Hello Readers, with the release of Imperial Agents Codex and no sign of plastic Sisters beyond Saint Celestine, I fancied some Sisters of Battle for myself. I bought two GW Immolators, Canoness Veridyan and a bunch of Dreamforge Games Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Troopers and some Statuesque Miniatures Heroic Scale Female Heads. Here is the result of the test scheme.
I'll be arming them all with GW weapons, Bolters from Betrayal at Calth etc to keep the GW vibe, but I love the look of my first Sister, I wish GW would re-design and put out plastic Sisters along these lines, Militaristic rather than boob-armour fetish troops...
The armour is simply Eshin Grey over Black basecoat weathered with a little Leadblecher; with Mephiston Red cloth highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet. and some gold details - Gehennas Gold highlighted Auric Armour Gold. Simple to replicate.
The biggest joy of the Imperial Agents Codex is I can satisfy my hobby butterfly with various different squads etc without having to commit to an entire new army - so 25 Sisters, a Canoness and two Immolators will scratch my itch for Nuns with Guns. I can field alongside Inquisitor Coteaz and the few Grey Knights I have.


  1. Looks great Siph!

    I'm on exactly the same line of thinking too, though I only picked up an inquisitor, no sisters to go with just yet.

    Only downside for me is that there doesn't seem to be an option to use scions or guard alongside them (shame - I'd love to have some specialist troopers alongside my inquisitor, guess I'll have to do it a different way instead)

  2. That looks wonderful, strong play. Now it is even more tempting.

  3. Awesomeness - That looks fantastic, and I agree that the less sexualized but still feminine armour is way cooler than the armoured brassiere look. Good stuff, man!

  4. These look freaking amazing! Really nice work!

  5. Nice work, I really enjoy your conversions. Makes me almost want to pick them up!

  6. I always loved the Dreamforge stuff. Shame they never really got the Xenos done. Anyway, this looks great!

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    I've gone too far down the armoured brassiere route. Good Grief, I can't believe I just wrote that out loud. I should have stuck with the DKK.

    She looks great.

  8. Looks great, as a long time sisters player I don't think sisters are too sexualized compared to most other female miniatures. I have spent a long time looking for realistic female miniatures and the pickings are slim.

  9. Cheers everyone, glad you like them. And I must stress that my comments on 'boob armour' are not me being a SJW, I just prefer a plainer militaristic Nun with gun. I got trolled on Reddit from some knobhead complaining that I was... jeez. I think I'll add some GW bling to Veteran Sisters and I have a great bit from AoS lined up as a Simulacrum Imperialis, and some third party MultiMeltas I've been waiting to put to use.


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