30 Oct 2019

Relictors Space Marine 3rd Company Terminator Captain Theol

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. This is the Terminator Captain from the Army Boxset which then became the Deathwatch Terminator Captain. I have however replaced the inscribed blade which I thought was too thin with the blade from a Gravis Captain and added a head swap for a helment from Dreamforge Games Valkir Heavy Troops.
I think the banner was from the Venerable Dreadnought kit, anyhow I've made him a Captain of the 3rd Company, Brother Captain Theol, as I already have far too many Captains from the 5th and a few from the 4th... the backstory for this Captain is that he has lost the 3rd Company to the persecution and execution of the Inquisition and Grey Knights - tasked with hunting the Relictors for being Excommunicate Traitorious, only the Relictors know they are Loyal - they might just experiment with Chaos a bit to better understand it and fight Chaos better, a viewpoint not shared by the Inquisition... His tear drops on the Helmet and the Banner is to reflect this great loss and sadness. One tear for his beloved Company, one for the Emperor's grief of the loss of loyal sons, and one for himself - knowing he cannot and will not be able to exact revenge on his Brother's killers, as they know not what they do - soon it must be revealed to the Inquisition that the Relictors are loyal sons.
I chose to add some red flourishes to link him with the 3rd Company colour, by rights I guess Terminators should be in 1st Company, but Characters can choose to fight however they wish - High Command is not taking any risks with Capt Theol, he fights on in the relic Terminator Armour to preserve 3rd Company!
I really enjoyed painting this mighty hero, a lot of nice details and the miniature went together really well. I like my addition of the Knightly Helm, adds to the crusading Knight feel for this individual, determined to let the spirit of 3rd Company live and fight on through him.
Brother Captain Theol of the 3rd Company Relictors fights on! Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

28 Oct 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Completed RT era Dreads "Eddy" and "Fury"

Hello Dreadtober-teers, thanks for dropping by. Here is the fruits of my labours, thanks for the encouragement along the way! So, meet "Eddy" Deredeo Class and "Fury" Furibundus Class Venerable Dreadnoughts. 
A big thanks to Joel (Mordian7th) for keeping the hobby event alive for another year! And thanks to the founder Greggles, and Joe B and Todd (Sincain40Kfor their contributions over the years. And a huge thanks to all the contributors who make this a great success!
"Eddy" has a STC double shot firing Lascannon (Dual Lascannon) and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with Stormbolter. "Fury" has a Missile Launcher and STC Lascannon. I will be playing both of these as Venerable Dreadnoughts, quite fitting for these relics of Rogue Trader era.
As for height wise, here is a comparison between the old metal RT era Dreadnoughts and the modern plastics, the Venerable Dreadnought. I only have friendly games so I am not worried about modelling for advantage using the smaller ones.
And here is a shot of the whole Dreadtober collection so far, from 2016 a modified plastic Contemptor; in the centre a Forge World Deredeo with Autocannons and Missile Launcher and SM casualty on the base; from 2018 a Forge World Mk4 Ironclad and finally the two RT Dreads.

Cheers all, thanks for looking and cheers for your support, Siph.

25 Oct 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Lord Halfpenny's Project - Deathwatch Dreadnoughts part 3

Hello All!

Another week with more progress on my 2 Deathwatch Dreadnoughts.

Dark Angels / Salamanders Dreadnought

This Dreadnought I am still in two minds about - whether to finish him in a Dark Angels or a Salamander, the right shoulder has been picked out with Green to cover either option.
The model has had two coloured edge highlights over the metallic black finish. Details have started to be picked out, with final highlights to complete. I am toying with adding flames within the 'windows' on the sarcophagus, but not 100% sure yet.
Space Wolves Dreadnought

As with the other Dreadnought, highlights and details have been picked out. I need to start the 'claws' on the fist which will be in an ice blue tone, which should be a good contrast against the metallic black of the model.
Nearly complete...
A week to go, hopefully these will be ready in time... Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

23 Oct 2019

Terrain and Scenery - OOP Planetstrike Blastscape

Hello all, a looong overdue terrain project finally finished! This is the now out of production Planetstrike Blastscape vacuum formed terrain set. In its day this was a bag of terrain which was much lamented as the terrain shown on the pack and in White Dwarf was the original set from which I reckon these were vac-formed as the detail on these was not as good as we had come to expect. They are quite thin plastic sheets but when drybrushed come up decent enough.
I painted the generic 'escape pod' in drybrushed metallics and added some of the lost details like exhaust nozzles and a Rhino Hatch for the top of the craft, I saw similar on Reddit and thought I could do that, the hatch slightly open, did the occupants survive planetstrike and escape intact?
Here is a close up of the restored nozzles, without them the plastic lacked detail or overlap due to the vac-form process. I sprayed the crash scar Stormvermin and washed with Nuln Oil to look burnt from re-entry.
As you can see I added sand and PVA (Elmers) along the flat edges to blend in the table better. I added some vegetation patches similar to my normal bases.
The next piece I again used Mournfang Brown as the basecoat before marking out the scar with Stormvermin and painted the asteroids with Eshin Grey. The ground was drybrushed Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone and the asteroids Dawnstone and Administratum Grey, and a little Leadblecher.
The scars were washed again with Nuln Oil to look burnt. And the edges blended with sand and PVA.
The laser scar piece was painted as a break in the crust or a lava / magma scar, I used car spray for the dark red, darkened the edges with Nuln Oil, then picked out the details with lighter reds through orange and yellow.
I quite like how the edges blend from red to black to brown, more by chance than skill I must say. I picked out the craters with a quick spray of Stormvermin and washed with Nuln Oil to give a burnt blast look.
The craters were a repeat of the other craters, a base coat of Mournfang Brown with a quick blast of Stormvermin in the centres and then Nuln Oil wash.
I like the blackened craters, it's quite good I think :)
The final piece was a half buried piece of debris, possibly part of a long crashed space craft or to me it looks like the neck area of the torso plate on a Warlord Titan, so I added some rust drybrush and a watered down glaze of Mournfang Brown for the recesses.
So, a nice long overdue terrain project finally done and off the to-do list, I like the look of these and look forward to using them in my next battle.

Cheers, Siph. (5 points for Terrain)

21 Oct 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Week 3 Progress - Siph's "Eddy" and "Fury" RT Dreadnoughts

Hello Dreadtober-teers, and everyone visiting. Thanks for dropping by. So, after the success of finishing "Eddy" last week, I forged ahead and completed "Fury" this week! I guess they are quite small and less detailed than most Dreadnoughts, so they don't take too long to do.
What's Dreadtober? Well, Dreadtober is an annual event held over the month of October where hobbyists pledge to do a dreadnought-sized model from the to-do pile and get it finished and hopefully completing 31st Oct (Halloween/All Hallows Eve) with lots of progress shots and encouragement along the way :) Check out the Dreadtober Blog, click the banner in the sidebar >>>>
Meet "Fury", official designation Furibundus Class Dreadnought, I guess the modern equivalent is the Las or Plas variant of the Deredeo, seeing that "Eddy" is actually a D-Eddy-ero, Deredeo Class. But it would be nice to have had an official Furibundus but those days are gone now and Primaris Tacti-cool is the only new Marine kits.
"Fury" is sporting a STC Lascannon, counts-as a Dual Lascannon, I added a Lascannon sloped muzzle in place of the 'nipple'... similar to the change on "Eddy".
I added the heat staining to the exhausts using washes. The Smoke Launchers were added to give a little height.
The Missile Launcher arm was given the addition of some Missiles so it is more easily identifiable as a Missile Launcher.
And so, with that I have actually finished my 2019 pledge of two RT era Dreadnoughts. So, next week I will post some suitable shots of them both together and root out my Dreadtober pledges to date and get a group shot of Class of 2016-2019! Keep going everyone, more Dreads for the Dread God!

Cheers, Siph. (5 points)

18 Oct 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Lord Halfpenny's Project - Deathwatch Dreadnoughts part 2

Hello All and One,

Another week passes, and I have made some progress with the 2 Dreadnoughts. These have had a drybrush of dawnstone over the metallic black base, and then a wash of the Nuln Oil gloss over this to go over the 'chalky' finish. I will apply a edge highlight of Eshin Grey, then Thunderhawk Blue.
The details are then starting to be picked out, with both gold and silver details picked out initially, these will get my normal routine for washes over these parts, with highlights to conclude.
Slow but steady progress. Cheers, Lord Halfpenny

16 Oct 2019

Relictors Space Marine Tartaros Terminator Squad #1

Hello All, thanks for dropping in. The latest addition to the Relictors Chapter is a squad of FW resin Tartaros Armour Terminators. These were an eBay rescue, I was hoping the squad would fit right in the force however once up close I could see the squad needed some work to fit in so a full repaint was in order.
Here is the Sergeant armed with Power Sword and Combi-Bolter, in 8th Combi-Bolters are just the same as Stormbolters, and unlike other combi-weapons do not suffer -1 to hit if firing both bolters... it is essentially a Stormbolter in all but name and with Bolter Drill, now putting out 4 shots each.
The specialist weapon of the squad was a Heavy Flamer, to which I added a Chainfist attachment from the Burning of Prospero plastics, alongside his Brother Combi-Bolter and Chainfist. I like the Chainfist over the Powerfist due to the extra point of -AP and a flat 2dmg rather than D3.
The other two Brother Veterans are I am afraid the first to be removed as casualties, just the standard armament of Combi-Bolter and Powerfist.
Here was the squad on arrival, not too bad but the Agrax Wash didn't fit in with my other forces and the grey was not a match to Dawnstone. The paint was also quite chipped as it had been painted on the resin with no undercoat, so I scrubbed and resprayed Army Painter Uniform Grey a match for Dawnstone and washed Nuln Oil once I filled in the black and metal areas.
Here is a side by side shot of a Tartaros Terminator and a Indomitus pattern Terminator, the Tartaros looks a little less bulky and this is reflected in the stats having an extra inch movement over the 'normal' Terminator squads but the same levels of protection. These have the same points cost (cheaper by 2 for this squad), same save and invulnerable save and trade the extra inch movement for loss of the Teleport Homer ability. In all, another great Terminator Squad, I only wish Terminators were worth the points but not a bad addition by any means.

Cheers, Siph. (10pts for 5 Terminator sized Troops)

14 Oct 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Week 2 Progress - Siph's 'Eddy' and 'Fury' RT Era Dreadnoughts

Hello Dreadtober-teers and all, some more progress made this week. I actually finished half my pledge with Venerable Brother Dreadnought "Eddy" finished.
What's Dreadtober? Well, Dreadtober is an annual event held over the month of October where hobbyists pledge to do a dreadnought-sized model from the to-do pile and get it finished and hopefully completing 31st Oct (Halloween/All Hallows Eve) with lots of progress shots and encouragement along the way :) Check out the Dreadtober Blog, click the banner in the sidebar >>>>
Venerable Brother Dreadnought "Eddy" sports a modified Lascannon, using the original arm and a resin Baneblade Lascannon muzzle to distinguish it as a Lasscannon, it will represent dual Lascannons as per the Codex options, maybe it has a higher rate of fire, lost to the mists of time and STC technology!
I heat stained the exhaust stacks and mounted Brother "Eddy" on some slate pieces to add some height and match the height of the more modern plastics Dreadnought.
The Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon has integrated dual Bolters which will represent the stock Storm Bolter, so that is easy enough to represent, and I added some Smoke Launchers on top of the sarcophagus again to add a little height. The green shoulder trim here is for the 4th Company colours.
I chose to adorn the face plate with a retro-style teeth motif, and added a skull to the base. The A and B of the legs can just be seen on the ankle joint, I removed most of the letters standing proud, so it is less noticeable. The big '4' is for the 4th Company "Eddy" will be attached to.
And here is the progress so far, Venerable Brother "Fury" with his Lasscannon and Missile Launcher a little way away from finishing but I am confident to have both the Brothers finished by the deadline at the end of the month, most of the work is now done!

Keep going Dreadtober-teers, I'm enjoying seeing the progress! Cheers, Siph. (5 points)
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