31 Aug 2015

Terrain and Scenery - Shrine of the Aquila 2 - 6MMRPC

Hello again dear readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my second Shrine of the Aquila, to match the other one posted a few days ago. This one was painted in conjunction with the other one, so the colours match and the final piece is the same.
This corner ruins is part of the Honoured Imperium scenery set, along with the Ruined Aquila and the Statue of a SM Hero. This bit had been waiting for quite some time to be used, and with the Shrine of the Aquila details, now was the perfect time.
Again, I've added spot colour with the lamps, and doorway. The gold was Brazen Brass, Shining Gold and a Runefang Steel drybrush.
Next up will be both together, a great centre piece terrain feature. Thanks for dropping by, please check out the link HERE for more terrain ideas or the Terrain label in the sidebar. And another bit done during my 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge (6MMRPC). Cheers, Siph.

24 Aug 2015

Terrain and Scenery - Shrine of the Aquila 1 - 6MMRPC

Welcome to our humble corner of the blogosphere, here is my latest offering to the terrain gods, a sizeable Shrine of the Aquila. A great thematic terrain piece and in these days of D Weapon toting Wraithknights and Imperial Knights, a good line of sight blocker and cover.
The main colour was a GW Zandri Dust spray, washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. The walkways were drybrushed with Leadbelcher and a few small details done.
The piles of rubble were simply off cuts from sprue, chopped up with cutters, and the base was my usual 3mm hardboard, cut with a jigsaw and sanded edges. This was painted Calthan Brown (the large pot of brown in the GW Scenery Pack) and drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone.
I thought I'd add a little spot colour with the lamppost and lamps. A simple blue with black centre and a white point to resemble glass, hopefully it does the job nicely.

Another one is on the way, to make a big centre piece terrain. Thanks for dropping by, and more more ideas, check out the Terrain Label in the side bar or HEREAnd another bit done during my 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge (6MMRPC). Cheers, Siph.

17 Aug 2015

Age of Sigmar AoS Conversion to 40K Lord Relictor - WIP

Well, when the AoS miniatures dropped and one was called a Lord Relictor, I just had to have one to put into my 40K Relictors Space Marine Battle Company.  So far I have done a lower leg and a whole leg swap to make it 40K and Terminator-esque, the model is already Terminator sized so it was making the jump from AoS to 40K using the distinctive Terminator leg greaves. I have also added a power haft to the Thunderhammer, a simple cut and shunt of the original bits.
The banner can either be just a reliquary befitting the Lord of the Relictors or the Banner of the Emperor Ascendant for gaming purposes if he is used as a Chapter Master, or maybe with the skull helm, I did think a Chaplain, but I already have a Terminator Chaplain so the Chapter Master won out. I've swapped a few trinkets for a Termie Cross and an Imperial Aquila, next up is the fiddly fitting a Crux Terminus to the Shoulder Pauldron and adding a few skulls in place of Sigmar hammers. And then maybe a Storm Shield to make him more survivable? Perhaps The Shield Eternal? The Thunder Hammer replaces his standard issue StormBolter. The Banner or Shield replaces the standard Power Sword.

10 Aug 2015

Mordian7th's Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata Mandiple

I had the opportunity to purchase some fine miniatures from fellow top blogger Mordian7th from across the pond, and he graciously let me bid even though he wasn't originally offering international postage, and since he knew my corner of the blogosphere, we arranged the postage between ourselves and I am now the owner of some great FW sculpts.
Ever since I saw the FW release of these, I had to get some, they reminded me of the Crusader Robot from yester-year and their insect quality made the rule of cool valid - some house rules will hopefully mean I can field these 30K robots in my 40K games...
His original post can be found HERE, I even included a phot of the Shrine of the Aquila (first photo) to match his post ;) All I have done is painted the bases to match my own forces, and added lenses to the weapon servoskull and rotor cannons, and a quick fix to the fibre-bundle links of the blue power lines got done - just a minor fix ;) These are a great addition to the collection, I now own some genuine Mordian7th miniatures, thanks Mordian7th!

4 Aug 2015

Terrain and Scenery - Arcane Ruins - 6MMRPC

Another piece of the unpainted pile of plastic now done, a nice little terrain piece. I've had these Arcane Ruins for quite a while, I used the Skulls as door carvings on my first Relictors Whirlwind in 2010! (Pictures Here). So I mean a while...
I mounted it on 3mm hardboard (fibreboard) so I could have some collapsed ruins. The painting was simply Zandri Dust spray with Agrax Earthshade wash and a Ushabti Bone drybrush. The ground was my usual Cathan Brown, Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone highlights and a little flock for spot colour.
Thanks for dropping by, more terrain ideas can be found here! And another bit done during my 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge (6MMRPC). Cheers.

2 Aug 2015

Blog Wars 9 - Army Pictures - Picture Heavy. Enjoy.

6thDegree and Lord Halfpenny attended BlogWars 9, run by Alex from From The Fang. Thanks Alex, here are some photos of the armies there, just because we all love pictures of fantastically painted miniatures and armies arrayed on the table top... enjoy.

Be sure to checkout the details on From The Fang for the next BlogWars, BlogWars 10 in November.

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