30 Jul 2018

Necron Dynasty - Canoptek Scarabs

Hi All, thanks for popping by. Following on from my Canoptek Scarab Swarm from 2014, Scarab fortunes had waxed and waned, the Entropic Stike ability of eating tanks was formidible, then Imperial Knights hit and Lord Halfpenny always seems to field Knights, their Behemoth rule didn't allow munching, then 7th changed it back to eating Hull Points and now 8th has hit and they are still a viable option munching through wounds instead.
Weight of numbers is key and the Feeder Manibles always wound tougher enemies on a 5+ replaces Entropic Strike and a full squad of 9 bases moves quickly 10in, charges and hits with 36 attacks (I'm not mentioning points or Power Levels as you'll need to go buy Codex) and they are cheap. 
So why a re-post? Well, I had 16 bases, lost one at Warhammer World (i think stolen/taken by an inquisitive kid..) which sucked, and the Codex only allows squads of either 3 x 6 x 9 bases, so I needed 3 more bases to make two big squads or three medium squads etc. I painted up 3 more bases to match, added some smaller Scarabs from the Transcendent C'Tan kit and this was the result...
18 glorious Fast Attack bases to swarm over the enemies of the Overlord! Simple and effective paint job, quick to finish and get off the to-do pile... Cheers for dropping in, Thanks, Siph. (6 Painting Points)

27 Jul 2018

Custodes Captain-General Trajann Valoris

Hi All,

A busy week, however I've managed to make further work with my Trajann model.

I've used a similar scheme to my custodes force, using a gold base, then a dry brush/washes to add depth to the armour.

I need to pick up a few details and redo the axe blade, I was trying a few options for the scheme which at the moment I'm not happy with.
Hopefully the model will be complete for posting soon.

Cheers LH

23 Jul 2018

Relictors Thunderfire Cannon #3 and Full Battery

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. My latest offering to Our Liege Duncan is a third Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine Gunner. This one converted from the Forge World Legion Vexilla - an odd sculpt, not fitting in the rest of the range and benefitted from being made into a unique Techmarine Gunner I think.
The Cannon itself matches the other two exactly, with the numeral identification the only really difference. Unlike number two, this is once again a metal model.
And the Techmarine Gunner using the Vexilla Torso and Legs, I've used an Ad Mech Datasmith Head and the Thunderfire Techmarine Harness and Arms.
I reversed the colours with this one for variety, grey Relictor armour with red Techmarine Arms and Servo Harness.
A fine looking Techmarine Gunner, and also useful on the battlefield even when the cannon is destrpyed, a Plasma Cutter and Flamer plus Servo Harness makes him a decent Character.
Here are the three Gunners together. A unique bunch - just as the Machine God wants.
And the Battery
All together the firepower will upset someones day! Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph.

20 Jul 2018

WIP Great Unclean One, Custodes Captain-General Trajann Valoris

Hello one and All,

following on from 'those' pictures, I thought I'd get my head down into the hobby.. so, this week I've started work on 2 projects, another Great Unclean One, and Trajann Valoris.

Great Unclean One,

This model is based on the Glotkin model, however I've added nurglings to the shoulder/back rather than the 2 'brothers' . I could see this model as 'Gu'garth the Plaguefather' from previous Daemon codices. The story was Gu'garth was a nurgling who fell into a potion and was mutated into a Great Unclean One, thus I wanted the model to look completely different to the other Great Unclean Ones- and I feel this is the perfect model.

Trajann Valoris
Stead progress with Valoris, with him having  a similar scheme to the previous custodes in my force. 
 Hopefully these will be completed soon to add to the growing ranks of forces!



16 Jul 2018

Genestealer Cult - Brood Brothers Squad #1 - Infected PDF Troops

Hi All, long time readers of this humble blog may remember these guys from 2009... some of my first miniatures, originally painted as a Vraks PDF Squad but I was never going to have time or inclination for a whole IG/AM army, so these languished on the side lines in the display cabinets until GW had the great idea of infected Planetary Defence Forces in the Genestealer Cult! Boom! I can use these guys, and the uniform colours match my chosen Hivefleet Kraken reds and beiges.
Now sporting their new livery and allegiance to the true Emperor, the Four Armed Emperor, they will see light of day as a Cult Neophyte Hybrid Brood Brothers Squad, armed with Lasguns, Flamer, a Bolt Pistol wielding Sergeant and the Vox Operator can now be sporting a Cult Icon!
Here is a closer look at the first five, I paled the faces from the original scheme and added a purple sickly hue. I used the Genestealer Cult Upgrade Sprue to add subtle GC icons and changed a few heads - the respirator head of the Flamer Guy comes without filter canisters - no doubt poor research by GW on how 'Gas Masks' work... so I added two canisters on the inlet valves, the front facing outlet valve is for voice.
Here is a shot showing the new additions, Cult Icons, head swaps and I deleted the Aquila from the shoulder guard and added a coiled serpent GC symbol in its place! I see these troops defacing their kit in honour of their new allegiances so they are varied and hand drawn.
The five other troopers (ahem... Brood Brothers) are armed with Lasguns, where the scabbard has been replaced with a cult knife, I also removed the Bayonet, the others are correctly armed with bayonets and empty scabbards, such was my stickler to detail back in 2009...
Here's a shot showing their new allegiance, Cult icons, knives and grenades and I hollowed out a head I removed and placed the helmet on the belt of the bandana Neophyte Brood Brother. And of course defaced shoulder guards sporting GC symbols.

Subtle changes, but now I would be happy to field these as Neophyte Hybrids Brood Brothers, not just Counts-As. I hope you agree. I can field these along side the captured Leman Russ Battletank and the Armoured Sentinel. Cheers for looking, and thanks, Siph. (5 painting points for this squad, significant time and effort is rewarded)

14 Jul 2018

Chairty Swim for British Heart Foundation - to done!

Hi One and All,

I've skipped the weeks hobby activities with some training for a charity swim I am doing over this weekend- its a 1.6 mile sea swim between 2 piers in Dorset UK, I've done this event 6 years ago, the link to my 'just giving' page is below..

 From Local Paper!
Well deserved Drink after the swim
Any support would be amazing, thank you for the time in looking at this post- normal hobby activities will return next week, promise!


9 Jul 2018

Imperial Knights - Vassal of Legio Astorum - Questoris Knight

Hi Readers, thanks for checking out this humble corner of the blogosphere. I am proud to show off my latest addition to the Imperial Knight Vassal House to my Legio Astorum Titans. This Paladin was a rather finely re-posed Knight from eBay, originally House Hawkshroud, but I took it and repainted 75% to join the blue and yellow livery of Legio Astorum.
The stencil flame work was updated from black to blue background, and several panels were painted over to the blue livery f the Warp Runners, to which this Banner of Knights is aligned. Here you can see the Knight striding over a ruined Aquila.
I re-touched the Chainsword arm rear gubbins and sharpened the teeth with Stormhost Silver, added green power cable like my previous Knights. I re-did the earth of the base to match my own bases, leaving the Aquila as it was.
The endo-skeleton was re-drybrushed with Leadblecher and details picked out. I also cleaned up the pistons and again green power cables. The conversion had filled in the hollow feet treads too, nice touch. The ball joints of the hips are extensively hollowed out and I think a glass ball bearing acts as the pivot.
The Mechanicus symbols were picked out, and all the purity seals re-done. I added tufts of grass and my usual flock.
The rapid firing Battlecannon received some attention, adding the band transfer and heat staining of the barrel end. I also re-painted the gun shield to Astorum Blue. Again base metals were drybrushed and a few details picked out in Bronze or Stormhost Silver.
The Shoulder Pauldron and Heraldic Shield received Legio Astorum decals, as did the Knee. The workings of the toes were picked out in metal too. I removed the shin guard Greaves to repaint the flames and rims.
And with that, the Knight was re-constructed and glued in place, the head looking down the barrel of the Heavy Stubber and striding purposefully swinging the Battlecannon around to bear.
Not forgetting the scrollwork which also received 'ASTORUM' and a fresh coat of blue paint.
The previous owner did a fine job on the base, the Aquila is made of foamboard and painted. I added more weathering to match my bases and the tufts, but otherwise left it  as it was.
I used one of the flame Pauldrons, but replaced one from a spare set to add the Legio colours. I also added Soulstone Blue for the cockpit canopy, tidied up a few metallic bits and re-did the handrails metal.
Here is the original guise. 
And in his new role as a Consort for the Legio Astorum Titans, here clearing out heretical forces in advance of God Engine Warhound Canis Praetor! 'Sir Greigor' rides Knight Paladin 'Oathkeeper'.

Cheers for looking, thanks, Siph. (Half points for a re-paint = 10pts)

6 Jul 2018

TitanOwnersClub UK Walk 2018 - Picture Heavy

Hi One all!

The date 30th June 2018 will live as an event that blew my mind- we, the Weemen Siph and LH attended the TitanOwnersClub UK walk, which was incredible, I felt like a kid at Christmas... (we all did!)

My force was:
  • Just finished Reaver titan
  • 18 Knights, including 
  • 4 Armigers
  • Lancer, 
  • Castigator
  • Porphyrion
  • Atropos, Magaera and Styrix just done this week
  • Acheron
  • 2 Errant, Warden, 2 Paladin, Gallant, Crusader
I remember doing floor battle as a kid, hoping one day to be involved in massive, EPIC battles, and well this was definitely EPIC! Below are pictures from the event.. Enjoy!
ENGINE KILL! (By an Armiger...)
ENGINE KILL! (By Armigers again...)
Turn 1
  • 5 knights killed with Warlord and Reaver fire
  • Canis Praetor took 46 wounds off a Chaos Reaver
  • Legio Crucicus Reaver 'Number 11' killed a wounded Warlord and the Reaver in a single Salvo! 
Turn 2
  • 5 more knights killed with Reaver and Warhounds fire from Turbo Lasers and Volcano Cannon
  • Castigator and Armigers took 46 wounds of Reaver in shooting and close combat!
  • Honorum Reaver destroyed a wounded Warlord in mass fire!
Turn 3
  • Both Honorum and the Warmonger Reaver are destroyed in fire
  • A Heretic Warhound is killed by an Armiger in fire, then a Reaver is destroyed by another Armiger in close combat... fear the Armiger!
  • Canis Bellum is destroyed by Reaver Apoc Launcher
  • Knight pack took 25 wounds to a Reaver in shooting
  • Reaver Honorum destroys a Chaos Warlord
  • Reaver 'number 11' took 25 wounds off a warlord which is then finished off by Canis Praetor
  • Canis Bellum snatches the centre objective, whilst Canis Praetor finishes off the nearby Traitor Warhound securing the centre.
Incredible day, the final scores shows the victory, which was very tight to the Traitors..

Incredible day - cheers to the guys at http://titanownersclub.blogspot.com/ for arranging the day!

Cheers, LH
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