24 Jun 2022

Further Terrain WIP

 Hello all... it would appear I've lost my paintbrushes! ha!

Another week working through the mountain of buildings, and also work.. thus not much painting time this week.

This weeks building is a beast! a huge centre piece to dominate the board, with plenty of width to block LoS. 

Looks massive even with an Imperial Knight below it!


I really love the 40k gothic nature of the building, I will be looking to paint the outer portions to show that this was a building a beauty - before it was destroyed! LH

19 Jun 2022

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Strike Squad #2

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, a long overdue project from 2018 when I bought a small Grey Knight force from Jeff at Beard Bunker blog, and have been adding to or quietly putting to one side for an eventual force... at the moment its purely a display cabinet army, a palette cleanser when I want something else rather than Titans or Relictor Grey...
This is the second Grey Knight Strike Squad, the first can be seen (HERE) but this squad is painted by me to match the original purchased ones. I don't intend to build much more, a Dreadknight maybe as I like the model, but sold some more unpainted ones as they have been languishing in the to-do mountain for half a decade. These got done as a palette cleanser and since I'd already finished a Psycannon Trooper.
The Justicar is armed with the fearsome Daemon Hammer. The paint job was simple enough, over a bright silver spray I used Nuln Oil and then Drakenhoff Nightshade with an over brush of Iron Hands Steel to brighten up the highlights.
The Force Falchion blades were done to match the original force, with Corvus Black and some witchfire flame lightning effects. An a gloss finish like obsidian.
The Force Falchions are great for extra attacks. The reds are Mephiston Red, Agrax and highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet. Golds Retributor, washed Reikland and highlighted Auric Armour.
Another Force Falchion trooper.
The Psycannon painted in 2018, matches these new additions and the original force.
The personal heraldry on the shoulder pauldron.
That's a nice palette cleanser and a long overdue project of the to-do list. Thanks for dropping by and whilst I have the motivation maybe I'll tackle some long overdue Genestealers for the stalled Genestealer Cult, another shelf army.

Cheers, Siph (4pts)

17 Jun 2022

More Terrain progress

Another week behind us, this week saw another building complete, ready for paint - this time a ruin. This building is the same as the Gothic Academium, this time the building has been destroyed due to incoming fire!

The building went together really well - and I felt easier that the full kit, simply due to the reduce number of parts and more of the parts were as one, rather than separate. 

The kit goes really well with the other buildings, and am looking forward to getting these painted! There areseveral other kits to build on the pile of shame, then back to some models! LH

12 Jun 2022

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Redemptor Dreadnought

EDIT: New Relictors decals Aug23 - went back and changed Redemptor
Welcome back to the blog, thanks for dropping by. I'm having trouble leaving comments for others using my iPad so apologies if you have one of the blogs in my sidebar and lack comments, I am reading your fine materials. Anyway, I've finally built and painted a Redemptor Dreadnought! That's something like 19 Dreadnoughts I have now...
Painted my standard grey, Uniform Grey overbrushed Codex (Dawnstone) Grey and washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey. The stone chips were actaully not slate so I painted them with Shyish Purple and Nuln Oil - instant slate! 
As this is such a big beast and the reactor core quite powerful, I've painted it the same as the cores on my Imperial Knights, good to link across all forces.
I didn't use magnets, the push stub for connecting is fine, if it works loose I can go back and magnetise. Both the Macro Plasma Incinerator and the Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon were painted.
I quite like the glow I achieved, simple and effective overbrushing the ridges after a Kantor Blue base, getting progressively smaller area with lighter blues, Sotek Green / Temple Guard Blue / Lothern Blue / Baharroth Blue.
The heat staining was washes of Nuln Oil / Drakenhof Nightshade / Leviathan Purple / Sepia
And a handy size comparison with a Venerable Dreadnought, who says scale creep is a thing(?!)... but does make it easier to paint!

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

10 Jun 2022

Terrain and Squat Inquisitor - WIP update

Hello All,

CrAzY week with a load on, thus this weeks update is short and sweet. I've started detailing my Squat Inquisitor retinue character, I'm going to try and make him look more 'mech' than the normal model. including a mech style beard!

I've also recently bought some more roads for the new boards, seen here with the buildings. I am keen to be able to demonstrate that a good board could be possible utilising MDF terrain, slow and steady progress! 

I've also picked up to models from eBay that will man my gun shop for the board - these are 3D printed, and will fit in with the character I am going for!  

Thanks for looking! LH

5 Jun 2022

Legio Astorum - Forge World Lucius Warhound Titan - WIP #5

Welcome Titanseers, and welcome back for another progress snapshot of where I am with the Lucius rebuild and re-paint (Rites of Construction, Rites of Colour). Well from a technical and painting point of view I am over 3/4 there, from a mass point I am about halfway! The torso mass remains undercoated.
The Lucius Titan came with the Lucius Pattern weapon arms, a Plasma Blastgun and a Turbolaser Destructor, both more functional and less ornate armour than the later Mars variant.
The original Howling Griffon's scheme had a nice yellow weathered end to the Plasma Blastgun I chose to keep which will add some colour to the Blue Astorum scheme.
In this above comparison shot you can see the differences between the Lucius and Mars pattern weapons, the Lucius has a longer optic rangefinder/laser designator and the Mars a square compact lens with more ornate armour at the rear.
I chose to repeat my previous plasm pulse design, simple and effective using six blues and repeating the pattern. I removed the original mass of green OSL and glow by repraying the weapon Leadbelcher, carefully masking off the yellow casing.
In the above comparison shots you can see the differences between the Lucius and Mars Turbolaser Destructor weapons, the Lucius has again an extended laser designator/lens housing whilst the gold ornate armour of the Mars variant has this lens slightly raised and compacted. Both have the same cooling vents on the topside.
The functional, less ornate Lucius armour plating is less extensive than the Mars Pattern, but does sport an Aquila. The rearward gubbins is the same on the Mars weapons.
I attached a single power cable, on the outboard side, I only have two cables so the Plasma will also get one once I bend it into shape to fit the housing on the underside of the Plasma Blastgun.
Again, to match the Plasma Blastgun and save me some blending and time with heat staining, I chose to keep the original painted heat staining at the muzzles. It doesn't look out of place next to the Mars variants and adds some nice colour to the weapon.
There you have it, weapons done, just the remaining hoses and torso to complete for this Warhound before it Walks!

Cheers, Siph.

2 Jun 2022

On the WIP table..

Hello all, 

Another quick update, showing what I am currently working on, as shown last week I am making progress with buildings, this week is to review my deathwatch current WIP.

This 10 man squad is designed to be hard hitting, with 4 missile launchers, and some long range bolters for maximum distance fire power! The squad also will include 3 Terminators to support them. I am going to try a little more free hand for the chapter symbols, if I can... hopefully will be complete this month.

Next is a 5 man terminator squad. Basecoated, ready for details. These guys will have a 3 Assault Cannons in their ranks, as well as some Thunderhammers for close and personal action!

This final model is part of an Xenos Inquisitor retinue, this 'squat' found a home with the Inquisitor prior to when the Tyranids destroyed their homeworld. 


Cheers! LH

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