27 Oct 2015

BlogWars X - This time it's numeral...

Hello Readers, welcome. Alex from over at From the Fang has been running now 10 BlogWars friendly tournaments, aimed at not having super net-list combo WAAC lists and a more friendly all-comers attitude, with the inclusion of some tailored rules to reduce OP rules and a compulsory Character choice. After the unpopularity of 4 Imperial Knights last time, these have now been capped to two also - Alex reads the feedback and endeavors to make it an enjoyable experience for all attending. He also runs it at non-profit, ploughing the ticket money into raffle prizes and certificates. Good stuff Alex, and thank-you for organising another one.

I attended two of the previous BlogWars and I am proud to say the contributors to WeeMen have attended EVERY BlogWars to date.

The next one is in less than two weeks time and this time will be no different, with all three of us attending! It should be a great weekend of battles and a visit to Warhammer World on the Sunday! Need's me some SM Command Tanks and a visit to the exhibition hall!

So, now for Army choices... I've chosen Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus, my love of the Relictors has no bounds but a nice contingent of Ad Mech will give me a chance to try out new Miniatures and units, and give me a chance to field the recently purchased Kastelan Maniple. I'll get a list and phots up soon.

23 Oct 2015

Cult Mechanicus Kastelan Robot Maniple by Mordian7th

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Not my work to show you, I've just tinkered with the faces, fists and bases, all the hard work and most excellent praise should be credited to Mordian7th. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a fully painted Skitarii and Ad Mech army from Mordian7th along with the Vorax Battle Automata Robots I've already posted about. I wanted an Ad Mech army and happened across his post selling his, so I got some funds together and secured a purchase, he is a great chap who even offered my blogger discount on postage - top guy.
I really detested the 'Danger Robinson Family' look of the stock heads of the Kastelan Robots, so (apologies Mordian7th!) I took my dremel to them and removed the domed helmet and added these 'Wargame Exclusive.com' 3rd party company 'Imperial Mechanics' heads instead, changes the whole look of the model from 'cartoon' to 'battle worn robot' IMHO.
I did re-do the power fist fingers back to base metal colour, as my power fists don't have the blue glow that Mordian7th's did. I also weathered the Incendine Combustor barrels and did the bases to fit in with everything else I have. Other than that, it's all Mordian7th's great work!
Here is the Datasmith, in battle he is responsible for altering the protocols of the robots to suit the battle, either ranged, or CC bonuses - remove him and these become less than a dreadnought - stuck in a certain protocol.
And a shot of the rear of the miniatures.
And finally, a shot of Mordian7th's hard work untampered by me. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for these great miniatures Mordian7th! They will be used at BlogWars X next month! Cheers fella.

19 Oct 2015

Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata with Multi-Melta

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. here is my latest offering to the painting Gods, a Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata armed with Multi-Melta and Power Blades with Flamer and Boltgun.
This was a part-painted purchase I made at cost price as the old owner wanted to move on to another army and have made the scheme more Ad Mech than the original green US Army style the previous owner had started, but I liked some of the green bits, so chose to keep the torso and fists green. I painted the red plates, the details and power cables and lenses and weathered the battle plates, multi-melta and did the bases to my usual standard. The paint job before was rather limited and no details but was fairly neat so I didn't need to strip and start again as such.
I have no idea of the rules for 40K for these, hopefully I'll get hold of the Taghmata Army Book and field these with my Vorax Battle-Automata and my recently purchased Ad Mech and Skitarii units from Mordian7th. I did pick up some Ad Mech transfers so I applied these to make the force more coherent. I also picked up two alternative heads for the bubble headed Kastelan Robots from Wargame Exclusive.com, the original GW heads are too 'danger Robinson family' for my liking...
I have 5 Castellax Battle-Automata and 2 Thanatar Siege-Automata with Hellex Pattern Plasma Mortars! As well as a number of units from Mordian7th to update the bases to match mine. Great fun, I'll post once updated and battle ready now I've bought the Codex Ad Mech and Skitarii, some great units I may have to try out at BlogWars X friendly tournament next month.

16 Oct 2015

Hobby Time Refreshment

Now, the most of us are at some time unlucky enough to have to work with people who do not understand the hobby we love. They say "Toy Soldiers, childish, Dungeons and Dragons, Weirdo, Geek"... we've heard them all - the ignorant heretics! Ha. Pay them little or no attention. For those lucky enough to work with accepting people - awesome.

Anyway, my most excellent GF bought me this mug to take to my new workplace and I thought it would be a great way of signalling to those like minded individuals without causing a kerfuffle... don't get me wrong, when asked about my hobby or what I get up to in my time off I will tell them proudly, but for many they like to keep it quiet, which is a shame. But this way - they will know they can talk to me straight.

So, to all of you closet geeks out there - Hello, my name is Siph and I am a wargamer. (real names can be abused/stolen/de-frauded - nothing about shame before you ask, just internet savvy)

Hope you like my mug, I do. What do you say when asked about your hobbies? Tell them straight or keep it quiet? Let me know in the comments.

More (actual) hobby related stuff soon - from me... the warp seems to have swallowed the other WeeMen contributors Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree ;)  Ha Ha

12 Oct 2015

Relictors Land Raider Terminus Ultra WIP

Back in 2011 (I know, I know...eons ago!!) I polled the humble readers of this blog what sort of sponson design a Terminus Ultra should have, (that post can be found here), the comical can't shoot at the same target GW design, the innovative Lord Halfpenny turreted design, an extended sponson design or a triple sponson design, your results pleased me as that was what I thought looked awesome... I'm pleased to say after 4 years of distraction, I finally got some progress to report!...

So, my tardiness in getting progress on a readers poll is not great, but I hope you think this design is better! Thanks for dropping by - see I eventually get back to you...   Siph
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