30 Oct 2017

Dreadtober - Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought - Finished Showcase

Hello fellow Dreadtober-teers and one and all, thanks for dropping in. I am glad to say I have finished my Dreadtober 2017 pledge ahead of time, and I am quite chuffed with the result.
Check out the other participants progress in the sidebar link >>>> there have been some great pledges completed and great progress with others! Thanks to Greg, Joe and especially this year to Todd's great efforts making Dreadtober a highlight of the hobby year!
So, here is my completed Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought, they remind me of OCP's ED209 from RoboCop - so with that in mind, mine is protecting and serving, saving the wounded Brother Marine.
I tried out some 'Gamers Grass' products, here is the burnt grass small clumps, they add a nice texture and detail to the base, I also used some slate chips from my garden.
As with my Relictors force, I chose the spot colour of bone for the muzzles and yellow for the missiles. The weapon casings are also black like a lot of my vehicles.
I was lucky with the ammo belts, they fitted the guns and ammo magazines without too much bending or twisting, but I went for a horizontal shooting pose, anything more interesting these would need heat bending.
I quite like the braced position I achieved, the kit is fully poseable at knees and hips. I chose the foot on a rock pose as it was more 'action', stepping forward saving his wounded Brother.
I love the view showing all the four barrels! Looks awesome!
The finecast wounded Marine had damage to the forearm as well as the chest, foot and shoulder Pauldron. so I made the most of this wound with a blood trail as the Marine dragged himself towards the support lines, a bloody hand print on the rock beside the Dreadnought. I know fluff dictates the Astartes blood clots immediately, but maybe its a Daemon or Nurgle infested wound...
"Help me Brother..."

The UM knee pad emblem is to show that the Relictors acknowlegded the source of this relic Dreadnought from their forefathers, salvaged from a long forgotten heresy-era battlefield no doubt, for those who don't know - Relictors were created from the geneseed of DA and UM, a fact I like to hint at from other Dreadnought knee pads of my Relic Contemptor heresy-era Dreadnoughts the Relictors have also salvaged.
I also added a magnet to the Missile Launcher so if in the future I get a Shield Pavase, I can add that - like I would only buy a Pavase! lol.

So, thanks to all the Dreadtober-teers for their encouragement and support and to Todd for all the organisation this year. Thanks to you all for droping in, cheers, Siph.

27 Oct 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #14 - "We're gonna need a bigger brush..."

Hi one and all,

Another week past, another Reaver Titan update (Good going Lord H - Siph)

I've decided to add a 3rd colour to the armour, this time a rich metallic red to add another depth to the scheme - this is around the armour under and above the head. I intend to add black/white stripes to this to tie all the colours together.
The legs - I've started painting some of the details of the lower leg in preparation for adding the armour plates to the leg that coincidentally hide most of this detail! A base of gold, with a wash and highlight should be fine here.
The knee pads have been undercoated, the Mechanicus symbol has been based in the typical black/white - I'll paint the cog the opposite white/black so that it really stands out. The other knee pad has been quartered, with a white and red quarter and the other two the primary black colour scheme. These will have honour markings added when finished.
The large Carapace Imperial Aquila had some love given to it, with the eagle picked out with gold, then washed. This will be highlighted to add more definition.
So far, so good.. really happy with how the build is coming along!

Food for Thought...

Two scouts are at the bar when they are joined by a Veteran Sergeant..
"What are your plans for your future careers as Marines, Brothers?" he asked.
The first "battle line Sir, they are always ready, no matter the situation."
"Very good" the Vet responded "and you?"
"When I grow up, I wanna be a Primaris Marine.. and get to my true scale...". Cue bar fight.

23 Oct 2017

Dreadtober - Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought - End of Week 3

Hi Dreadtober-teers and readers all, I unfortunately had a busy work week IRL so I didn't get as far as I would have liked, but got some more progress with the Deredeo, should have him finished by the end of Dreadtober - hopefully!
I started this week on the bigger pieces, legs and torso as many small bits a dreadnought does not make - I had done a lot of the details, but felt no real big progress had been made as the largest bits were still yet to do.
The right leg (left in picture) is positioned to be standing on a slight incline, I'll chose a slate from the garden to fit underneath just to add some interest on such a large base, I've also got something else to add to the base which will tell a little narrative...
With the larger pieces almost done, I need to finish the torso rivets and highlights and construction started, I feel I am making good progress at last. I need to paint over some of the hip joint ball joints where there was some epoxy resin overspill - to disguise it. Once I get the Twin Autocannon arms done it will start to take its Deredeo shape!

Thanks for dropping in, and don't forget to check out the other great Dreadtober participants in the sidebar link (up the top) >>>>>

Cheers, Siph.

20 Oct 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #13 - More Paint!

Hi All.

A further Reaver Titan WIP paint update,

Steady progress with the legs, having sprayed the 'Tib, Fib' of the lower leg black, this will be detailed brass around the edges. The knee join is now brass - the same as the hip and the should joint. These will be washed with a couple of colours to get the right hue.
The torso has had a couple of Armour panels painted either solid black or white, or a combination of the two. I'm having a dynamic scheme of f different checks, solid and lines. Hopefully making each titan (each???LH) different and individual.
 The toes are sprayed metallic black, to contrast with the white shins.
 Slow, but steady progress- the weather this week might prevent further spraying this week.. we'll see..

Thanks for stopping by!

Food for Thought....

On another note, a Primaris marine works into a bar, standing next to a Sternguard veteran, the Sternguard looks up at the Primaris and says..
'Hey, nice terminator honour Brother, they must have used the biggest shoe horn to get you into the terminator armour for you to achieve it..'

16 Oct 2017

Dreadtober - Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought - End of Week 2

Hi folks and fellow Dreadtober-teers, reporting in after the halfway point, some progress has been made and the details are coming together nicely. I've chosen to work on the pieces separately as this speeds up the painting for me as the underlying superstructure needs messy drybrushing, so being separate I can get to the nooks and crannies.
Progress is progress, slow and steady, and I consider some of the more tricky pieces complete, the missile racks lend themselve to be painted separately indeed, and the head is done - that was basecoated white and finished in Ushabti Bone and Sepia recess wash.
Now I need to get on with the main body and legs and positioning so I can get ahead with the base, lots to still do, but I'm pleased with my work after a quite busy week at work IRL and late finishes. Next week will be busier so any progress I make will be a bonus - even if I use the time to wind down before bed, I get a few moments to relax and paint, I'm certainly no speed machine like some of the Dreadtober-teers, looking at you Mordian7th! That man can paint fast! :)

Great to see other participants progress, enjoying being along for the ride. Cheers, Siph.

13 Oct 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #12 - Paint!

Hi All,

Another week, and another Reaver update, I'm slowly pacing the painting to make sure I'm happy with the overall look of the Titan.

The rear portion has had black/white hazard strips added, I just need to tidy up a few of the lines where the paint has bleed into the other colour.. happy with the look of the two colours together.
 The legs I've added the same brozen coloe to the knee joint as the hip- the next plan is to spray the lower portion of the leg black- this will be hidden behind the armour plates.

 The main carapace has had several sprays to get the look 'right' I've got another round of black spray to complete the look- where I've had 'white spray over'...
 Finally the front pelvis armour piece- this was a demo test (I had 2 pieces in the 1 set..) Again there is a little bleeding of colour- this will be painted silver for battle damage.
Thanks for stopping by and looking! LH

9 Oct 2017

Dreadtober - Relictors Deredeo Dreadnought - WIP week 1

Hi folks and fellow Dreadtober-teers, reporting in after a week of work, mainly IRL work, but managed some Dreadtober progress in the evenings, all trimmed, washed and one green stuff repair to the Aiolos Missile Launcher pod where bubbles had weakened around the vent and the vent had torn a piece off. Salvaged.
I had to straighten the barrels of the Anvillus Autocannon Array, but that was expected, and I took the step t magnetize the top Aiolos Missile Launcher so if in the future I want to field with either no array or an Atomantic Pavaise sheild thingy, I will be able too.
That's all, by the way I used JB Weld two part epoxy resin Plastic Bonder, it's the nuts! Can't recommend more - its super strong and dries within 15min, great for resin models. It's been used for my Warlord Titan and I love the strong bond, so much better than superglue which is brittle.

Click on the sidebar widget (at the top >>>>) for all the other Dreadtober updates at the dedicated Dreadtober Blog. Cheers for dropping in. Siph.

5 Oct 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #11 - Rites of Colour

Hi One and All,

I've started adding a little paint to the titan, whilst time to work on a scheme for moving forward.

Here are a couple of WIP pictures.

The Hips I've add a brass colour to the hip- which was done by masking around the area- This will then get washed to add depth to the metal work.

The Interior has had a base of boltgun metal, ready to by detailed

The weapons have had a couple of base coats added over the silver- I just need to fill in where the masking didn't do its job.. oops

The shoulder joints- like the hips have had a brass basecoat added.

I've also added colour to the lower leg armour..

Here is the titan standing to attention- with the arms in position.. There is a deliberate change from the earlier posts.. anybody notice?

I'm not a fan of these pictures of any Reaver without the leg armour- they look so skinny!

I've got a few plans for the rest of the titan, but will need to think about how I can achieve it without wrecking the head too much.. I'm also looking at building my our stencil for some patterns over the armour plate- I did try some I purchased online- however the results weren't as good as I hoped.

 Thnaks for looking! Any thoughts on the potential Legion?


2 Oct 2017

Spartember - Relictors Relic Spartan Heavy Assault Tank

Howdy All, thanks for clicking and having a look-see. So, after a few torturous weeks of track link hell, I managed to pull the Spartember challenge out of the bag! Albeit, right up to the line, I messaged Turkadactyl at 1hr to midnight on Sept 30th that I had just the green power cables of the left sponson left to go! Ha Ha - finished at 23:55 with only spray varnishing and photographing to do the next day.
Firstly, I'd like to thank Turkadactyl and NafNaf for putting together this hobby challenge and inviting other bloggers, through our mutual support and encouragement I feel we get more done and I have a fine Spartan that would have otherwise stayed languishing in the pile of To-Do for another few years... and I would consider them both Blogger Buddies :)
So on to my latest addition to the rather huge Relictors Battle Company transport pool, a Relic Spartan Assault Tank. This was scavenged from the battlefields of Thetus VI, a long lost Dark Angels Spartan, restored and sanctified by the Relictor Techmarines and passed through the Rites of Colour with some of the Heresy Era Dark Angels livery restored out of respect to their fore-bearers - Relictors are gene-breed from Dark Angel and Ultramarine geneseed.
From the front you'd be forgiven thinking it was a Heresy DA tank still, but the bone colour muzzles and grey shielded targeters hint to something else. The skull emblem is what I use for the Relictors Chapter Badge throughout their build, my freehand was not up to doing a side skull in 2009.
Only from the sides the true Relictor qualities start to show, the familiar Relictor Grey (Army Painter Uniform Grey/Codex Grey/Dawnstone washed Nuln Oil and highlighted Administratum Grey). I drybrushed the tracks last with Leadbelcher, Mournfang Brown and Agrax Wash stippled. The black areas were drybrushed Eshin Grey and Dawnstone.
The normal white Relictors badge was replaced with the black version from the FW SM Decal Sheet to link the black sections with the sides. The numeral 5 shows this vehicle is attached to the 5th Battle Company, the Company codex colour is also Black.
A rear shot showing the mighty engine reactor and exhaust towers. Every Space Marine backpack has two lights/sensors/nodes behind the head, I have always painted these red and blue, so the to sensors on the bottom of the engine got the same treatment, this is a nice addition to the tank, to link again to the force. I painted the exhaust stacks separately and attached once painted.
The hard work I went through with all the tracks really paid off and they look great IMHO. I am very pleased with my results. This is a great addition to my Relictors Armour pool, speaking of which...
Here are my Land Raider heavy support tanks and the Spartan - a nice dose of Heresy-Era relic to the motor pool. Thanks for following my Spartember progress and thanks for dropping in. Cheers, Siph.

Now i'm free to start my Dreadtober Dreadnought hobby challenge :)
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