27 Oct 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #14 - "We're gonna need a bigger brush..."

Hi one and all,

Another week past, another Reaver Titan update (Good going Lord H - Siph)

I've decided to add a 3rd colour to the armour, this time a rich metallic red to add another depth to the scheme - this is around the armour under and above the head. I intend to add black/white stripes to this to tie all the colours together.
The legs - I've started painting some of the details of the lower leg in preparation for adding the armour plates to the leg that coincidentally hide most of this detail! A base of gold, with a wash and highlight should be fine here.
The knee pads have been undercoated, the Mechanicus symbol has been based in the typical black/white - I'll paint the cog the opposite white/black so that it really stands out. The other knee pad has been quartered, with a white and red quarter and the other two the primary black colour scheme. These will have honour markings added when finished.
The large Carapace Imperial Aquila had some love given to it, with the eagle picked out with gold, then washed. This will be highlighted to add more definition.
So far, so good.. really happy with how the build is coming along!

Food for Thought...

Two scouts are at the bar when they are joined by a Veteran Sergeant..
"What are your plans for your future careers as Marines, Brothers?" he asked.
The first "battle line Sir, they are always ready, no matter the situation."
"Very good" the Vet responded "and you?"
"When I grow up, I wanna be a Primaris Marine.. and get to my true scale...". Cue bar fight.


  1. Nice addition with the Red, it will tie it in with the Imperial Knight Banner you have too - coincidently, when are they joining the Titan Owners Club Banner group? ;) Are they completed yet?

  2. Good work on the titan, you are on a bit of a roll now.

  3. It's all starting to come together...and it's looking great!

  4. It's (he, she ?) coming on great !


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