27 Dec 2021

Chaos Daemons - Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, hopefully Nurgle hasn't blessed your house and you are safe and well. I bought this rather disgusting Plague Hulk second hand and have had fun bringing the nurgle disease ridden corpse flesh back to 'life' and touching up the guts, blood, pustules and warts etc.
My main go to paints other than Deathguard Green and Nurgling Green have been the technical Blood for the Blood God and Nurgles Rot, both applied after the flesh work and a layer of matt varnish, that way I can preserve the shine and gloss look to both.
The metals received a lot of weathering and washes and a few inks like my old trusty Chestnut Ink.  
I love the disgustingness of Nurgle Daemons, I have another two Greater Unclean Ones to do, that way the FW one I have will be a Scabeiathrax the Bloated, also known as Papa G'aap, Lord of the Blighted Pit, Maggotspore, and the Wind of Nurgle, Scabeiathrax was most recently summoned into the mortal realm in by the Forces of Chaos infesting the world of Vraks Prime during the grinding military campaign recorded in Imperial databases as the Siege of Vraks wth the Death Korps of Kreig.

A rather large and cumbersome miniature to photograph but I think all the gross colours and pustules have come through...
I particularly like the weeping Nurgle's Rot from the Rot Cannon.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

20 Dec 2021

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan #2 - Lucius Alpha Head

Hi Titan fans and all, thanks for dropping by. I have made a start on my second Forge World Warlord Titan, well, the head can be bought separately(!) and the now OOP Lucius Head has grown on me after looking at Lord TITANium Halfpenny's Warlord "Hell's Daughter" and the fact that to have a double Macro-Gatling Blaster armed 'DakkaLord Titan'.

I think the Lucius Head is the best, it just suits the brutal dakka-fest which s dual Macro-Gatling Blasters and carapace Gatling Blasters (only available in AT at present without converting two Battle Titan weapons!)
I painted the panels white (Army Painter White Spray) for a smooth base, then Army Painter Demonic Yellow. I edge shaded the panels with Averland Sunset and glazed twice with OOP Forge World Airbrush Paint Sigismund Yellow Clear for a really rich yellow.
I love the side profile of the Lucius Head as it reminds me of all the artwork of the Lucius Warlords of old, which were looking back, massively over scaled!
The cables on this head variant are a lot smaller and I stuck to my green power cables across my Imperial range. The neck collar was drybrushed Warplock Bronze for an oily old look.
The internals gave me a chance to use my Tamiya XF-21 eggshell green again like my first Warlord. I love this colour as t reminds me of MOD electrical and weapon engineering cabinets whose casings are all this type of colour!
On the main Princeps view screen I did a silhouette of a Warhound Titan. My previous Warlord had a Reaver silhouette.
Here is a view of what the Princeps Majoris gets to see, over the heads of the two Moderati at the front.
And both internal pieces are easier painted separately before gluing the head together. You can see the scored and unpainted surfaces prepped for the JB Weld where the floor panel fits.
The front sensorium optics were painted using a selection of glazes over bright Soulstone Silver base.
The underside has a decent amount of detail too.
Its amazing how the personality of a Titan changes when you do a head swap, the Mars-Beta Hoplite narrow eyed determination of Dominus Victoria

A link to Warlord Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Now the skull grimace suitable for blunt rotary firepower of the multi-barrelled Macro-Gatling Blasters! Well, that's my preference for armament, just need Forge World to get making some of the AT range of carapace options now in 28mm!

Cheers, Siph.

13 Dec 2021

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Mortis Reaver Titan #2

Hello Titan fans, I have completed my 2nd Adeptus Titanicus scale Reaver Titan for my Mortis Legio, arms and weapon mounts are magnetized so I can swap out weapons as with Reaver #1.
See... now fitted for close combat.
I chose a black carapace and red shoulder pauldrons to echo the first Reaver red carapace and black shoulders, but this time I opted for a red rather than a white Head unit. Mortis are mainly Black with Red/White and Gold, so you are free to mix and match, hence some weapons are back armoured, others red.
The base is GW Texture Armageddon Dust, washed Agrax and highlighted Ushabti Bone and a black bevelled edge.
I chose some red and white stripes to add some variation on one leg.
Another fine Engine done, accompanied with the Warbringer brings my tally of AT Titans to just three so far, but I have a number of Warlords to do, and a pair of Warhounds and a mighty Warmaster at the build stage.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

6 Dec 2021

Reaver Titan Apocalypse Missile Launcher - Carapace Weapon Option

Hi all, I picked up a Reaver Titan Apocalypse Missile Launcher option for my Reavers, Honorum already has one however Aquila Oculus (pictured) had a Turbo Laser Destructor up top (disco Reaver) but now has the optional carapace choice of a shield stripping Apocalypse Missile Launcher.
I chose stripes... I don't know why, but they look amazeballs and are fairly quick to do once everything is masked off. My Maniple so far all have striped panels so it will fit in with Reavers 'Honorum' or 'Aquila Oculus' armour plates.
The red missiles match the ones in Reaver 'Honorum'.
I weathered the exhaust vents with some suitable scorch marks 
Finally found a use for this awkward decal from the Astorum FW Sheet
I painted the missiles Mephiston Red on the resin vent, then trimmed and glued before highlighting Evil Sunz Scarlet and Troll Slayer Orange, that way I didn't have to worry about lining them all up the correct way!
The weapon mount itself is magnetised so any future Carapace weapon conversions will have a base to fit to, saving me the hassle of finding a suitable mounting base.
A simple set to glue, just the rear exhaust vents fixed and ready for painting...
Ah yeah... make sure you check polarity of magnets with existing carapace weapons! Luckily the JB Weld was still not set so some rapid drilling and prising out of magnets and reversed the polarity, filled the drill holes with green stuff and once painted you don't see the mess - a close call!

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

29 Nov 2021

Terrain and Scenery - Large Gothic Building to hide Titans

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. I have a few of the Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Buildings but I regulary attend Titan Owners Club Titan Walks where we battle our 28mm scale Forge World Titans, so that means making some scenery that can hide Titans to make it more akin to Adeptus Titanicus with cover rather than a duck hunt. 
I picked up three of the Pegasus Hobbies Large Gothic Building sets, mapped out on paper what tiles I would require and what was the largest building I could make. I added a set of corner ruins and 5x5x3 was the biggest.
This was put together to take advantage of the corner pieces to show a blasted building corner.
The front of the building is quite imposing!
The real test, was it big enough for hiding Titans... yep.
I added magnets to the corners and pillars for quick assembly and disassembly, leaving a few of the locator lugs present but sanded down to act as guides not physical wedges. The magnets 5mm disc x 3mm thickness, each with a pull of 0.76KG and super effective for this.
I painted the door, added an Aquila above the opposite door, added some scale propaganda posters and painted with Storm Vermin Spray, drybrushed and chaos black burnt section.
Using some foamcard cut to size and the supports that come with the buildings I added a few floors and scored 'planks' to add some texture.
Quite effective at bulking out the building
Simple floors but effective
And to aid storage at home inbetween Walks, its flat pack in 20secs.
Job done

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

22 Nov 2021

Relictors Space Marines - Primaris Intercessor Squad #2

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, I've finally gotten around to doing a little more of the Dark Imperium box set of Primaris Marines! Yes, I do take ages and yes the to-do pile is a mountain...
The Sergeant has a Codex compliant red helm, his squad number is noted on his knee armour.
The rest of the squad are identically armed with Bolt Rifles. I opt for grey Pauldron rims as these Primaris reinforcements will be attached to whichever Battle Company they are needed, and remain Codex compliant colours and schemes, not adopting the Company colours.  They have been painted my usual Relictors scheme, Uniform Grey from Army Painter is a match for Codex Grey, now Dawnstone. Washed Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey.
These are great monopose sculpts with most of the joins hidden in creases or under plate. Very nice addition to the Space Marine range and good reinforcements to my beleaguered Relictors Battle Companies.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

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