30 Dec 2022

 Hello One and All,

My final post for 2022 - a year I've slowly got back into the hobby, and started making a dent in my plastic pile of shame!

Up next Primaris...

3 Inceptors.

These 3 have been painted in the same style as my Deathwatch, all with similar details, and colour pallet across the models. I've gone for 2 Plasma and 1 Heavy bolter to mix things up a little, I feel these 3 will be joined into Deathwatch Primaris Kill team squads to mix up the tactical options. (2023 projects..) 

I've used 3D printed stands for the models - however I've reversed them as it allows the model to balance without the need for glue, and weirdly the model seems more stable. Also, this allows me to remove the base for transport, or use the normal base if not allowed to use the stands. 

11 Man Hellblasters

Next we have an 11 man Hellblasters squad - the '12th' man has already been painted with another Primaris squad - the reason for the additional 2, was that I used the 2 Lieutenant models from the Indominus box, as the base for 2 further marines (at the time lieutenants weren't an option..) Thusk I have now got 2 'character' Hellblasters that I could either use as Sergeants, or in a Kill Team. For the conversations I used the spare weapons from the Hellblaster kit, and then added different heads, and additional Space Wolves details from spare parts sprues from other kits. (I'm not sure if I can counts these as Characters as technically the base model was one? LOL Siph?) 

The 2 'old Lieutenant Conversions..

Space Wolve Primaris Marine

Iron Hands Leiutenant centre with the squad

full 11 man squad..

Really happy with these additions to the gorwing force! LH (35pts)

26 Dec 2022

New Forge World Warlord Titan Requisition - Ex Noctia, Legio Astorum

Warlord Ex Noctia is a Legio Atarus titan of note from the battles at Beta Garmon, however it is now requisitioned to Legio Astorum and undergoing the Rites of Colour for sanctified service under it's new Legio. 

(I have always wanted Warlord 10, I own Reaver 10 and Warhound 10, so when I bought my Warlord on the day of release and received Warlord 104 Dominus Victoria I was a little deflated regarding the number lol, but super excited for a massive frickin' Warlord!! But when Warlord 10 came up for sale recently for the second time, the good Members of Titan Owners Club reached out to me and Lord TITANium Halfpenny drove across country to pick it up (THANKS Mate!). I am now the owner of Forge World Warlord No.10 and will be repainting for Legio Astorum (which is kind of a shame as the paint job by the previous owner Jack B is a fine job.)
To honour the previous history of the Titan, and Princeps Jack B the former owner who graciously sold me the Titan) I am using red as an accent colour, I have repainted the Apocalypse Missile Launchers to an Astorum scheme leaving a red accent on one side.
Luckily the previous owner attached the armour plates after painting and had not cleared the joins of paint or scored the surfaces for a strong hold, so the armour panels came off easily enough for repainting. The Arioch Titan Power Fists were pinned and can be removed, so I am awaiting the other weapons (lost in transit) and will be magnetising these so I can swap between my other Warlord Titan Engines, Dominus Victoria and Malleus Vulnus. 

24 Dec 2022

Christmas Wishes from WeeMen

Merry Christmas All
from Lord TITANium Halfpenny and Siph_Horridus

And a great hobby filled New Year!

(Hobby Bingo 2022 results, as these posts are coming as scheduled I am away - I have a few of these to post yet, but I managed to complete my last 10 model squad a day before flying back to work!)

23 Dec 2022

Deathwatch Veterans - Done!

 Hello All! 

Furhter additions to the Deathwatch force, this time a 10man Veteran squad. This force is designed to be more forward thinking, with combat weapons and shotguns. The force also has 2 Terminators with lightening claw, and a Blackshield with power weapons. 


The force also has an option to be split into a shotgun focused combat squad, with a 5 man CC squad to support, which would add to the tactical flexibility of the force.


These were all painted in the same style as the others, with a metallic black base, then detailed up.

Happy with the additions! LH (12pts)

18 Dec 2022

Necron Dynasty - Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Reapers #2

Hello Readers, welcome back to part two of the Indomitus Crusade Necron Warriors armed with Gauss Reapers. I am still away at sea so this is scheduled. These are the second ten of the twenty you get in the box set - I chose to arm them with the shorter range Gauss Reapers.
The Gauss Reapers are higher strength, shorter range and better armour penetration compared to Gauss Flayers, so these will form a larger phalanx of Warriors who close the enemy first and foremost.
I haven't got hold of the latest Codex yet, so hopefully I can still field these as a phalanx of 20 warriors to help mitigate against being wiped out before they can Reanimate Protocols.
Here is the 20 Warriors from Indomitus, all armed with the Gauss Reapers
And finally a shot of all my Warriors, truly are Legion now, 75 Warriors is quite a lot I know, but the OCD part of my brain wants 5 more to make 4 big 20 Warrior Phalanxes... 

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

11 Dec 2022

Necron Dynasty - Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Reapers #1

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have finally got around to painting my Indomitus Crusade Necron Warriors. I have plenty of Warriors already, but these are all armed with Necron Flayers as standard. With the 'new' Warriors, you have a choice of Gauss Flayers or Gauss Reapers. I have armed these new Warriors with the shorter range Gauss Reapers.
The Reaper is now a Assault 2, 12in range, Strength 5, -2AP Damage 1 Gauss type weapon. Flayers are Rapid Fire 1, 24in range, Strength 4, -1AP and Damage 1. So these Reapers sacrifice range so will be my furthest up Warrior blobs, short range but higher strength and better armour penetration.
These are the first ten, I have ten more to arm the same and add them all to the 55 Warriors I already have! We are legion!

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

4 Dec 2022

Chaos Daemons - Daemons of Nurgle - Nurglings

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I am deployed again so have a few scheduled posts to keep you entertained and the blog ticking over. I have a few more reinforcements to Nurgle on the heels of the Great Unclean One, some characterful Nurglings. 
These are great objective holders and resilient but I like their playful cartoon like appearance.
I have a rather nuted palette on these ones compared to the previous three bases, seen here
These are stock miniatures straight from the pack, no additions like the previous lot with added extra Nurglings.
A random green skinned one breaks up the same palette and a few goo puddles have been added to the bases.
Here they are added to the previous Nurglings, similar but different enough to differentiate if needed.

Cheers, Siph (6 pts)

2 Dec 2022

Deathwatch Veterans and Outriders! - DONE!

 Hello All!

 Further additions to the growing Deathwatch force, completed this week is a 10 man Veteran squad, and a 3 man Primaris Outrider squad.



 This 10 man squad is designed to be either a hard hitting 10 man squad, or 2, 5 combat squads with 2 specific roles, up close and distance combat. 

This squad has a selection of close combat and heavy weaponary, as well as a selection of special weapons for giggles!

the 5 man combat squad also includes the serg' with a combi melta - as it could be useful in the mists of combat!

The 5 man 'heavy' squad includes a heavy bolter, a heavy flamer and a combi heavy bolter/flamer. There is also a melta gun and plasma for some hard hitting action!


This 3 man squad has had some conversions to them to make them more unique than the base set - with the addition of shoulder pads and different helms. similar to the vehicles, the bikes had an armour panel dipicting the home legion of the rider.

Really happy to add more 'troopers' to the growing force! LH (16pts)

30 Nov 2022

Imperator Titan - AT28mm Playtest Rule Set

Hello All!

Siph and I were able to squeeze in a small, if massive battle to play test some Imperator rules for the Titan Owners Club. We had several versions of rules to try, and ended up with a hybrid of 2 of the rules we had put together. 
The battle saw my 'Imperator' standing over 3 and a half foot titan. This is a bespoke model I acquied some time ago. This will be having its carapace build to include spires etc. to make it more 'Imperator'.Take on a force of my own Crucius titans, plus support from Siph's newly acquired Warlord 10 Titan! 
1 Imperator vs 6 titans, 2 Warlords, a Warbringer, a Reaver and 2 warhound! 

We had 2 games, swapping sides, and wow, the Imperator can dish out damage, and take a pounding!

Both games saw the Imeprator score countless hits, and damage to the attacking titan forces in both games. The end saw a Warlord destroyed in both games, with the remaining force all very damged, however in both games the Imperator was destroyed by the end of Turn2.

We had discussed at the end of the battles, that if the  Imperator had a force of knights to suuport, or further Titans, would have changed things, however we wanted to see how resilient this guy could be to punishment, and to take 2 full turns from a 6 titan force was good going!

27 Nov 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Terrain and Scenery - Imperialis Spires

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, away with work so this is scheduled. I previously finished these AT terrain pieces, and rather than the first drab Civitas Blocks, I thought I'd brighten up the scenery with some regal looking spires, the Imperialis Spires set.
The set gives you enough pieces to do two larger base buildings and two smaller ones with a mixture of spire or tower pieces and a set of flying buttresses on each of the two frames. This is the small building with flying buttresses.
This is the large building without buttresses and a shuttered tower piece.
The kit was built then sprayed Wraithbone and then the 1:1 mix of Lahmian Fluid (or Contrast Medium) and Skeleton Horde was applied, next the roof was painted Terradon Turquoise and then the base edges washed Agrax. A few details done and finished - all four in one sitting.
This is the small base building with the thinner tower piece and a dome instead of a steeple/spire.
This is the larger building with flying buttresses and two tower pieces, the grandest Spire so I added some Aquila decals and that was done. Nice easy and quick - good job too as I want to make some taller and wider pieces to obscure a Warmaster Titan, so I have a Civitas Imperialis Administratum Sector to build.
Here is what you get in one set of the Imperialis Spires set (plus a few more small spires and dome pieces which can adorn some of the flat roof Civitas buildings.)

Cheers, Siph (5pts Terrain Set)
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