25 Sept 2022

Genestealer Cult - Brood Brothers Heavy Weapons Team w/Lascannons

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. I recently saw some Astra Militarum, Imperial Guard on eBay which would fit in nicely with my Cult. I repainted them all except the fatigues which had a nice cookie camouflage in the same colours as my Kommando Khaki fatigues.
I thought some Lascannons would give my growing Cult some needed punch and anti-tank, and also a useful backfield camping squad. I love the idea of Brood Brothers being twisted brainwashed unfortunate Guardsmen now fighting for the Four Armed Emperor...
Team 1 - the red is Chaos Red washed Nuln and highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet
Team 2 - obligatory pointing hand
Team 3 - fixed bayonets when a Lascannon just doesn't cut it...
And here you can see the eBay auction result and my repainting side-by-side. A lovely addition to the growing insurgency Cult.

Cheers, Siph (6pts)

16 Sept 2022

The Knights of Ryza March! Centaur Knight Lancer - Complete!

Hello one and all! A few weeks of absence hopefully makes the heart grow fonder? maybe. I've been busy with a combination of work/stuff and also projects! Inlcuding this one that is now 'finished'.
This is a Knight Centaur Lancer, utilising several kits to produce these results. The Lancer is of course, the Forge World model, with the lower portion a 3D kit bought from a well known auction site. I believe it is by 'themakerscult' and to confirm, is one beautiful, glorious kit. The lancer shield is from Taro Model Maker, and the base was from a seller on Ebay.
The knight is from the house 'Dominus de Ryza' latin, for Lords of Ryza, the knights are a supporting house for my Crucius Titans.
The kit was great to put together, you need a lot of patience to get the legs correct, (dry fit/try/try/test) as they the legs have several parts and need to line up correctly for the model to stand, I built the model with all the panels removed so that I could paint it in subsections - the armour, the weapons, the endoskeleton, shield.
The knight endoskeleton was painted black, then highlighted up with silver and greys. The armour was initially undercoated white, then I applied XV-88 to add depth. The armour was then sprayed with 5/6 coats of an Orange pearlescent colour. this was allowed to dry prior to each new coat. I then taped the model to then spray a matt black on to the armour panels to add contrast.
The spear was picked out with blue hues, to again add contrast to the orange/black I've also used blue as a spot colour for the wires across the model. Verdigris has been applied to all 'copper/bronze' areas to add a sense of age to the knight. The model had had LED's installed into the head, I am just waiting on a battery pack to then be able to get them lit- these are 2mm Orange LEDS.
I've also applied home made decals to the Knight, I used photoshop to create the heraldic symbol, utilising an image I found on google for the house symbol - a horse head with a partial cog around it.
I need to add the knight name to the shield banner, but this will be done once the other Knights are added to the house.

Thanks for stopping by! LH (20pts)

11 Sept 2022

Genestealer Cult - Primus

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Another Genestealer Cult addition, an HQ as I am yet to start with all the plethora of Characters that the Cult provides.
He is a nice addition, leaving the Magus to concentrate on frying minds! The inner lining to the leather jacket is red to fit in with the red and cream scheme of Hivefleet Kraken.
His Needle Pistol barrel snapped off so I replaced with some paperclip.
I've linked a few schemes from the Brood Brothers (Shoulder Armour) and the Genestealers (Chitin, Claws and alien flesh) so he fits right in the army.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

28 Aug 2022

Genestealer Cult - Brood Brother Heavy Weapons Squad - WIP

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. A random departure from what I was intending to paint, but oh well, paint when you want and enjoy it I say. Got an eBay rescue squad of Heavy Weapons in a similar scheme, even had same squad number as my original Brood Brothers Squad, however wrong shoulder and wrong shade of red armour - so repaint initiated!
As can be seen in the photo, I kept the fatigues, everything else was repainted and I even drilled the Lascannon barrel and added some basing material where it was thinning.
The camouflage fatigues were the only thing to stay, I repainted the armour and metals and base and everything really - but it was a good price for three Lascannon Teams and some Mortar Teams too.
Added a Cult Knife to the Brood Brother to make less Imperial Guard and more tainted. The shoulder flashes were given a new squad/company number from my foot troops and the other shoulder a cult insignia where there should be an Aquila.
A nice little addition to the insidious Cult, two more bases to go.
Whilst I was at it I looked in the Codex and saw that the Brood Brothers as well as a Heavy Weapons Team attached could have 2 special weapons, and my Original Squad only had a single Flamer, so I wrenched off this chaps arms and added a Flamer from my Bitz...
The scheme was easy to replicate
Sometimes you just have to paint what you want... not the to-do pile scheduled Custodes...

Cheers, Siph

26 Aug 2022

Deathwatch WIP

 Afternoon All,

Work is getting in the way of a full post, thus here is a quick post of my current WIP for the Deathwatch force. These have had 3D printed shoulder pads added to add more character to the units. I've also had to hack some of the original guards out to allow the Deathwatch left pauldron. 

Thanks for popping by! LH

14 Aug 2022

Imperial Knights - Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Knight Errant

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I've added another Imperial Knight to my Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum, this one is Lady Natanya riding Questoris Errant "Gloria Fury". An Errant class Questoris chasis armed with Thermal Cannon, Reaper Chainsword and a Heavy Stubber. My first Vassal Knight Errant, the other two Errant's are a Freeblade (Gerantius) and a Custodes Indetured Knight.
The Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum have a blue and gold livery similar to their Legio Astorum Titans, an adapted scheme from the Terryn Knights scheme, the yellow head of the Titans is reflected in armour panels and head.
The right shoulder Pauldron has the personal heraldry of the Knight Scion, this one being Lady Natanya, who has risen up from the ranks of Armigers to pilot a Questoris. 
I add some slate chips to the bases of large models to add interest and some nice weight for better centre of gravity too. The reactor housing has the characteristic brass casing found on all my Knights and the rear shoulder Pauldrons display their allegiance to the Imperium.
That's now 18 Knights and Armigers... still have an entire box of Renegade to start and that Knight Preceptor to complete...

Knight Seneschal: High King Lucius Darius riding Dominus Castellan 'Adamant Wrath'
Knight Baron: Baron Tybalt riding Questoris Warden 'Triumphal'
Knight Scion: Countess Joscelin riding Dominus Valiant 'Iron God'
Knight Scion: Sir Geraint riding Cerastus Castigator 'Heretics Bane'
Knight Scion: Alpha Augreus Vladimus riding Mechanicum Cerastus Atrapos 'Ryh-83'
Knight Scion: Sir Selwyn riding Questoris Crusdaer 'Honour Intractable'
Knight Scion: Sir Greigor riding Questoris Paladin 'Oathkeeper'
Knight Scion: Sir Olwyn riding Questoris Paladin 'Honoured Vigilance'
Knight Scion: Sir Taurus riding Questoris Gallant 'Carnivore'
Knight Scion: Lady Natanya riding Questoris Errant 'Gloria Fury'
Armiger Squire: Knave Izrael riding Warglaive 'Bane of Iron'
Armiger Squire: Knave Balthazar riding Warglaive 'Unalloyed Victus'
Armiger Squire: Knave Luxious riding Helverin 'Fury of Thaemar'
Armiger Squire: Lady Irmaa riding Helverin 'War Strider'
Armiger Squire: Lady Melandra riding Helverin 'Blue Jackal'
Freeblade: Gerantius riding Questoris Errant 'The Forgotten Knight'
Freeblade: Sir Hekhtur the Chainbreaker riding Questoris Preceptor 'Canis Rex'
Custodes Indentured Knight: Sir Hestor riding Questoris Errant 'Imperius Rex'

Cheers, Siph (20pts)

12 Aug 2022

Chaos Altar Terrain - complete!

Hello All,

A few weeks has past since my last post.. sorry! There will be a battle rep post soon, Me and Siph caught up for a ding donger of a battle! 

Up this week is a completed terrain piece - the Chaos Altar, this piece I've had for ages, thus I wanted to get this off my pile of shame!

I've based this with a grey primer, then several coats of 2 diffeent brown sprays, then added some colour to highlight the skulls. 

The entire piece was then washed in Agrax to add some depth, then some blood for the blood god around the Chaos Icon. 

Happy with the results, and the piece looks good with the infamous Daemon Princess monument!


 Thanks for Stopping by! LH (5pts)

31 Jul 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Mortis - Warp Missile Rack

Hello Readers, the Forge World website describes the warp missile as "one of the rarest and most powerful munitions available to Reaver Titan Princeps. Mounted atop the god-machine's carapace, the warp missile can be fired just once. Equipped with a miniature warp engine like those on starships, when fired it briefly enters the warp and emerges within an enemy Titan's shields, causing devastating damage." Right that the Legio Mortis utilise this most dreadful and esoteric weapon.
I picked up a Warp Missile Rack whilst browsing the Forge World store at Warhammer World, and since I didn't or shouldn't be adding to the pile-of-shame, I thought I'd get it done and dusted quickly...
I painted the warp missile itself to look weird and wonderful with sickly warplight glow from the innards, what daemon madness is contained within these traitor weapons the loyalist Engines will find out. In the rules, these bypass the Void Shields, manifesting within the Engine straight from warpspace and cause Critical damage to the onboard superstructure and systems. A one shot weapon is always a risk, if I miss or roll badly for Critical effects I've wasted a perfectly good hard point for the rest of the battle, however, if I get a good result - it can cause serious hurt to a fully shielded Engine!
The rack is magnetised to the carapace, allowing easy swapping out when designing a battle force.
The missile iteslf is also magnetised on the rack, so once it is fired I can indicate that by removing the missile from the model. 

May your reactors burn true, Cheers, Siph

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