15 May 2022

Imperial Knights - Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Knight Warden

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, a break from the WIP Lucius Warhound I added some more to its accompanying Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum, Knight Warden Baron Tybalt in "Triumphal".
This is the Baron of the Knights I have so far, denoted by its white carapace stripes. This is the second in command of my Knights, led by the High King Lucius Darius riding "Adamant Wrath", my Dominus Knight Castellan.
I added the decals from the Forge World Legio Astorum decal sheet. 
The rear should pauldrons denote their loyalty with the Aquila of the Imperium
I added brass to the reactor core as usual and the main power cables green.
The right front shoulder pauldron has the personal heraldry of the Knight Scion piloting "Triumphal". It is also repeated on the knee. That's another Knight completed, 15 completed. These can be found registered at Titan Owners Club - The Emperor's Halo Knight Banner.

Cheers, Siph (20pts)

13 May 2022

Tanks!!! Deathwatch Sicaran variations - Done!

Hello All, you wait for tanks, and then 3 come along! Boom!

Up this week is 3 Sicaran FW tanks, the Omega, the Punisher and the Arcus, all for my Deathwatch force.

These have been painted the same as my force, the Metallic Black base, with Red for weapons. I've add the chapter symbols for the Dark Angels for the Omega (Plasma weaponary being their thing) Blood Angels for the Punisher (as they like it close) and Imperial Fists for the Arcus (for siege warfare with the missile launcher) Were these gifts to the Deathwatch, or reclaimed relics?
Dark Angels Deathwatch Omega Plasma Sicaran

Blood Angels Punisher Sicaran

Imperial Fists Arcus Sicaran
Really happy with the 3 tanks, they look great -and can't wait to use them in combat! LH (15pts)

8 May 2022

Legio Astorum - Forge World Lucius Warhound Titan - WIP #4

Hello Titanseers, on the heels of the Legs been completed I cracked on and finished the head too. 
The original scheme for Gyphonicus had decent internals so the main job was to repaint the armour cowling and the uniforms of the crew.
I painted the nose Astorum blue and the headlights with some of the Sigsmund yellow clear. 
The Princeps and Moderatii had their armour re-painted for Astorum, I also added some internal gubbins in the Command Deck, as the rear bulkheads were plain and missing internal gubbins.
I kept the original scheme in the command deck internal cowling, just added some more detail on the green screens. The original painter did well with the perspex windshield pieces.
The proud Princeps Martinus the Strict in his new Livery of Astorum (named after my mate who sold me the 'Hound)

Cheers, Princeps Siph

6 May 2022

Deathwatch 9 man Primaris Intercessors - Done!

Hello All!

After weeks of slow progress, I've finished a 9 man Primaris Intercessor squad, These have taken time simply due to me getting pulled away with other projects. 

These will be added to the other Primaris marines to bulk up the squads, or be used in Deathwatch mixed squads. 

Some of these had decals added, others had chapter logos from the deathwatch spure. This gave me a chance to work on new pads, including a crimson fist and Storm Giant hearldry, the later being free handed. All have resin bases like previously used, really happy with how these bases tie in with all the units I've done so far.

They look great togther as a unit, and am looking forward to getting them out onto a battlefield soon! LH (9pts)

1 May 2022

Legio Astorum - Forge World Lucius Warhound Titan - WIP #3

Hello Titanseers, back for another in-progress Rites of Colour for this Lucius Warhound Titan, formally Legio Gryphonicus now being sanctified for battle for Legio Astorum. I've made some good progress with the legs after some reconstruction surgery on the angle and toes, reinforced with pins and now based and painted.
The armour plates have now been fitted and the feet JB Welded and screwed to the base from underneath, the areas around the toes tidied up with base colours and the Warhound is now completely stable and firm.
The banner was supplied by my good friend Drake Seta at Battle Bunnies, formally for my previous Warhounds, so I painted out the name and added this Warhound's proud name, LUPUS EXCELSIOR. This is my fifth Warhound but my first Lucius - as Legio Astorum hails from Lucius Forge World it is only right and fair I have one of these relic Engines in my force.
Here is a close up of the flame stencil work, looks great old-school on this old-school 'Hound. The knee armour denote the Forge World of this Engine's birth and allegiance.
The right knee display's the Engine Certificate number, No.745.
Some more great progress with this Engine build, as you can see I've opted for something different than the present Maniple stripe markings and gone for black and white chequered plates instead. I will aim for my newest Engines to have this as a distinguishing mark, they still fit in with the stripes of the others by all the blue and gold armour however a little different from the others.

Cheers, Princeps Siph

29 Apr 2022

Further WIP Deathwatch/Terrain

Hello All! this week has been a little crazy with work, thus reduced time to finish off some marines!

I've added details to the 9 man squad of Primaris Marines, these just need an edge highlights, bases and then some requiring decals to finish. I've tried some free hand again for the Storm Giant' chapter marine, and happy with the result.

I've also started on the 3 Outriders - getting the Silver left arm, and armour plate on the bike to match. I think these will be a good addition to the force. 

I've also almost finished fabricating another building, a fortified Pulpit - this is again, an MDF building, which will be used with other similar buildings for a large battlefield!

Cheers, LH

25 Apr 2022

Adeptus Custodes - Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Armour

Hello all, thanks for dropping in. Hot on the heels of last week's Allarus Terminator Shield Captain, another model the boxset allows is a Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Armour. 
Armed with the same Balistus Grenade Launcher, he lacks the punch of a Castellan Axe or Guardian Spear but does have a Misericordia for close combat, which isn't bad at five attacks, strength 5 with -2AP, one damage. 
The Duncan Rhodes tutorial for Custodian Warden was followed and I love the folds of the cloak. The model can be equipped with the Vexilla, either a Vexilla Defensor (Light Cover Aura); Vexilla Imperius (+1 Attack aura) or a Vexilla Magnifica (Dense Cover Aura), but only one of each type can be in an army - my other two Vexilla will be made from Warden Custodian kits.
The rear really shows off the folds of the cloak and the Misericordia.

Another box of these now has to be bought so I can use the final member into a squad of 4 Allarus Terminators, although you can actually field them as a squad of one model!

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

22 Apr 2022

WIP Week Update - Terrain and Redemptors

 Hello All,

This week I've been attacking some terrain that I've had for a while to see whether this could be an option for future buildings. The kit is a TT combat building, 'Gothic Servitialis'. 

Really happy with how the kit went together - I really like the way you can remove the different floors to get inside the building - this could be an option for fire fights inside buildings which could be fun! The plan is to coat the base of the building with a textured spray, then apply futher damage, then paint up from a grey base. The kit includes details which I will paint gold, then apply prior to weathering. 

The 2 Deathwatch Dreadnoughts are coming together, hopefully these will be complete very soon! I am really liking the 3D printed parts that add soo much character to the model! I've built the chaplain as if he is mid charge, weapon raised high! 

 The Scythes Dread is less dynamic, standing back -supporting the lines. Again, fantastic kit with crisp, sharp details! LH

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