31 Aug 2018

WIP Marines - Redemptor Dreadnought and Repulsor

Hi One and All,

This week I've started to work through my vast collection of Primaris stuff- this was a sizable pile I've not touched since 8th was released..

So I've started building both the Redemptor dreadnought and the Repulsor tank, I've opted for the heavily armed options with the Repulsor. I've built the tank with the grav sections removed to aid with painting the armour of the tank. The tank itself was ok to build, however I do think this wasn't the easiest of tank builds. The doors haven't yet been added as I've got the Ultramarine doors from FW to add.
The Redemptor Dreadnought was a good build, opting for the plasma weapon option. The waist is not yet glued as I think it'll be easier when painting it.
Thanks for looking! LH

27 Aug 2018

Chaos Daemons - Nurglings of Nurgle!

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in and having a look-see. My latest offering was a small distraction job, a set of Nurgle Nurglings I bought on a whim to add to my growing Daemon force. I really like these characterful cheeky little b&st&rds!
A rather in Nurgle taste shot of their backsides... The bases come in three interchangeable rows of Nurglings, I used Zandri Dust or Corax White as a basecoat before washing with Agrax. I picked a few Nurglings out with Deathguard Green and washed with Biel Tan Green wash.
I picked out the horns with Ushabti Bone and washed Sepia. Guts with Screamer Pink and Pink Horror I think. I added Blood for the Blood God after matt spray sealing, and then added Nurgles Rot too - both kept their gloss wet shine. I also added some 'Ardcoat over the guts and tongues.
This base I added one of the individual Nurglings that come with the kit, atop the others. The kit is very customisable, no two bases of Nurglings should ever look the same.
This base had a pair of piggyback Nurglings front and centre. Not sure the one pulling out his entrails and licking them is right in the head...
And here they are in the Battlefield, thanks for dropping by,
Cheers, Siph. (6 painting points)

24 Aug 2018

Ultramarines vs Daemon Battle Report 60 Power Points

 Hi One and All,

Me and The 6th degree caught up recently, and we decided to have a small battle, this was the 6th degree's first  battle in 8th, so we opted for a small battle.

We went for an Ultramarine force, vs a dameon horde force.

Turn 1 Ultramarines
  • Dreadnough killed 2 fiends with las fire - killing unit - first blood!
  • 2 Bloodletters with assault cannon fire
Turn 1 Daemons
  • Skull cannon took a wound from the Terminator squad
  • Flaming Chariot took 2 wounds of the Dreadnought
  • Screamers took 2 wounds from the Rhino

Ultramarine Turn 2
  •  Dreadnought takes 5 wounds of Flaming Chariot
  • Terminators take 3 wounds from Daemon Prince
  • Tactical squad kills 2 Screamers
  • Rhino removes a wound from Daemon Prince
 Daemon Turn 2
  • Pink Horrors kill 2 tactical marines with Smite
  • Flamer Chariot destroyed the Dreadnought
  •  Skullcannon killed a terminator 
  • Skulltaker charged the vindicator, taking 7 wounds!
  • 1 Bloodcrusher killed with over watch fire, the resulting combat sees one terminator die in close combat to the bloodletters, then the bloodcrushers will the remaining 3 Terminators with their Horns!
We then realise we hadn't done any moral checks! oops... so we rolled for them all at this point, so:
  •  last bloodletters who failed the check
  • Pink Horrors lost 2
  • remaining Bloodcrusher
  • 2 Tactical marines failed
  • Screamer survived!

Ultramarine Turn 3
  • Sicarius charges Skulltaker, and kills the daemon
  • 1 Flamer killed by Libararin
  • More Pink Horrors are killed
Daemon Turn 3
  •  Skullcannon killed Sicarius with fire
  • Flaming Chariot kills Vindicator with firepower
  • Flaming Chariot charges and, takes Librarian to one wound in cc

Turn 4, we review the battle field, and call it - a draw! Daemons claiming 2 objectives, and slay the warlord - 3 points, Ultramarines having 1 objective, slay the warlord and first blood!

Great Battle!

For me, the Flaming Chariot (of Doom) was a beast, taking multiple units out the fire, and the skull cannon did really well with kills via shooting each turn. LH

Thanks for looking!

20 Aug 2018

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Strike Squad

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. The last and latest squad of my Grey Knights force that was painted by Jeff at the Beard Bunker along with some Terminators and the Grey Knight Rifleman Dreadnought in Jul 2016 so its good to have these off the niggly to-do pile and join my forces properly.  It won't be the last Grey Knights tho, I have some more I need to paint myself.
The Justicar is armed with a Daemon Hammer for some high strength strikes and the specialist has a Psycannon which I painted myself so see if I could match Jeff's scheme, so I am glad I could so the rest of the force will match these.
This Squad is armed with the Force Halberds for the added strength against tougher targets, but the next squad will be Falchions as two swords with an extra attack works out better when you do the odds and looks cool... but Halberds are the classic GK look and Jeff armed them anyway ;)  3 PlusPlus does a great article on the efficiency of the GK weapons, check it out HERE.
The individual warriors have their own heraldry on their armour shown here on the Pauldrons. Thanks Jeff, and thank-you all for dropping by and having a look-see. Cheers, Siph. (2 painting points for the Psycannon and re-basing)

17 Aug 2018

Reaver Ttan, meet Reaver Titan, and his little friend

Hello one and all,

As my Reaver Titan project draws to an end, I thought it was a good time for the Reaver Titan to meet the other Titans of the household- other than the Knights!

I've had the Armocast version of the Reaver for over 12 years, and still like the look of this model, however it definitely looks dated next to the Forgeworld version!

 The Armorcast version is a lot shorter than the Forgeworld one, and, although it retains the same silhouette, doesn't looks as imposing. In height the Armorcast model is around the height of a Warhound.
 Let me introduce the 'big guy'
 As you may have seen in a previous post, I own a scratch built 3ft 2 Warlord, here is 'Dominus Bellum' meeting the 2 Reavers. The Reavers only just come up half way up his legs! the Forgeworld Warlord I think would be leave with the Pelvis of my warlord.

Thanks for looking!


13 Aug 2018

T'au Empire - XV25 Stealth Squad finally finished!

Hello Readers! Well, finally after a start in Jan 2016, my first squad of my "New Year, New Army" carbuncle has been finished... not sure why not earlier, just needed inspiration and recently got some from a Reddit poster who posted a funky camouflage de-cloaking effect which I thought, I like that, I'll do the same! I am afflicted by Hobby Butterfly Syndrome...
This is the Squad Shas'vre armed with a Fusion Blaster for extra anti-tank punch is denoted by the red of the eye piece, these are Vior'la Sept, but in desert camouflage, the Zandri Dust and brown fatigues, rather than the whites and reds, seen here de-cloaking from the camouflaged colours of the surrounding wasteland browns and specks of sparse vegetation.
The Shas'ui Warriors are armed with Burst Cannons, again I opted for a de-cloaking effect of the stealth suit. The join between the armour and the stealth look is a simple dark blue with lighter blue and white 'electricity' look... simple and effective.
The third squad member is also a Shas'ui, but this one was the first I painted and is fully un-cloaked, a test scheme to see what the uniform would be. I will paint the forward elements such as the Pathfinders and Stealth units this desert tan, whilst other elements will be in the traditional Vior'la whites.
Finally a shot of the finishing touches, a Homing Beacon transponder thingy and a Markerlight Drone.

So, do you like the camouflage and the stealth cloak effect. Cheers for dropping by, thanks, Siph. (4pts as one was already done)
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