24 Aug 2018

Ultramarines vs Daemon Battle Report 60 Power Points

 Hi One and All,

Me and The 6th degree caught up recently, and we decided to have a small battle, this was the 6th degree's first  battle in 8th, so we opted for a small battle.

We went for an Ultramarine force, vs a dameon horde force.

Turn 1 Ultramarines
  • Dreadnough killed 2 fiends with las fire - killing unit - first blood!
  • 2 Bloodletters with assault cannon fire
Turn 1 Daemons
  • Skull cannon took a wound from the Terminator squad
  • Flaming Chariot took 2 wounds of the Dreadnought
  • Screamers took 2 wounds from the Rhino

Ultramarine Turn 2
  •  Dreadnought takes 5 wounds of Flaming Chariot
  • Terminators take 3 wounds from Daemon Prince
  • Tactical squad kills 2 Screamers
  • Rhino removes a wound from Daemon Prince
 Daemon Turn 2
  • Pink Horrors kill 2 tactical marines with Smite
  • Flamer Chariot destroyed the Dreadnought
  •  Skullcannon killed a terminator 
  • Skulltaker charged the vindicator, taking 7 wounds!
  • 1 Bloodcrusher killed with over watch fire, the resulting combat sees one terminator die in close combat to the bloodletters, then the bloodcrushers will the remaining 3 Terminators with their Horns!
We then realise we hadn't done any moral checks! oops... so we rolled for them all at this point, so:
  •  last bloodletters who failed the check
  • Pink Horrors lost 2
  • remaining Bloodcrusher
  • 2 Tactical marines failed
  • Screamer survived!

Ultramarine Turn 3
  • Sicarius charges Skulltaker, and kills the daemon
  • 1 Flamer killed by Libararin
  • More Pink Horrors are killed
Daemon Turn 3
  •  Skullcannon killed Sicarius with fire
  • Flaming Chariot kills Vindicator with firepower
  • Flaming Chariot charges and, takes Librarian to one wound in cc

Turn 4, we review the battle field, and call it - a draw! Daemons claiming 2 objectives, and slay the warlord - 3 points, Ultramarines having 1 objective, slay the warlord and first blood!

Great Battle!

For me, the Flaming Chariot (of Doom) was a beast, taking multiple units out the fire, and the skull cannon did really well with kills via shooting each turn. LH

Thanks for looking!


  1. Sounded fun, see, sometimes LH, the smaller battles are more fun and tactical, every kill important and every loss felt ;). (LH has a tendency for wanting huge points battles)

  2. Awesome battle report and looks fabulous in the photos. Are you happy with your setup? What would you improve?


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