31 Aug 2018

WIP Marines - Redemptor Dreadnought and Repulsor

Hi One and All,

This week I've started to work through my vast collection of Primaris stuff- this was a sizable pile I've not touched since 8th was released..

So I've started building both the Redemptor dreadnought and the Repulsor tank, I've opted for the heavily armed options with the Repulsor. I've built the tank with the grav sections removed to aid with painting the armour of the tank. The tank itself was ok to build, however I do think this wasn't the easiest of tank builds. The doors haven't yet been added as I've got the Ultramarine doors from FW to add.
The Redemptor Dreadnought was a good build, opting for the plasma weapon option. The waist is not yet glued as I think it'll be easier when painting it.
Thanks for looking! LH


  1. Looking well. I wasn't a fan of the repulsor at first but have come around to it.

  2. Great job, reinforcements and stuff off of the to-do pile too. These being UM... ah, you had the chance to make a fresh start with another Chapter!

  3. Giant hover tank ? I still havn't come 'round to it.


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