27 Nov 2012

Relictors Tactical Terminator Squad

Finally I completed a squad of shooty Terminators, this squad is made up from 3 AOBR Termies, a free WD front cover Termie and a normal Boxed Termie, but with an arm swap with an AOBR one to make them  individual.
I've also removed the front shield on the normal squad members as the Boxed Termies didn't have them, just the Assault Termies and Sergeants.
Here's a close up of the Sergeants face, I am rather proud of the work here, I think his face looks good, I used Dwarf Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash and Elf Flesh. The last time I did a Terminator Sergeant's face was here, in 2009, but that was a fluke - I'm glad I can reproduce my efforts once again! The power sword uses my normal reciepe of Regal Blue, heavily washed with Badab Black and edges with Enchanted Blue mixed with Skull White.
And finally, I did a shot of the squad on the Tank Trap terrain featured in the last post for size comparison and to show how the repainted scenery now matches the bases.

25 Nov 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Tank Traps

Now, I can be accused of spending too much time at the moment playing the free download game World Of Tanks (Player - Siph) but I haven't neglected the world of Weemen totally, whilst the other contributors Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree prepare for BlogWars4, I've been slowly plodding away at a squad of shooty Termies and these 'tank' related Tank Traps or Dragons Teeth.
These are from Battlefield in a Box, and come ready painted, and are made of very hard wearing dense resin, nice, but hear me out - the scheme doesn't match the bases of my miniatures or other scenery like last week's Bastion, therefore, I repainted the bases with the huge pot of Calthan Brown I got, drybrushed with Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone and added some vegetation patches as normal - now they match the bases perfectly.
I'll post the Termies next with these to show the matching bases and as a size comparison.

23 Nov 2012

WIP- Techmarine Master of the Forge Jet Bike

A quick Work in Progress post,

I have been working on a project for some time now for my marines, a project which was 'in my head' for some years..

I love the master of the ravenwing jetbike, and really wanted to include something similar with my marines- more for the look of the model than the rules set.. I decided to go for a master of the forge on the jet bike- in keeping with the fluff for the forge master. I had bought a jet bike some years ago, however I never got the project going due to being metal, and the thought of cutting into it to convert filled me with dread- then finecast arrived!

Siph bought me the Jetbike for my birthday last year, I had already planned and purchased the 'weapon of choice' from forgeworld- a conversion beamer.

The Jet Bike
The jet bike was converted, with the plasma cannon cut away, and the conversion beamer from a contemptor used in its place- I used half the arm joint to act as the weapon brace. The end of the plasma cannon was attached to the back portion to give the appearance of the vents from the conversion beamer.
The Rider

The Master of the Ravenwing had his legs chopped from just above the knee, and replaced with the legs from a techmarine with a servo harness. The said model's torso was then used as the body of the rider. The left 'axe' arm was used- both to show his rank, but also it looks pretty sweet the way he is holding aloft- even though he is flying around at speed. The right arm with the bolter, had the bolter cut away, the wrist was then glued to the right hand on the handle bars. There is tubing from the wrist that was glued to the handle bars also.
The back of the rider had several 'wires' and 'tubes' attached, again in keeping with the look of a techmarine.
I'm really pleased with the final look of the conversion- I plan to have two bases for the  model- the first a 'flying base' the second a dynamic base that's angled for storage in my cabinet.

I hope you like- time to paint him!

22 Nov 2012

Malifaux - The Ortegas

I’ve been interested in Malifaux for ages – I knew that it was a small gang-based skirmish game (so pretty cheap to get into) and instead of using dice it used a deck of cards.

A pretty healthy take-up at my local games store/hangout Worthy Games was the excuse I had been waiting for. I originally wanted the Hoffman crew but as Fate would have it (a pun for any MF players....) I ended up with the Ortega crew; a band of gunslinging, bad-ass cowboy heroes! The Ortega crew box comes with 5 models, which is the perfect size for most smaller games and is only about £25.00.

Perdita Ortega

I loved the models and actually finished them about a month ago, but have been waiting for some nice scenic bases to turn up and really finish them off.
Santiago Ortega
I’ve only had a couple of intro games so far – but the Crew have been hugely fun to play with and I am loving the game mechanic with the deck of cards (for the un-initiated, the deck basically acts as a 2D6, but you also hold 6 random cards in your hand and you are able to “cheat fate”, by playing these cards instead of the card that you’ve drawn – great for making sure that all important shot hits or wounds...but remember, your opponent can do exactly the same thing).
Nino Ortega
Malifaux is going down so well that Worthy Games have been having to regularly restock their minis and will be holding their first tournament on 1st December (unfortunately, the same day as Blog Wars 4).
Francisco Ortega
The models were primarily painted using Vallejo paints (something else new to me) and I used some Secret Weapons Miniatures weathering powder to give them a dusty look.
Papa Loco

20 Nov 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Imperial Bastion

 I was getting bored of fighting over grey plastic scenery, even with beautifully (i think so) painted weemen, the scenery takes away from the experience, so, I did some. Just a start, but better than nothing I guess. I find scenery is often done last, but I vow to change it. Maybe...
 Catachan Green with a simple drybrush of Boltgun Metal and some Chestnut Ink (i have some still!!) in the rivets, based as same as minis. What I did find out that to my delight, the huge pot of paint in the GW Scenery Painting Pack designed for the Realm Of Battle Boards, is Calthan Brown.... my basing colour of choice and now a virtual endless supply of! :)
 Transfers from an Imperial Guard Tank sheet and voila, easy... now why has it taken me this long to do some...?
 And a little progress on my to do pile, I have a ton of spare arms of dreads hanging about, so for the sake of completion, and another option, a Hurricane Bolter Arm. Which brings me onto the last post i did... I need more transfers of the numeral 5. Help!
Thanks for stopping by. And good luck to 6thDegree and Lord Halfpenny at BlogWars 4!!! Keeping up the Weeman attendance record 100%.

18 Nov 2012

Waterslide Transfer Exchange - UK readers can you help?

If like everyone else, you only use one or two transfers from each sheet of GW Waterslide Transfers, you'll be left with loads you may not use.

I am after the Numeral 5 from the GW Space Marine Vehicle waterslide transfer sheet, and typically have the rest of the sheet available for swap.
Can any of my UK readers, to keep postage costs down, help out? I don't want to resort to ebay, only the cost of an envelope and stamp.

I am also in need of the large white skulls from the Imperial Guard Tank sheets too. I have typically the rest of the sheet available again for swapping.
Please have a look and leave a comment with your email written "reader(at)email(dot)co(dot)uk" to prevent bots etc if you can help and what transfers you'd like in return?  I'll then email you to swap addresses etc and delete the comment to maintain long term privacy.

Cheers for looking.

16 Nov 2012

Lord Halfpenny @ Blog Wars 4

Quick post...

I've signed up for Blog Wars 4- and will again be taking my daemon army for the fun and frolics!

There has been lots of discussions on the various blogs about the broken units, and potential for some serious uber army builds, and having seen the way that the daemons performed in my last battle verse Siph I feel quite comfortable with a list mixing all 4 gods.

So-- the question is what to take, last BW I went for a mono list army, based around Khorne- this really didn't play the way I thought it would, and found myself lacking serious fire-power.

This time, I've gone for a mix, the better units from each god. The problem I have is that originally I wasn't going to be able to make it to BW4, thus I haven't painted much for it- thus I have quite a lot to paint in a short period of time.

By provisional list:

Fateweaver (to be painted)

5 flamer unit (to be painted)
3 flamer unit (to be painted)
3 Bloodcrusher Unit

8 Bloodletters
7 Plaguebearers
5 Pink Horrors, plus the changling (to be painted)
5 Pink Horrors

3 Screamers (to be painted)
5 Seekers (to be painted)

Daemon Prince with Wings, Iron Hind, Breath of Chaos
Soul Grinder

I think the list on paper isn't to over kill, and fell that it has the right contrast of dakka and chopy- I also don't think I've got too far with the units (3x9 flamers anyone?!?) I also feel that the force should be fun to play with, as well as to be battle against. The previous Khorne army was a one trick pony, and easy to play against..

now the question is will I get it all painted!!!

Nids List for Blog Wars 4

A big thanks to Siph and Grazer for helping me make up my mind on what to take to Blog Wars 4.

Here we have it:
Tyrant   (Paroxysm, Leech Life, Devourers, Wings) 245pts
Swarmlord (2 Tyrant Guard with Lash Whips) 410pts
Tervigon (Catalyst, Onslaught, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacks) 210pts
Tervigon (Catalyst, Onslaught, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacks) 210pts
20 Termagants 100pts
19 Termagants 95pts     
2 Hive Guard 100pts
2 Hive Guard 100pts
Carnifex (2 T/L Devourers) 190pts
Carnifex (2 T/L Devourers) 190pts
Total      1850

Fingers crossed it will do alright; it is certainly not the scariest thing in the world, but I am relatively familiar with it and it requires no new models or painting.

I went with the Dakkafexes in the end over Trygons because they offer more anti-infantry - which strangely is something I have had problems with before. They will also lend a helping hand to the Hive Guard at popping light mech and any pesky flyers that might show up.

I’ll post the results after the event.

Wish me luck!

13 Nov 2012

Blog Wars 4 – please help me with my list!!!

Blog Wars 4 is coming up in 3 weeks and the deadline for tickets and list submissions is this Saturday (17/11).

The ‘Nids will be coming out to play again, despite them now looking a bit tired and “used” (I am trying to re-paint the worst offenders, but the entire army really needs an overhaul), so I’m not looking to compete in the painting awards where I’ve done pretty well in the last two Blog Wars. Hopefully my Iron Warriors will be ready in time for Blog Wars 5...

The problem is what to take? Blog Wars rules are the same as before, with the exception that it is now 1850pts and not 1750pts.

Since 6th Ed I have been running a list with a Flyrant, a pair of Tervigons, a pair of Hive Guard broods and a ton of Gants – its been working well and and I think I am going to stick with what I know. Swarmlord is tried and tested for me and I think he’s the ideal Special Character and Warlord for the tournament (a close combat beat stick and pretty decent psyker...).

That gives me:

Swarmlord with 2 Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips)
Flyrant (1 set of T/L Devourers)

2 Tervigons (Toxin Sacks, Adrenal Glands and 3 psychic powers)
2 broods of approx 20 Gants

2 broods of 2 Hive Guard

I have about 400pts left to play with...so now I am torn between a pair of Trygons and a pair of Dakkafexes (there is also the possibility of a third Tervigon and more Gants – but that would require a bit more work).

I’ve used the Trygons teamed up with the Swarmlord before and they can dominate the area of the board they are in – but since 6th Ed, I have had trouble with random charge distances, overwatch (particularly Flamers) and dealing with hordes.

On the other hand the Dakkafexes are always great; 24 S6 shots will erase most things from the board in one go and they are a pretty solid anti-air option (barring Stormravens). But their relatively short range (18 inches) means that they tend to get stuck around the middle of the table and never get truly stuck in. Also 4 wounds is a bit meh...

I have tested both options and they are both good against different opponents.  The list as a whole seems to have worked in the past because it forces tough targetting choices...do you shoot the Flyrant, Swarmlord, Trygons/Dakkafexes, Tervigons or Hive Guard? Whichever you choose – I’ve found it normally takes a turn of dedicated shooting to kill it and there is enough redundancy left that the army still doesn’t fall apart.

So what shall I do???

9 Nov 2012

Benchvent Competition - Hobby Area Phots

Dear readers, fancy getting you hands on some free loot, namely a BenchVent for your airbrushing/spraying vent needs?

Scott at BenchVent is running a Showcase Competition and wants a photo of your hobby area, you can enter by simply emailing him scott(at)benchvent.com a photo of your desk, area, mancave etc. or a link to a blog picture of your area.

As you've all seen before - this is what I sent in.
Details of what you can win and competition details are all found on the official site here

Thanks to Klaus at DEI GRECI blog for posting this where I found it.

5 Nov 2012

Iron Warriors- Hellbrute

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything new, but I seem to have been painting constantly with nothing to show for it...mainly because I am working on multiple projects right now and am trying to finish complete units before I take pics and post them up.
The first finished unit is the Hellbrute from the Dark Vengence starter set. I had originally planned to make some conversions to the model to make it a little more “Iron Warrior” than its current daemonic/spikey appearance (despite how awesome they look), but then I managed to get my hands on a second Hellbrute – so I left this one as standard and the other one is getting converted to hell (I am thinking long-range shooty death)!
I am pretty happy with how this turned out – the metallics and chevrons turned out aged and battle-scarred and the flesh is supposed to look like something that could have once been Astartes millenia ago...
I had a bit of a play with some pigment powders on the feet and legs, to try and tie the model into the dirt of the battlefield on its base.
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