27 Feb 2023

Squaduary 2023 - Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Reivers - COMPLETED

Good day Squaduary Partisipants and dear Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have completed this year's pledge to do an unloved and overdue squad from the to-do pile. Here is my offering to the paint Gods. 
I found it hard to get motivated to paint some 'tacticool' Phobos Marines, eventually when I came back from Titan Walk event and then concentrated on these, I then dropped back into the familiar greys of Relictors and enjoyed the process.
I opted not to paint his respirator canisters red like GW, he has the same grille design as his squad but the knee is detailed in bone like the Primaris Intercessor Sergeants have, and the Squad number is 7, traditional Battle Companies have 1-6 Tactical, 7-8 Assault and 9-10 Devastator Squads, so these reinforcements have continued the tradition. Not aligned to any particular Battle Company, these Primaris reinforcements maintain a grey Relictors trim on the Pauldrons, not the Black or Green of my 5th and 4th Companies.
An arm swap and head angle change makes these two identical Troopers look different.
These two are the other pair of identical Marines, also swapped arms with the other pose.
A few blogs out there are continuing Squaduary events, 262nd Krieg Blog, DAM is doing well with his Dark Angels, check 'em out. Well I have enjoyed Squaduary, another Squad lurking on the to-do pile now completed! I've enjoyed checking out DAM's progress and hopefully a few more people will uphold the tradition of Squaduary.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

24 Feb 2023

Deathwatch Space Marine - Relictors Captain

Hello one and all! Another week, another completed model! this time a Relictors Captian of the Deathwatch. 

I wanted the Captain to feel like a 'Heretical' Relictor, and by that, I wanted him to be armed with something chaosy! Thus, a Hellblade was used! I also opted for a Skull helm - 3D printed, acquired bia that auction site. This fits in nicely with the look I was going for.
An honour from the command marine (firstborn) was added to mark him out a little more.
The base model was the Primaris Captain model, with only the weapon and head swap, with a deathwatch left shoilder pauldon added. The scheme was the same as all the other Deathwatch marines.
The blade was painted to have a more 'firey' appearance with a black base, then red/yellow added as a wider highlight.

Happy with the force - now on to more Marines! LH (10pts)

22 Feb 2023

Squaduary 2023 - Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Reivers - End of Week 3

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have continued my Squaduary pledge this week with the start of laying down some shade and finishing basecoats of the Relictors Chapter Space Marine Primaris Reiver Squad. I had already done the basic base materials so this final week I need to concentrate on the highlghts and the details. I did less than I wanted this week due to other hobby distractions, however I'm sure I will still get these finished by the end of the month!
A few blogs out there are continuing Squaduary events, 262nd Krieg Blog, DAM is doing well with his Dark Angels, check 'em out.

Cheers all. Siph.

20 Feb 2023

Genestealer Cult - Brood Brothers Infantry Squad #3

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Here is something overdue I hadn't yet posted I already was working on!

My last offering from my scheduled posts whilst I was away, but shunted for Warlord#10 progress posts, and the last of my 2022 #HobbyBingo tasks completing the challenge. These are Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) Cadian Shock Troops with the Genestealer Cult upgrade sprue bits, mostly heads and a few ceremonial knives.
The Heavy Weapons Team have some 3D party autoguns to add to the vibe of mixed up reserve cult forces and was going to be a whole squad of ten autoguns but they took ages to convert and the rules for Brood Brothers will probably not allow the alternative, just Neophytes that can. I will just play as Lasgun if needed!
The first four troopers, the Sergeant and two have Cult Upgrade heads and the fourth has a helmeted head with sunglasses as the genestealer strain makes the eyes sensitive. 
The next four also use the Cult upgrade sprues and an icon on the Vox set.
You see the upgrades I added on the reverse, and the Cult Icon daubed on the shoulder pads. I used the spare empty helmets on the Heavy Weapon sprues so the unhelmeted have the correct rig.
So, as much as I am slowly growing the Cult, the Brood Brother contingent is quite large with some extreme heavy support in form of the ancient Armorcast resin Baneblade I had commissioned in 2020 and a Squad of Rogue Trader Guardsmen from 2019 that can be found (Here). And the original Vraks Planetary Defence Force troops from 2009, converted to Brood Brothers in 2018 which match the latest recruits very well which I was pleased about.
My completed #HobbyBingo

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

17 Feb 2023

Deathwatch Space Marine - Captain and Spartan - Done!

Hello All! Another week, further additions to the Deathwatch force! This week sees the addition of a Terminator Captain and a Spartan Land Raider!


This Character I've had for a while - this was one of the limited edition runs with a chaplain (soon to be done also). The model has had the same scheme as all the other Deathwatch Space Marines with details picked out. I've added a U for the Ultramarines.

Spartan Land Raider

Firstly - I love this kit! I did a basic paint/wash for the interior then painted the tank as per the normal. I had the tracks as a separate part which made it so much easier. I've gone for the Heavy Bolters, as per the Spartan rules for 40K - I may add a second one with Lascannons as an addition to the Quad-Lascannon sponsons.

Happy with the results! LH  (20pts)

15 Feb 2023

Squaduary 2023 - Relictors Chapter Space Marine Primaris Reivers - end Week 2

Welcome Reader, I have continued my Squaduary pledge this week with the start of laying down basecoats of the Relictors Chapter Space Marine Primaris Reiver Squad. Last weekend's Beachhead Walk event with the Titan Owners Club was a blast, so I haven't had much time with these.
A few blogs out there are continuing Squaduary events, 262nd Krieg Blog, DAM is doing well with his Dark Angels, check 'em out.

Cheers all. Siph.

13 Feb 2023

Titan Owners Club UK - Walk at Beachhead 2023 in Bournemouth

Hello Titan fans, thanks for dropping by. This weekend was the UK Titan Owners Club Walk at Entoyment, Beachhead 2023 held in Bournemouth BIC. We had about 15 Princeps and their Engines join us for a Titan Walk - and it was a great weekend. On to the traditional line-up photos at the start...
Princeps Lauren's Vulcanum Engines
Defensor, Crucius and Vulcanum
Princeps Maximus Drake Seta's Engines
Princeps Leakycheese and Princeps Jon O'K's Engines
Princeps Goddenzilla's Engines and Imperator!
WeeMen's Lord TITANium Halfpenny's Engines
Princeps Aaron's Legio Astorum Engines
My own Engines
Princeps Graham's Engines
Steersman Rob W's Xenos Constructs
Princeps Luke C's Engines
Princeps Rob C's Engines

After the line-up we set up for a battle, Traitors, Xenos (and Crucius/Defensor to balance numbers) versus the Loyalists. I held the centre along with Aaron's Astorum - it was great to see loads of Astorum Engines together!
Here is Warlord Dominus Victoria with Reaver's Honorum and Aquila Occulus alongside Jon B's Metalica Engines missed from the line-up photos.
Warlord Ex-Noctia inaugral Walk where she performed well, sniping Lord TITANium Halfpenny's Dark Strider Warhound!
Princeps Lee M's Ignatum Engines holding a breach in the wall.
Lots of Vulturum Engines on the traitor rear, by Rob C and Luke C.
All the Warhounds which came pouring through the gates were felled with the exception of a very resilient Defensor Warhound which was eventually taken down after two rounds of shooting from both Reaver's and Dominus Victoria Warlord!
Warlord Dominus Victoria killed the Defensor Warhound
The traitor centre was held by Lord Halfpenny's Crucius, with two Warbringers and Hells Daughter Warlord
The loyalist advanced through a breach and faced off head to head with Vaulturm, and there was some close combat Warlord and Reaver action
The Xenos made themselves known and came running towards me
Metalica and Vulturum
The fast moving Aeldari came for Reaver Honorum
Yeah, that didn't end well for the Honorum, the Glaive cleaved straight through the body, cutting Honorum in two!
The Imperator sat in the centre right and made the traitors of Crucius, and Mortis pay heavily
Fabulous work, the first time I had seen it in person
Crucius holding the traitor centre
Crucius and Mortis facing off the Loyalists
The traitors (for the day) Legio Crucius and Defensor
Traitor Princeps planning next move

Day 2 saw Legio Crucius and Legio Astorum face off against Legio Vulcanum and Legio Mortis. It was a one sided affair, some clever refused flank manoeuvres of the Hounds meant much of Crucius had limited targets and the weight of firepower concentrated on the Astorum Warlords!
Turn 1 Warlord Ex-Noctia was taken down with multiple barrages of Apoc Missiles stripping the shields, softened up with Warlord Belicosa's and finished off with a Warhound strafe of Vulcan Mega Bolter shots!
Turn 2 saw Warlord Dominus Victoria felled eventually by the other Mortis Warhound Plasma Blastguns! From that there was no recovery, we did get a revenge kill on the Mortis Warlord Bone Garland but the weight of fire meant the loyalists bled and at the end of turn 3 only had 2 Reavers (Aquila Occulus felled by multiple Warhounds from Vulcanum) and a single Warbringer - facing off against 5 Warhounds, a Warbringer and 2 Warlords. 

Great weekend of gaming with Titan Owners Club

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph
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