17 Feb 2023

Deathwatch Space Marine - Captain and Spartan - Done!

Hello All! Another week, further additions to the Deathwatch force! This week sees the addition of a Terminator Captain and a Spartan Land Raider!


This Character I've had for a while - this was one of the limited edition runs with a chaplain (soon to be done also). The model has had the same scheme as all the other Deathwatch Space Marines with details picked out. I've added a U for the Ultramarines.

Spartan Land Raider

Firstly - I love this kit! I did a basic paint/wash for the interior then painted the tank as per the normal. I had the tracks as a separate part which made it so much easier. I've gone for the Heavy Bolters, as per the Spartan rules for 40K - I may add a second one with Lascannons as an addition to the Quad-Lascannon sponsons.

Happy with the results! LH  (20pts)

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