28 Jun 2021

Necron Dynasty - Canoptek Wraiths - #2

Hello Overlords, thanks for dropping by. I have finally added some very needed boost to my lowly three existing Wraiths from April 2018, now with three more to bulk out the squad, I really need to do another set, maybe two so I can have 2 larger squads of these great harassing units. As I said back in 2018, I might have missed the OP boat of 7th Edn when these were all the rage, however they are still a decent melee option.
The first two - note these were a pre-existing build from someone, hence the missing 'light/sensor' above the head, but when the locator nub is painted up it doesn't really stand out that its actually missing. The one on the left has a sensor from my bits box to look like the original.
I opted for chrome carapace up top and then the rest of the segments are 'unpainted' necron metals. The existing squad had a blue carapace for the one armed with Whip Coils to stand out but now Whip Coils have been nerfed, just one in the squad suffices.
These took surprisingly ages to paint as each Wraith has about 40 red gauss energy balls/reactors to do, quite a feat each, and the metal segments are washed to add some aged greasy sheen so not to look plain undercoated!
I opted for bare Canoptek Wraiths without the ranged weapons, maybe the next squad will get ranged weapons, the Particle Caster might be worth the few points for shooting in combat, however the Transdimensional Beamer looks really overpriced now, better to conserve points and run as bare knuckle fighters, they are dedicated Melee option afterall.
Here is the six together, a headache to shift off the table I hope with a tasty invulnerable save and wraithform helping them strike from cover.

Cheers, Siph (6pts)

25 Jun 2021

Warbringer update WIP #2

 Hello All!

Quick update, I've started the build of the Warbringer, with the legs and torso almost complete. The leg armour sections are not fixed, so that I can paint them seperately. The legs have been fully pinned other than the left foot which I had left unfixed to make sure I've got space for the armour plates, as the kit is quite unforgiving.. 

I am really happy with the pose, The plan is to have the model slightly looking to the right, I am thinking I will do a repeat as my first Warbringer, and turn the arm supports round by 90, so that the support acts more like a elbow joint to allow the weapon to be angled on the vertical axis.


There are a couple of bitz missing from the kit, and am waiting on FW to get them over to me to continue the build. 

The head has had the eye holes drilled ready for the LED's to be added.. Hopefully will have a image of this next week for you!


21 Jun 2021

Warlord Titan - Mori-Quake Cannon - WIP #2

Hello Titanseers and All, thanks for dropping by. Back in April I posted my progress on a new additional weapon arm for my existing Warlord Titan (HERE). This just continues the work in progress, what can I say - I am slow (3.5yrs for the Warlord!) and its a BIG gun!
The gun shield is getting there, stripes and decals and trim two coats are done, just weathering of the trim to do and a final lacquer coat to protect. I may have gone overboard with stripes, maybe diagonal panels would be enough but I like them, they look difficult but easy to do with masking tape and look effective. All my Maniple have striped panels and the Warlord has a striped Shin so this just continues the theme.
The main gun just has its undercoat and spray of Leadbelcher, I've yet to wash with my Nuln/Agrax wash and drybrush with Necron Compound. The Belicosa Volcano Cannon shows the final effect. Not sure if I should do as much heat stain, just limit it to carbon soot weathering instead, its a big shell thrower not a laser.
The main barrel might get a black coat sleeve too, or leave as is, bare metal? What are your thoughts on barrel colour and heat staining? Cheers

The link to the whole Warlord Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Thanks for dropping by, Siph.


14 Jun 2021

Necron Dynasty - Cryptothralls


Hello all, thanks for dropping by. Today's newest additions to the everliving, ahem ever growing Necron Dynasty is two Cryptothralls, bodyguards to Necron Crypteks.
These lovely walking waste bins mean a nearby Cryptek cannot be targeted by ranged weapons and in turn the Cryptek boosts their WS and BS to 3+ when near the Cryptek, and 6A in Melee - these try to keep the Cryptek out of harms way and go beserk in CC!
The main weapons in melee are Scythed Limbs, S5, -1AP and 1Dmg but with boosted 6 attacks each might make some close combat opponents think twice. Their other ranged weapon is also a Pistol profile so can supplement the CC attacks with some shots in melee. Coupled with the Technomancer Cryptek's Canoptek Control Node means the WS3 gets an additional +1 (the WS3 for being near Cryptek is a change to stat, not a 'plus one'). So, WS 2+ six attacks base, in pairs, and linked with Novokh's strategm you could have 16 attacks to punish any would be attackers!
The ranged weapon is a pistol type range and type, the Scouring Eye, but quite lethal at S5, -2AP and 1Dmg can hurt most foes.
Coupled with Living Metal and Reanimation Protocols these are going to be fun to have, and whats more, every Cryptek can have them without taking up a slot. Nice little additions to keep the Crypteks around a little longer.

Cheers, Siph (2pts Infantry)

11 Jun 2021

Update - New Hobby Space/Office

 Hello All!

I thought I'd post a couple of WIP pictures of the new Hobby Space, and how I've tried to maximise space and storage.. 

I've got a 4x4 ft games table supported on Besta units which are perfect for storing larger Titans. I am planning to add lights inside and under the units. 

I've also added a 3rd Bookcase to add further space for models. 2 will be used for completed models, whilst the 3rd is next to my desk which will hold my WIP models.  This has also allowed me to add a little more space to the painting area. 

 Opposite the  paint area, I have my office space for my day job, The plan is to have a 3D printer set up as this is an aspect of the hobby as something I would really love to get into more!

I've then got 3 glass units to store further models, again these will have lights added. 


Slowly getting there, but really happy with how the 'Weeman Den' is coming together! LH

7 Jun 2021

Necron Dynasty - Cryptek with Canoptek Cloak


Hello all, thanks for dropping by, continuing with my Necrons to-do pile, I dug out this Necron Cryptek with Canoptek Cloak, a present from Lord TITANium Halfpenny, co-author here at WeeMen. Thanks Mate!
I love the dynamic pose GW achieved with this mini, can't wait to use him, the Canoptek Cloak gives him the speed to keep up with Destroyers and Destroyer Lord, giving the ability for D3 wounds regain with the Lord's Living Metal ability and plus one to reanimation protocols for the Destroyers.
I tried my hand at some blending on the blade, but the oranges and reds make it look like a fruit salad candy sweet...
The Canoptek Cloak spider construct has been painted the same schemes as my other Canoptek constructs with a brass head unit and silver and blue panels.
A great addition to the force giving some fast moving buff auras. 

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

4 Jun 2021

I'm still here! and a 'TITANIC' project to get on with...

 Hello one and all,

Firstly my apologise to Siph for my poor blogging, and lack of hobby time! moving house, and then work on said house has zapped all hobby time! however the office/hobby space is getting there and can look to get back on the hobby bike! (I reckon about 3 weeks work for you! Lol - Siph)

So I've recently picked up another titan, this time another Warbringer titan which will be armed with 2 volcano cannons, and then the converted belicosa volcano on the carapace which I was working on prior to the move. I've also opted to have the alternative, Delta head for the Titan. 

The plan is to get the titan up and ready for the Titan Owners Club UK walk in August.. wish me luck! LH

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