29 Mar 2018

Imperial Knights - Armiger Warglaive - WIP

Hi one and All,

Thanks for stopping by!

The moment Forgebane was up for pre-order I knew I had to order copies, and lucky for me my box of goodies arrived on Saturday morning! straight into action I built one of the knights to see how I could get LED's in like all my previous knights. Currently my knight order numbers 11 built, with another few to be built including the other Armiger knights. I am planning on doing a post showing them once all are finished with transfers.
The kit was really easy to build, and straightforward. I have, like my other plastic knights added a little plastic between the legs and torso to allow the torso to rotate. I've also not glued the arms into a fixed position.

The tricky part was getting the light fixtures in- this is the smallest cavity to work in with all the knights. I've used 2 1mm red LED's, fixed in with a wire connector which I've cut into 2 pieces. this connects to a single CR2032 battery holder with a switch. 1mm holes were drilled into the head sections, then into the body of the knight to allow access for the wires. Then the lights were positioned and taped into the head with strong tape, and then the head glued together.
The model is painted like my other knights, with metallic red over a silver skeleton - with yellow added to the front shoulder pauldrons. Here I will add knight markings. For my knight force, Red denotes a 'knight', green armour for a Baron, and then a different colour for the Lord.
Overall I'm happy with the look of the knight, and he looks perfectly at home with a selection of the knights I have so far!

Thanks for looking! LH

28 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Fiend of Slaanesh - by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in for a quick look-see.  The final commission piece I gave to Nick at The Burning Eye. Following on from the Seekers of Slaanesh, this Fiend of Slaanesh has the same hair and skin colours as those, very Slaaneshi.
This was a finecast model and Nick did a good job putting it together and matching my basing colours too. Great job and a sizeable Daemon army I have now.
I added tiny flock patches to match my existing armies and painted the nipples, otherwise all Nick's work. Great stuff.
If you need a decent reliable and competent Commission artist in the UK and fair rates too, feel free to check out Nick's blog and ask him for a quote. I was very pleased with the service he provided and he's a good blogger buddy and decent bloke I'd vouch for.

Cheers, Siph.

26 Mar 2018

Necron Dynasty - Immortals with Tesla Carbines - re-based

Hi All, my latest offering to Our Liege Duncan, ahead of the Codex dropping I tackled a few re-based Immortals armed with the shot multiplying Tesla Carbines.  The Immortals I bought, and the Warriors all came with 25mm round bases, but now the Necron range has moved across to 32mm bases as all those Warriors have their legs spread.
I will not be re-basing the Warriors, they are the lowly footsloggers, but the Immortals have been upgraded to 32mm befitting their status. Not sure if SM Scouts have been re-based either, but I will keep my Scouts on 25mm whilst re-base the Marine counterparts on to new 32mm bases - a job ongoing...
So these had a few tidy ups, a 'squad leader' had a transfer applied to his shoulder, no in game effect, but nice, and added the 32mm ring adapters by TTAdapters, smoothed the join with liquid greenstuff, applied basing material on the top and drybrushed to match and blend in, then a few spots of the flock foilage for colour and to break up any obvious ring look.

That's all folks, cheers for dropping by. Cheers, Siph. (only 1 painting point for this Squad - re-basing and tidying counts for little).

23 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Plague Toads Of Nurgle

Hi one and all, thanks for popping by!

I've recently completed my 3 Nurgle Plague Toads, these guys were initially painted with a base of death guard green, then had washes of Agrax then Biel-Tan, before having a rough coat of Nurgle Rot. 
The mouth and tongue were picked out with reds and pinks, with a coat of Blood for the Blood God added around the mouth. Teeth and toes were picked out with an initial base of Mournfang Brown, layered with Zandri Dust.
The eyes were painted yellow with a single black line as a 'pupil', other spot details were picked out with typhus corrosion for the lesions etc.
I'm really happy with the way these guys have turned out.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (6 painting points mate - Siph)

21 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Seekers of Slaanesh - by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hi All,thanks for dropping by. I am sharing pictures of another unit Nick Thrower from The Burning Eye did for me. If you don't know, I have a huge to-do pile of my own, so I commissioned Nick to paint up some Daemons for me.
These Seekers have a classic Slaaneshi hue with purples and wild hair. I like the fact that Nick painted the claws on the Daemonettes with a lighter highlight than the fleshy parts. All I did was added the flock and tufts to the bases to match my own forces.
These are quite good and fast in 8th, they work best in bigger numbers, perhaps I'll have to buy some more and send them to Nick to do some more ;)
I like the choice of armour colour on the Daemonettes corsets, a really good choice and different from a classic black. Great job mate, cheers Nick.
So, another unit completed and off the to-do pile and now a considerable Chaos Daemons army grown on the sly. Cheers, Siph.

19 Mar 2018

Necron Deathmarks - Hunters from Hyperspace - Squad #2

Hi All, thanks for having a look and feel free to have a look around our humble corner of the blogosphere... Here is the latest addition to the Necron Dynasty, another 5 man squad of Necron Deathmarks. Now I can (maybe) make a punch with a larger squad of ten if desired. Their only outing so far for the first Squad was a Deep Strike mishap - something i will not miss in 8th!
I followed my own scheme from before (seen HERE) so these slot right in with the others, I really like the sombre blacks these pseudo snipers are adorned in - must be some sort of Necron-trickery xenos-tech camouflage?
I was relieved to see these still have some tricks up their 'sleeves'/pistons in 8th Edition, Hunters from Hyperspace survived so these can effectively Deep Strike, but the Ethereal Interception rule is the funky one, where these can Deep Strike (outside of 9in, but within 12in of an enemy who arrived during the game through perhaps Deep Strike themselves) and attack that enemy unit as if it was my own shooting phase. Coupled with 24in Rapid Fire, means now I can have 20x S4 Character aimed shots which on a wound roll 6+ is a Mortal Wound in addition to any other damage.
And finally a shot of the rears, 'cos you don't often get to see the other angles ;)  Cheers for dropping by, thanks, Siph. (5 pts for these Troop sized chaps)

16 Mar 2018

Abaddon the Despoiler - WIP

Hi one and All,

Slow progress on a couple of projects, the Reaver is coming along, and the plague toads are about complete also. I've also started working on a WIP conversion - Abaddon, based on the Horus model.
I've taken the key elements from the fine cast version of Abaddon and added them to the Forge World model, The moment I saw the Horus model I knew I wanted to try to do this conversion- There was always that thought that Abaddon was a clone of Horus - so why not build on that! I've changed the left hand weapon so that its the daemon sword rather than the maul - which was quite a straight forward conversion. The model then had the two skull racks added, these were cut to fit in with the curve of the wolf carcass. I've used the original head which fits in perfectly with the model.
I've tried to sculpt the chest piece, with the 4 pipes that run into a skull, these I intend to work on a little more as this was my first go and sculpting rather than filing. Also added was the chaos symbol which was cut from the fine cast model and filed to fit.
And finally the claw, I've taken the claws from the fine cast model, and swapped them with the original Horus claws- these are slightly bigger, I separated them as I wanted to curve them around the space marine head that is in his hand- as if Abaddon is about to crush it.. Next thing will be to swap the thumb claw, and have it crushing the helmet also. The model will also have the cape from the original model which is left off for painting.

I am yet to decide on the base, whether to keep this one, or to build a base of skulls etc. for him to be standing on.

Thanks for looking!

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny

14 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Plaguebearers of Nurgle - by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hi All, thanks for dropping by for a look-see. In my second installment showcasing my recent blogger buddy commission work, and aptly following on from my resin Greater Unclean One, Greater Daemon of Nurgle, here is my newest Nurgle unit, more Plaguebearers of Nurgle. My plastic GUO will have the Doomsday Bell, so nearby Plaguebearers will benefit, hence a second unit. My first unit HERE were an alternative colour so I asked Nick to paint me a classic Nurgle skin tone.
Nick did a great job on these, and matched my basing colours, added Nurgles Rot pus from the open sores and Nihilakh Oxide to weather the Plagueswords and Standard. I think Plaguebearers are my favourite looking Daemons, they really show the madness of the grimdark...
I particularly like the fly headed Plaguebearer. Thanks to Nick for another excellent addition to my ever growing Chaos Daemons army, I must post a family picture in due course! If you like what you see and want some decent above-table top standard commission work, feel free to check out The Burning Eye blog commissions page and ask Nick if he is doing more commission work.

Thanks, have a great week, Cheers, Siph.

11 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Nurgle Greater Daemon - Great Unclean One

Hello Nurglings, Papa Nurgle here, okay it's Siph... Here is my latest addition to the Chaos Daemons force that is slowly building up forces under the radar like a tumorous growth or pus filled boil... I think finishing this GUO even made me have a queasy belly one evening :)
Before you congratulate me on a Golden Daemon (Ha!) worthy paintjob, I admit, it's not all my work. I bought a resin GUO from eBay, fairly priced and less than getting it new from FW, bargain I thought - on arrival in the post it rattled... bad... on opening it was shattered in several places, all horns, tongue, sword and tentacles were shattered, not snapped - shiny glass-like fractures - I think, no, I am certain it is a Chinacast as FW resin is lighter coloured, heavier and does not shatter leaving glass-like fracture surfaces.
I challenged the seller but they say they were not aware, which might be the case so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and as it was a decent paintjob which I could patch repair and a decent price - I stopped being angry and got hobbying! So onward and upward. I rebased on to a 130mm round resin base and covered up the join with sand and PVA. I then started the week long repair process. I rebuilt the tongue a few times, so brittle and had to really roughen the surfaces to bond and used greenstuff to add a tip as that was lost in the post.
Paintwise, I toned down the shine, added a yellow wash for the fatty tissue which really bought the wounds out in technicolour, added Blood for the Blood God for the open wounds which really made them pop (pardon the Nurgle boil pun), added Nurgle's Rot for others and sores, added a Typhus Corrosion slime/filth trail and 'Ardcoated it for a wet look nearer the GUO. I repainted the tongue red and added a sickly yellow eye.
I also added a central horn where there was one missing, using some greenstuff I moulded and scored to look like bone. I then repainted all the horns to match and had darker patches to look aged and worn. Some of the fracture surfaces which could not be repaired were painted like antler. And I repainted the toenails to match.
I had to touch up the extremities where they had rubbed off the paint in the post, frustrating to say the least. The horns alone were in four pieces, the tongue and sword - hmmm... a nightmare, eight pieces in all! Still feels fragile as its an inferior resin (i think) so I am careful when handling. But the majority of the green skin didn't need attention, it was a good decent job.
I was careful not to add flock vegetation or dried grass where the GUO had passed, to show the disease and decay blighting the earth on his passage, and the foul trail of ichor slime left behind.
I repainted the sword, added the metallic tones to it using Necron Compound and Brass Scorpion and redid the strapping with Karak Stone and Agrax wash. The whole model was matt sealed before going back to gloss the wet wounds and slime and add the Blood for the Blood God and Nurgle's Rot.

There you have it, a great rescue job and a decent palette to work from. I will be ordering the new plastic GUO and the paints in accordance with Duncan's WarhammerTV tutorial and attempt my own from scratch - the plastic lacks some of the detail the FW sculpt has but I think I'll do a decent job on this ones brother...

Thanks for popping by. Cheers, Siph. (Only half points (5) for this Character effort - not all my own work)

8 Mar 2018

WIP Nurgle Plague Toads

Hi everyone,

Hot on the heels of my Custodes, I making progress with my Plague Toads. These started with a Nurgle Green base, washed with Agrax then Biel-Tann all over to create depth of colour. I then added details to the horn and mouth, eyes and teeth of each one. Each was then given a wash with Nurgle Rot, Typhus Corrosion and then blood for the blood god around the mouth.

 Happy with the progress so far..

To complete the details around the eyes and teeth need a final coat or two of paint, and then the base needs completing and dry brushing.. I am going to try and blend the mud base into the feet- these guys don't care if they get a little mud on them after all!

Cheers LH

7 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Bloodcrushers of Khorne - by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. As regular readers may know, I have a rather large to-do pile I am currently painting my way through, but I have also a hankering for a colourful army which is totally different from my grey Relictors Power Armour, or my silver and blue Necron Dynasty.  My hobby butterfly affliction means I also start a fair few armies, namely Tau, Custodians, Genestealer Cult, Ad Mech, Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle - needless to say I have plenty to keep me busy.

So, I farmed out some Daemons to blogger buddies who were branching out into Commissions to help them develop their painting styles and fledgling business. Nick Thrower at the Burning Eye has done some before for me, my Fateweaver and Screamers of Tzeentch  Rob Hill at 30Kplus40K has also painted my Daemonettes and Pink Horrors - thank-you both. Please check out their blogs and ask if they are doing Commissions if you like these.
Anyway, on to the Bloodcrushers! Love the raw brutal power look of these beasts, they look great on the newer oval bases, a lot more presence, and I love the glowing sword straight from the heat of the fires of damnation Nick has achieved, the middle Bloodletter rider really is keen to crash into the mortal ranks somewhere!
These look really great, I love the fact that Nick went the extra mile and painted from a white undercoat so the internal glow of yellows and oranges retained its brightness, I think he regretted that decision tho! Nick even based them in my usual colours and style, I just added my flock mix.
I am absolutely pleased with my latest Commission units, Nick has also been working on a unit of Plaguebearers, a Fiend of Slannesh and a unit of Seekers of Slannesh, which I'll be posting in due course. I mailed straight from GW to Nick, so he also prepped and built these all.
Here's a shot of them in their new home, in the WeeMen room at casa Siph. Great additions, really pain free and smooth transaction with Nick and he is a pleasure to do business with. Very reasonable rates too, I guess I also got a blogger buddy discount! Top bloke - check his commission page out if you require something commissioned. Cheers mate.

Thanks for having a look-see, Cheers, Siph.
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