21 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Seekers of Slannesh - by Nick at The Burning Eye

Hi All,thanks for dropping by. I am sharing pictures of another unit Nick Thrower from The Burning Eye did for me. If you don't know, I have a huge to-do pile of my own, so I commissioned Nick to paint up some Daemons for me.
These Seekers have a classic Slanneshi hue with purples and wild hair. I like the fact that Nick painted the claws on the Daemonettes with a lighter highlight than the fleshy parts. All I did was added the flock and tufts to the bases to match my own forces.
These are quite good and fast in 8th, they work best in bigger numbers, perhaps I'll have to buy some more and send them to Nick to do some more ;)
I like the choice of armour colour on the Daemonettes corsets, a really good choice and different from a classic black. Great job mate, cheers Nick.
So, another unit completed and off the to-do pile and now a considerable Chaos Daemons army grown on the sly. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Their speed is phenomenal, I was terrified of them in my game at GT3 http://www.40kaddict.uk/2018/03/warhammer-world-gt3-game-3-tyranids-v.html

    Dan was pretty worried when I killed one large squad of them but the second just romped through my lines with so many attacks. Eventually backed up by Daemonettes with their -4AP claws they became unstoppable, not to mention the obligatory Daemon Princes to add some heavyweight punch.

    Surprised they're not more popular, obviously fragile but surgically effective and super fast. Nick's done a grand job and I like them being lighter than their mounts and the green fur/hair is a nice touch too.

  2. Very impressive. I have some crab claw foot daemons in the lead pile. if I had more money I would without hesitation have them painted,


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