26 Mar 2018

Necron Dynasty - Immortals with Tesla Carbines - re-based

Hi All, my latest offering to Our Liege Duncan, ahead of the Codex dropping I tackled a few re-based Immortals armed with the shot multiplying Tesla Carbines.  The Immortals I bought, and the Warriors all came with 25mm round bases, but now the Necron range has moved across to 32mm bases as all those Warriors have their legs spread.
I will not be re-basing the Warriors, they are the lowly footsloggers, but the Immortals have been upgraded to 32mm befitting their status. Not sure if SM Scouts have been re-based either, but I will keep my Scouts on 25mm whilst re-base the Marine counterparts on to new 32mm bases - a job ongoing...
So these had a few tidy ups, a 'squad leader' had a transfer applied to his shoulder, no in game effect, but nice, and added the 32mm ring adapters by TTAdapters, smoothed the join with liquid greenstuff, applied basing material on the top and drybrushed to match and blend in, then a few spots of the flock foilage for colour and to break up any obvious ring look.

That's all folks, cheers for dropping by. Cheers, Siph. (only 1 painting point for this Squad - re-basing and tidying counts for little).


  1. Nice stuff! I'm slowly coming around to re-basing some of my models. I hate to admit it, but Marines simply look better on 32 mm bases.

  2. Uuuuummmmm.

    I'm still not sold on the idea of rebasing my spaze muhreenz.


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