23 Mar 2018

Chaos Daemons - Plague Toads Of Nurgle

Hi one and all, thanks for popping by!

I've recently completed my 3 Nurgle Plague Toads, these guys were initially painted with a base of death guard green, then had washes of Agrax then Biel-Tan, before having a rough coat of Nurgle Rot. 
The mouth and tongue were picked out with reds and pinks, with a coat of Blood for the Blood God added around the mouth. Teeth and toes were picked out with an initial base of Mournfang Brown, layered with Zandri Dust.
The eyes were painted yellow with a single black line as a 'pupil', other spot details were picked out with typhus corrosion for the lesions etc.
I'm really happy with the way these guys have turned out.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (6 painting points mate - Siph)


  1. Excellent, between us both we now have quite a large Daemons force! For once I finished a kit we bought at 'GamesDay'!... (Fellblade still languishes in the to-do pile...)


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