29 May 2022

Imperial Knights - Mechanicum Cerastus Knight Atrapos

Hello Titanseers, continuing titanic goodness whilst I work on the Lucius Warhound, I worked on their supporting Knights Banner, today the addition of a fearsome Mechanicum Cerastus Knight Atrapos. The FW website says - "The machine spirits of the Knight Atrapos are said to carry with them a cold and all-destroying hunger, and for the scion who bonds with them, madness is a constant risk. But for such storied honour, however dark the outcome, this may be a price worth paying", its visage clearly demonstrates this.
From the FW website - "One of the rarest and most potent Knights, the Knight-Atrapos is a unique variant type of the Cerastus pattern. Bearing particularly rare and potent weaponry of annihilation, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos was created solely to destroy heretek engines and xenos war machines whose very nature and existence were considered a blasphemy to the Omnissiah."
I bought this second hand from my mate Rob C in Titan Owners Club, so his pose was dynamic and looked great, it was Malinax traitor engine which I repainted loyalist Vassal Knight of Legio Astorum. I kept the chest armour the original Malinax colours in tribute to Rob.
The rearward red shoulder pauldrons show the Mechanicum loyalty. The missing groin cabling was replaced with spares from the bits box, from a Necron Nightscythe (heresy!).
I love these weird and wonderful weapons, the Lascutter will also feature on my yet to do Questoris Knight Preceptor, 'Canis Rex'.
The Atrapos is armed with the violently destructive, but potentially unstable, Graviton Singularity Cannon, I painted the weapon energy green to match my Grav Guns.
And the focussed and deadly Atrapos Lascutter, that sees duty as both a ranged and close combat weapon. I chose to use red as a weapon energy colour, not a colour I have used before and I quite like the effect.
The decals on the shoulder pauldrons were from the Legio Astorum decal sheet, now OOP, these are usually for a Warlord Titan shoulder. I weathered the decals using thin scrapes and lines of the base colour.

I am very pleased with my repaint, I enjoyed weathering the decals - something I'll take forward to my Titans. 

Cheers, Siph (20pts)

27 May 2022

Terrain and Scenery - MDF Buildings - WIP


Just a super quick update on some buildings I've been working on - both building and painting. I've added basecoats to 2 buildings I built a while ago, with the next stages are to add details and then highlight. I also need to get a new brown spray for the floors.

There are a couple of billboards I've build which I plan to have dotted around the board, maybe one will have the WeeMen logo on it!
Next building coming together. 
The plan is to build lights into the building as well to add a little more to them just being terrain. The ruins will potentially also have smoke/flame effects added.

Really like how these buildings are coming together - I've also ordered some MDF terrain roads for the table, as well as further MDF terrain to build! LH

22 May 2022

Warhammer World - Updated Exhibits - Photo Dump

Hello readers, I went to Warhammer World this weekend for some FW goodies and to look at any updates in the Exhibition Halls, my last visit in 2018 was documented in three photo dump Blog Posts so if you love dioramas and plenty of gorgeous painted minis, check out the links below:

So the last part of the Exhibition Hall has lost the Tau vs Mechanicum and Atarus Titans diorama which is a shame as its my favourite but things have to change to keep fresh. It now has Necromunda Ash Waste diorama below. The second change since my last visit is the addition of the Assault on Zybos, detailing Imperial Fist Primaris force attacking a fallen Forge World. Pics follow. I would also be remise to not mention the first Exhibit Hall Age of Sigmar change with a huge Ossiarch Bonereapers citadel, it was amazing and kept me looking all over for the story of offerings of bones which in turn were being knitted into new skeleton warriors, it was great - I totally forgot at that point to take pictures.

Anyway on to 40K, Assault on Zybos

A mighty Warbringer Nemesis Titan may have met its match with the emergence of two Chaos Reaver Titans!

The second exhibit which was new is the aforementioned Necromunda ash wastes diorama, Edgetown, pics follow:

The new Cargo 8 Hauler

The new Orlock ganger Trikes

Hope you enjoyed these new photos. Cheers, Siph.

20 May 2022

Deathwatch Space Marines - Redemptor Dreadnoughts - Done!

Hello one and all! Another Week, more additions to the Deathwatch force! This time 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts, one from the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, and a Space Wolves 'Chaplain' Dreadnought.
Both dreadnoughts are built with the normal plastic kit, with 3D printed parts added, I was keen to add to the Dreadnoughts in the Deathwatch force, but felt I wanted more character to them I've found that in these kits! Both have the options to swing the weapon option as required.
I love the Scythes of the Emperor kit- the Scythe, is, well MASSIVE! what you would expect a dreadnought to swing. I've tried to pick out the details in a way that retains the same style as the others in the force- the golds and whites have been painted in the same way as the Marines, and the power 'weapons' have had the same blue tones used to link them togther.

I see the Scythes Dreadnought as a rear gunner, a support for the main units going forward, hence the more stoic pose. 

The Space Wolves 'Chaplain' dreadnought will count as a normal dread ingame,  however I love the chaplain-esk feel to it. I had to show the model in a more dynamic way - charging forward into battle. The colours were used like all others in the force, however I did take time to pick out the gems using the technical citadel paints for jewels over a silver base.

I think the pose of the legs could have been more extreme with the run, however I think that the pose I have achieved reflects the weight of the dreadnought in a good way.

Both finished off nicely with the resin bases. 

I need to apologise for a lack of responses, my computer/antivirus seems to have locked the feature. I have read each one, thank you!

Thanks for looking! LH (10pts)

15 May 2022

Imperial Knights - Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Knight Warden

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, a break from the WIP Lucius Warhound I added some more to its accompanying Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum, Knight Warden Baron Tybalt in "Triumphal".
This is the Baron of the Knights I have so far, denoted by its white carapace stripes. This is the second in command of my Knights, led by the High King Lucius Darius riding "Adamant Wrath", my Dominus Knight Castellan.
I added the decals from the Forge World Legio Astorum decal sheet. 
The rear should pauldrons denote their loyalty with the Aquila of the Imperium
I added brass to the reactor core as usual and the main power cables green.
The right front shoulder pauldron has the personal heraldry of the Knight Scion piloting "Triumphal". It is also repeated on the knee. That's another Knight completed, 15 completed. These can be found registered at Titan Owners Club - The Emperor's Halo Knight Banner.

Cheers, Siph (20pts)
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