20 May 2022

Deathwatch Dreadnoughts - Done!

Hello one and all!

 Another Week, more additions to the Deathwatch force!

This time 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts, one from the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, and a Space Wolves 'Chaplain' Dreadnought.

Both dreadnoughts are built with the normal plastic kit, with 3D printed parts added, I was keen to add to the Dreadnoughts in the Deathwatch force, but felt I wanted more character to them I've found that in these kits! Both have the options to swing the weapon option as required.
I love the Scythes of the Emperor kit- the Scythe, is, well MASSIVE! what you would expect a dreadnought to swing. I've tried to pick out the details in a way that retains the same style as the others in the force- the golds and whites have been painted in the same way as the Marines, and the power 'weapons' have had the same blue tones used to link them togther.

I see the Scythes Dreadnought as a rear gunner, a support for the main units going forward, hence the more stoic pose. 

The Space Wolves 'Chaplain' dreadnought will count as a normal dread ingame,  however I love the chaplain-esk feel to it. I had to show the model in a more dynamic way - charging forward into battle. The colours were used like all others in the force, however I did take time to pick out the gems using the technical citadel paints for jewels over a silver base.

I think the pose of the legs could have been more extreme with the run, however I think that the pose I have achieved reflects the weight of the dreadnought in a good way.

Both finished off nicely with the resin bases. 

I need to apologise for a lack of responses, my computer/antivirus seems to have locked the feature. I have read each one, thank you!

Thanks for looking! LH (10pts)


  1. You guys must not sleep or poo, so vast is your output.

  2. Sweet! Great poses, love the customization.


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