31 Jul 2020

Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Carapace Belicosa Volcano Cannon - WIP

Hello one and all,

Just a quick WIP update with regards a project I am working on for my Warbringer - a Belicosa Carapace weapon.
I've taken the Belicosa Volcano Cannon from the Warlord Titan kit, and converted it to sit in the weapon carriage for the Warbringer Nemesis Titan. I've had a bespoke armour panel made by Goddenzilla to sit over the top portion of the gun. I've then added sensors and sights plus a nuclear alarm to the weapon.
The rear section will have cables added to merge into the power supply, and then into the plasma generators that will sit at the back of the titan.
Hopefully will have more progress next week.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

27 Jul 2020

Relictors Chapter Rogue Trader Era Librarians

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. This week's painting offerings come in the form of a couple of Rogue Trader Librarians I purchased back in 7th with the intention of making a Librarius Conclave Formation - however with the passage of 8th and now 9th, the Formations nonsense has dissipated and I'm pleased I no longer face Skyhammer Annihilation Forces!
From the job lot of Sternguard Veterans I bought, I had a spare number of resin books for the backpacks, ideal for Librarians! I love the pose of both these Rogue Trader sculpts and its good to see the design cues of Power Weapons and Aegis Hoods back in the day. I added an oversized Terminator pad to the left pauldron to give a more gladiatorial look, and bulk out the smaller figure a little.
Here you can see the near comical oversized pad, love it! The mini also got a modern power pack and a 32mm base so he can sit comfortably alongside the later sculpts.
I painted the blade with Contrast Shyish Purples and highlighted the lightning with a little Magos Flesh and Ulthuan Grey. I love his snub nose, whats like a proto-MKVII helmet.
The second Rogue Trader Librarian has a more standard MKVI Corvus 'Beakie' helmet and I painted the Force Sword with a coat of Magos Purple Contrast over a Ulthuan Grey basecoat giving an awesome mirrored blade look!
This Librarian received one of the spare Veterans Power Packs with the flaming braziers, looks cool on a character model. I painted his pauldron Relictors colors and also his right kneepad in 4th Company colours - he will lead my 4th Company Command Squad - in the background, Relictors Chapter has quite a few Librarians in their Command Structure, owning to the fact that they try to use and understand Chaos to fight Chaos - using Daemon Weapons and other such relics - the reasons they were until the Indomitus Crusade deemed Excommunicate Traitorous. Well that's my take on their fluff. (You can read the Fluff HERE).
I love the effect the Contrast had on the blade, akin to wet blending but achieved in seconds. The bone and parchment has also been given a coat of Skeleton Horde Contrast too.
There you have it, two old school fine additions to the Relictors Battle Companies, and addressing the lack of Librarians I have, now 5 plus Tigurius. I have a Bike Librarian, and another Power Armour and Terminator Armour Librarian to complete their Conclave - before I start adding Primaris Brother Librarians...

Cheers all, thanks for reading this far. Siph (20pts)

24 Jul 2020

Deathwatch - Intercessors - WIP

Hello one and all!

A quick WIP post for 5 further Primaris Intercessors for my growing Deathwatch force. These are from a range of Space Marine Chapters, including the Salamanders, so I've had the opportunity to work on my different skin tones, and a Black Shield.
These have had the same scheme as the other Primaris Marines, just with the different should pad Chapter colours. Details are left to pick out.

The Black Shield, the first 'lost Primaris' is a part of the Deathwatch lore I love. What is the background to the marine, which Chapter, what happened? etc. The background of course is unknown and will forever be a mystery...
...However there are some clues, the golden Bolt Rifle, could this be a fabled weapon 'Primarch's Wrath' gifted to the Primaris during the Indomitus Crusade? Could he perhaps be one of the first 'first born' marines to undergo the process to cross the Primaris Rubicon, and regret it? Maybe a Primaris Captain who sent 'first born' marines into the battle ahead of the Primaris marines to take the initial hit from the enemy? The stories are endless...
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

20 Jul 2020

Legio Astorum - Warhound Titan - Lupus Regent Walks for Astorum!

Hello Titan fans and readers all, I have completed my 5th Titan, Warhound "Lupus Regent" of Legio Astorum Walks! And a fine hunting Scout Titan she is too.
Those seeing my previous posts will have seen this was a transferred Engine from Legio Sargasso to Legio Astorum. I did a lot of work to the paintjob, but the rather excellent pose was all Princeps Damiem. I just added a base to give more stability and tie both legs together to form a strong triangle of support.
I re-did the Plasma Coils to match those of my first Warhound "Canis Bellum", with pulses rather than a full glow, the blues used are the same as my Warlord Sunfury Plasma tutorial (HERE). The banner (by Drake Seta) was the same as the other hounds, I just painted over the name tally and added that with Micron Pen.
The head was based on the same fade from orange to yellow as the other hounds, however brushwork rather than super smooth airbrush (by Richard Gray) and I am rather pleased with the look. The bronze of the Plasma Blastgun was aged using Nihilakh Oxide Technical Paint.
The Shin Armour was swapped over between legs as my 'Hounds have an Aquila on the left leg. The Legio Sargasso icons were removed on the right Armour and the Carapace received its Legio Astorum markings. I also added rubber cables from the rear of the armaments to the carapace, rubber skipping rope was used and it is the same thickness as FW resin cables, but much more flexible! They are glued and pinned into the weapons but just slot into the carapace hose housings so they can be swapped out.
I added heat staining to the Turbolaser Destructor barrels and lightened the centre of the barrels akin to the other 'Hounds. I also re-did the trim throughout to match Warlord Dominus Victoria and attached the caps on top of the shoulders with magnets to securely hide the nut and bolt assembly.
The base was made using 5mm MDF, and sand and PVA applied with a few slate chips. The wrecked Spartan track unit was repainted Iron Warriors with chevrons and weathered and aged. The reverse of the banner shows the Titan Owners Club sigil.
I added some small details like camera lenses in the groin (for seeing enemies around its feet) and some indicator lights/lenses on the rear of the hips and carapace. All the pistons were painted Stormhost Silver and weathered using Chesnut Ink where the grime would collect. I also added black soot marks on the vent screens.
The swapped shin armour had the Titan's name written on it, and you can also see the Engine Certificate number on the rear Carapace, Engine 4189.
The white diagonal stripes were on the original paintwork, nicely done and kept as all my Maniple have white striped sections, this is a continuation of this, and looks quite fetching I think!
The Princeps in his Command Throne with the Moderati up front. I picked out the details in the Command Deck and lavished gold where the Princeps would be, so you know who is in charge. I also gave the Moderati Astorum Blue coveralls and gold Moderati rank badges.
The Void Projectors were to match those on my Warlord, with Soulstone Blue glow. These were missing from the kit however with some clever use of bits for my forthcoming Reaver, I managed to use two from that kit to replace them.
Here you can see the Iron Warriors being bought to heel, quite literally... I edged the toes with some Hawk Turquoise.
And a nice shot of the Scout Maniple, from left to right - Canis Bellum, Lupus Regent and Canis Praetor.
And the banner under which I field them, part of The Emperor's Halo Titan Battlegroup of the Legio Astorum. Ave Imperator, give thanks to the Omnissiah for this blessed gift of a mighty War Engine!

Cheers, Siph. (25pts - half points as construction and basecoat/white stripe was already laid)

17 Jul 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris 'Lieutenants' Characters

Hello one and all!

Further additions to my growing Deathwatch force, this time in the form of several Primaris Lieutenants.
I really liked the look of the Dark Angels Zakariah, and Blood Angels Tolmeron models, and really wanted to add these into the Primaris force to add a chapter character feel to the force. After getting these, the Space Wolves lieutenant was released,  and again I saw the potential to add  him as well!
All have had the shoulder pauldrons swapped to have the Deathwatch left pad, and a chapter symbol on the right. Zakariah has had a weapon swap, using the pointed finger from the Primaris sprue, with the over the shoulder Bolt Rifle added to complete the look.

These have been painted up in the same style as the other Primaris in the force.
I have also kit bashed the 2 Lieutenants that come with the Dark Imperium box set, both are now armed with Plasma Incinerators as I had loads spare, and wanted to try something different! Pretty happy with how these guys are shaping up, I am toying with getting a epic scale captain to add to the wrist communication system on the second Lieutenant to appear as a hologram projection.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny  (30pts)

13 Jul 2020

Legio Astorum - Warhound Titan "Lupus Regent" WIP #2

Hello Titanseers and other readers, thanks for dropping by again. The transformation progress of Lupus Regent continues, her main Carapace and Body is now complete, trim re-done, FW Legio Astorum decals applied and just awaiting some Void Shield Projectors.
I like to base my Titans for stability and the base provides a third arm of a triangle making the Titan strong and stable and less prone to splayed legs over time. The base is made from MDF, sand is glued using PVA and sealed with watered down PVA, I've scored and masked off where the titan is glued to the base.
The underside of the base was hollowed out using a Forstner Bit and screws and a washer applied to 'pin' the Titan to the base to make extra sure the 2-part Epoxy Resin never fails! It's awesome stuff but designed for plastic to plastic but works equally well on MDF.
The solution to the arms so I can remove and swap weapons is using screwthread nut/bolt hidden by the top caps, however room for a washer prevents the resin splitting and provides a surface the top plates can be magnetised too, just needs a spacer for the nut thickness - easily achieved using the spacers given when I purchased some magnets for the Reaver.
These appear as part of the Titan when put in place and painted so I am very happy with that!
I also painted the Plasma Coils to match the first Warhound "Canis Bellum" painted by Richard Gray. I have subsequently repainted the trim to a brighter gold, as see above. It is also mounted on the left arm rather than Canis Bellum's right, just to add variety.

Next week I should have her completed and ready for showcase and re-registration at Titan Owners Club as a proud Titan of Legio Astorum! Again, thanks to Damien for the canvas to work from and make it my own.

Cheers all, Siph.

10 Jul 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought of the Relictors

Hello one and all! Thanks for swinging by!

Up next, to the growing Deathwatch force is a Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought, with the Primaris hailing from the Relictors Chapter. (I love painting near dead Relictors...)
The Dreadnought has been armed with a Macro Plasma Incinerator and Heavy Flamer in the close combat arm. The Dreadnought was painted like the other Deathwatch, with a metallic black base, and highlights up to Thunderhawk Blue. The weapons are painted with a red base, Agrax wash with a orange final highlight.
I've added the same symbol as Siph uses on his Relictors, to link the dreadnought to Siph's force. I have also added the phrase 'Death' to the scroll on the front of the dreadnought sarcophagus armour, with 'Mortis' and a nod to 'Siph' on the scrolls on the sarcophagus itself.
Thanks for looking! Lord Halfpenny (5pts)

EDIT - picture of the Relictors symbol.. should have checked the images! 
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