20 Jul 2020

Legio Astorum - Warhound Titan - Lupus Regent Walks for Astorum!

Hello Titan fans and readers all, I have completed my 5th Titan, Warhound "Lupus Regent" of Legio Astorum Walks! And a fine hunting Scout Titan she is too.
Those seeing my previous posts will have seen this was a transferred Engine from Legio Sargasso to Legio Astorum. I did a lot of work to the paintjob, but the rather excellent pose was all Princeps Damiem. I just added a base to give more stability and tie both legs together to form a strong triangle of support.
I re-did the Plasma Coils to match those of my first Warhound "Canis Bellum", with pulses rather than a full glow, the blues used are the same as my Warlord Sunfury Plasma tutorial (HERE). The banner (by Drake Seta) was the same as the other hounds, I just painted over the name tally and added that with Micron Pen.
The head was based on the same fade from orange to yellow as the other hounds, however brushwork rather than super smooth airbrush (by Richard Gray) and I am rather pleased with the look. The bronze of the Plasma Blastgun was aged using Nihilakh Oxide Technical Paint.
The Shin Armour was swapped over between legs as my 'Hounds have an Aquila on the left leg. The Legio Sargasso icons were removed on the right Armour and the Carapace received its Legio Astorum markings. I also added rubber cables from the rear of the armaments to the carapace, rubber skipping rope was used and it is the same thickness as FW resin cables, but much more flexible! They are glued and pinned into the weapons but just slot into the carapace hose housings so they can be swapped out.
I added heat staining to the Turbolaser Destructor barrels and lightened the centre of the barrels akin to the other 'Hounds. I also re-did the trim throughout to match Warlord Dominus Victoria and attached the caps on top of the shoulders with magnets to securely hide the nut and bolt assembly.
The base was made using 5mm MDF, and sand and PVA applied with a few slate chips. The wrecked Spartan track unit was repainted Iron Warriors with chevrons and weathered and aged. The reverse of the banner shows the Titan Owners Club sigil.
I added some small details like camera lenses in the groin (for seeing enemies around its feet) and some indicator lights/lenses on the rear of the hips and carapace. All the pistons were painted Stormhost Silver and weathered using Chesnut Ink where the grime would collect. I also added black soot marks on the vent screens.
The swapped shin armour had the Titan's name written on it, and you can also see the Engine Certificate number on the rear Carapace, Engine 4189.
The white diagonal stripes were on the original paintwork, nicely done and kept as all my Maniple have white striped sections, this is a continuation of this, and looks quite fetching I think!
The Princeps in his Command Throne with the Moderati up front. I picked out the details in the Command Deck and lavished gold where the Princeps would be, so you know who is in charge. I also gave the Moderati Astorum Blue coveralls and gold Moderati rank badges.
The Void Projectors were to match those on my Warlord, with Soulstone Blue glow. These were missing from the kit however with some clever use of bits for my forthcoming Reaver, I managed to use two from that kit to replace them.
Here you can see the Iron Warriors being bought to heel, quite literally... I edged the toes with some Hawk Turquoise.
And a nice shot of the Scout Maniple, from left to right - Canis Bellum, Lupus Regent and Canis Praetor.
And the banner under which I field them, part of The Emperor's Halo Titan Battlegroup of the Legio Astorum. Ave Imperator, give thanks to the Omnissiah for this blessed gift of a mighty War Engine!

Cheers, Siph. (25pts - half points as construction and basecoat/white stripe was already laid)


  1. Its looking smooth, the paint jobs so clean and I like the pose.

  2. Oh she looks beautiful and that dynamic pose is great. You've got more Titans than most people have Knights now. Well done, sir!

  3. Sweet Engine and a fine addition to the Scout maniple. Well done!!

  4. That came out really well and will look excellent in any collection. Always loved Warhounds and great posing.

  5. My horns are blaring in salute !

  6. @DaTechMek, cheers mate, but pose was all previous owner.
    @Monkeychuka, yep,,, five done, one WIP, two in to-do pile...
    @DAM, cheers mate
    @Rory, thank you
    @Zzzzzz, fellow Astorum Princeps thanks
    @Goddenzilla, fellow Princeps, thank you too!


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