31 May 2009

AOBR Relictor Marines

Just a quick update of what I'm up to at the moment. I've finally got round to adding my AOBR Marines to the Relictor force. I'm away from home at the mo, so I took my paints and tools with me to work and in my spare time have been doing a little painting. This is the first and second WIP.

These will be added to the Powerfist Sergeant converted from the AOBR Sergeant, posted here . PornstarJedi and I should be able to get another Ultramarine/Relictor bash at some point soon so we'll post about that too.

Speak soon. Siph

25 May 2009

Ultramarines Vs Relictors 1200pt Battle Report

Again, the mighty Ultramarines clashed bolter and sword against the heretical Relictors. Both Space Marine forces were given the task to secure the once thriving capitol city of Zevas IV.

Two 1200pt armies would battle over the ruins looking to take and hold 4 key objectives. There was one in each corner, just within deployment zones. The Ultramarines were first to deploy, a five man scout sqd, and a five strong Terminator assault sqd were positioned in the middle of the UM's deployment zone. A Whirlwind, and a 5 man Assault sqd with a jump pack/relic blade equipped Captain were positioned to the left side. The Relictors deployed within the ruins in the centre, taking both objectives. The Thunderfire Cannon was positioned in the middle of the R's deployment zone. A Razorback sat on right flank. An Assault sqd and Chaplain deployed slightly to the left. In reserves the UM had 3 drop pods, 2 containing 10 man tactical sqds, and 1 with a dreadnought. The R's had a 5 man Terminator assault sqd, and a drop pod of 7 Sternguards. Let battle commence!!
Turn 1... Ultramarines first turn started with crash and a bang as 2 drop pods smashed down into the Relictors deployment, using the drop pod assault rules. A dreadnought and 2, 5 man combat tactical sqds charged out ready to take it to the Relictors!! Both the Scouts and the Terminators moved forward to take the objective. The Whirlwind took a shot at the Relictor marines in the ruins, wounding two, but only killing one. The shooting of the tactical combat sqd and the dreadnought was very poor, scoring hits, but no casualties.

The Relictors turn had little in the way of movement, just lots of shooting. The Razorback aimed at the Whirlwind however the dice gods weren't with Siph, as the twin-linked shots missed (a common theme for Siph during the game!) The tactical sqds took aim at the newly arrived dreadnought and UMs, taking only one marine down. The Thunderfire aimed at the sqd of Scouts and blasted 4 of them to dirt (Str 6 Heavy 4, 5 scouts under template, 20 hits!). The Scout sergeant survived.

Turn 2... The drop pod UM Tac Sqd and Dred open fire at the nearest Rel Tac Sqd and Razorback destroying the tank and slaying 2 marines. The Whirlwind takes aim at the thunderfire, with a direct hit! a four is rolled for armour penetration thus only a glancing hit (I wished I had consulted the rules properly- a glancing hit on artillery unit destroys it outright!) a 6 is rolled on the vehicle damage chart, which is reduced to an immobilised result, the return fire from the Relictor lines and support from the Thunderfire sees the UM combat sqd being annihilated.
Turn 3, The third drop pod arrives for the UM, the two combat sqds run towards two objectives, Terminators and the assault marines move steadily forward. The Dreadnought charges into the ruins taking on the tactical squad in close combat. Two marines are bested and the Relictor unit retreats (an inch from the table edge... if only!) but only after immobilising the Dred with a well placed combat blade! (Siph forgot SM had Krak grenades). The Relictors fought back with a drop pod of their own, seven veterans jumped out and rapid fire Vengeance Rounds blast the closest tactical combat sqd to pieces (got to love AP3 rounds). The Thunderfire fireed into the UM Assault Termies and kills one of them. The Relictor Chaplain and Assault sqd follow this up and leap into combat with the UM Assault Termies taking 2 more Termies down and the UM veterans flee from combat - unbelievably the Relictor Assault troops fail to catch them so consolidate toward the UM objective held by the lone Scout sergeant.

Turn 4, Seeing the balance sing massively towards the Relictors, the UM Captain separated from the assault squad and charged towards the 4 man tactical combat sqd holding the objective. In a bold, almost suicidal move, the remaining five UM assault marines charged headlong into the Sternguard. The Sternguard veterans hit back (with their statline 2 attacks) and annihilated the CC troops! Both objectives in the UM deployment zone are taken by the Scout sergeant and the combat tactical sqd from the third drop pod. In the Relictor turn, the other combat sqd near the Relictor objective charge the UM Captain, the Assault Termies finally make it on to the board and charge straight into combat with the immobilised UM Dred smashing it asunder under the 5 Thunder Hammers and the nearby survivors of the rallied Relictor combat squad claim the objective! Elsewhere, the Assault Marines and Chaplain hack the UM Scout Sergeant to pieces and contest the objective from the UM leaving it one objective a piece. If the Tac Sqd engaged with the Capt hack him down they will claim the game - 9 hits, 9 saves, 2 die and combat continues for another turn.

The Games finishes, as the dust settles, 1 objective each! another draw...

Jedi's training points- Thunderfires can be lethal, however the beast should of been destroyed after the Turn 2 Whirlwind salvo. Drop pod assaults are a great way to start a battle, two drop pods crashing down and troops charging forward from the start, however these units are vunerable to getting destroyed in the oppositions next turn. My biggest mistake however is with lightning claws, For charging I should have 4 attacks, with a re-roll for failed hits to wound.. not 2 rolls!!

Siph's training points - Plasma Pistols (and all Pistols) are effectively Assault 1 up to 12" so sergeants can move, shoot and then assault. Sternguard can disembark (move) from a drop pod and rapid fire their bolters up to 12" but can't assault on the turn they disembark. Most importantly - reserve rolls are carried out for each unit in reserve, not one roll for everything - could of got those assault Termies on a lot sooner! The Chaplain should have separated from the assault sqd and assaulted the remaining UM combat sqd holding their objective, thereby contesting it in turn 4.

Jedi's unit was my captain, a suicidal charge into a full tactical squad, with a thunderfire cannon in waiting turned the tide, in contesting an objective.- I suppose thats why he is the captain!

Siph's unit of the match goes to the Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine. 4 Scouts, a whole Tac combat sqd and a Termie casualty, not bad shooting for 100pts.

22 May 2009

Relictors Predator Destructor

Here is my Predator Destructor now finished. This was one of the tanks part painted by paintedfigs.com along with the previously posted Vindicators. Since arrival he has been waiting patiently in the painting queue - but now I've finally thought I should get something larger painted (but only half painting points) so I took out the bits I'd put aside for this and got going.
I've added a Chaos skull chain like all my other vehicles have to continue the Relictor theme, added Aquila, Skull (from WFB shield), Chaos Auto Launchers (smoke), and a Hunter Killer Missile upgrade for some decent Anti Armour beside the Autocannon. I've also painted every rivet, window and sensor lens and weathered the bottom part of the hull to match my other tanks and the Autocannon barrel. Particularly pleased with the blue lens on the turret.
Lastly I added the Transfers and a Scroll to match earlier tanks. This one has a random name 'Vitruvius' taken from the Dark Angel Name Generator (I think found at Bolter & Chainsword?)
I had a varnish frost nightmare when spraying the turret but was immediately fixed by a quick layer of 'Ardcoat to de-mist and then a careful tentative Matt Purity Seal re-spray when dry. You really have to shake the can vigorously - and then shake some more to avoid this hell!
As always, bigger pics in the 'Finished Relictors' gallery >>>>>

18 May 2009

Relictor Sternguard Veteran #3

Here is another of my homegrown Sternguard Veterans. I've used a Dark Angel Veteran body with cloak but filed off the chest icon of a Dark Angel sword and added a tiny skull in its place. The converted bolter was made using my conversion method posted here. The helmet is a FW Red Scorpions Sergeant helmet and the back pack is a Cypher backpack like my other Sternguard.

I've used a Terminator Honours shoulder pad and another pad from a Chaos Marine sprue (in keeping with the dubious Relictor practices of dabbling with Chaos artifacts). The cloak was painted using Dheneb Stone foundation paint and a few washes of Delvan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia, with some Graveyard Earth on the recesses too. The shoulder pad rims and bolter casing and helmet are all Bleached Bone.

Seven Sternguard Veterans left... and a Rhino (or Drop Pod following my success at PornStarJedi's house).

9 May 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks PDF Squad

Here is my latest edition to my Imperial Guard (side) project. Now I've finialised the scheme, I will paint many more guard I'm sure. This is the completed ten man squad, I've yet to purchase a new codex so will no doubt add a heavy weapons team in the future etc. but for now this is them.
The main fabric was painted scorched brown/graveyard earth/kommando khaki and the armour scorched brown/scab red. All these guardsmen have their bayonets fixed so the scabbards are all empty ones. For some colour I added the Orkhide Shade green water bottles.

I have purchased some FW Cadian Upgrades so the next squad will have respirators and packs like the guardsman below, again - for some variation the bedmat roll is Mordian Blue. This was a spare back pack as one of the future squad will have a vox on his back. I thought it could visually tie in the next squad with this one. The respirators will tie them in with the DKK these will be fighting alongside. The Sergeant has identification stripes on his helmet rear and a command skull motif on the armour (some might say a juicy target when going over the top ahead of his squad!). The skull atop the aerial on the vox set is from the space marine biker frame.
Comments welcome, bigger pictures available in the 'Finished Relictors' album>>>>

5 May 2009

Relictors Thunderfire Techmarine

Here he is finally finished, I must say what a pain this guy was - not to construct, that is self explanatory, but to paint - he is made of a billion pieces! It just went on and on. The Thunderfire Cannon was a piece of cake compared, but all said and done - I love this miniature, his pose is spot on and the actual sculpt is awesome.
His Servo Harness may need pinning in the future as I can see some rough handling or gaming in the future may see those arms being pulled off. I've enjoyed doing a different colour for once, this nice AdMech red was simply Scab Red over a White undercoat, with Blood Red and Blazing Orange highlights. The plasma coils were Mordian Blue, Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue and Skull White blend. I kept the cabling between his legs simple to avoid over complicating the colour scheme on what is a very 'busy' model.
The main parts of the Servo Arms are drybrushed BoltGun Metal however I have used Brazen Brass, Shining Gold, Mithril Silver and Tin Bitz to add variety on gears or pistons or joints. The left shoulder pad is the Relictors Chapter Badge and as such I have left the rim Grey, rather than Black like the rest of my 5th Company and the AdMech shoulder pad has a grey rim also to tie it in, it also helps link the grey arms to the rest of the red torso. I wanted some grey on him, but he loosely follows the Index Astartes colour scheme for Techmarines.

I've also varied the shells - they have a Brazen Brass washed in Devlan Mud cartridge like the Vindicator shells, but the 4 in the Servo Arm are red tipped and the single one in the left Servo Arm is Black/White tipped... Airburst, Surface or Subterranean...

And the final shot is him and his trusty Cannon. I hope you like. (2 Painting Points btw) Bigger pics in the 'Finished Relictors' gallery>>>>>>

1 May 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks Planetary Defence Force

What do you think of my forthcoming (side) project IG paint scheme? I love the Cadian Shock Troop models soo much I want some to accompany my FW Death Korps of Kreig, besides they are a lot cheaper too and ever since RT days, this is how I envisaged the Guard looking. I have an Emperor's Fist Tank Company already made, ready for some painting in the distant future. These guys (only a few squads to start!) will accompany the already done Vraks Hellhound posted earlier, so it was rather fitting I thought to post the flamer trooper first, I'll get a group shot of the first 10 when finished, then it's back to Relictor grey.
They are basically following the GW online Cadian colour scheme but with Scortched Brown basecoat under Scab Red instead of Dark Angel Green/Catachan Green. Uniform cloth, face and details all as GW describes in its 'Painting Your Imperial Guard' step by step tutorial. Flesh is just Tanned Flesh over Dark Flesh, simple scheme to keep the speed up - guardsmen don't come in small groups! I've used the Vox head for this flamer as the fumes/whoosh of the flamer mean he needs a respirator/vox type mouth piece.

Still progressing (albeit very slowly) with the Techmarine for the Thunderfire previously posted. Stick to one project at a time Siph...
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