31 May 2009

AOBR Relictor Marines

Just a quick update of what I'm up to at the moment. I've finally got round to adding my AOBR Marines to the Relictor force. I'm away from home at the mo, so I took my paints and tools with me to work and in my spare time have been doing a little painting. This is the first and second WIP.

These will be added to the Powerfist Sergeant converted from the AOBR Sergeant, posted here . PornstarJedi and I should be able to get another Ultramarine/Relictor bash at some point soon so we'll post about that too.

Speak soon. Siph


  1. I love the Relictor scheme! Great work!

    I love to see a side view to get a view on the Shoulderpads!

  2. Cawshis, it's just the skull transfer from the SM transfer sheet, not the 'side view' skull. It was easy to start army that way and i'm not stopping now! Ha Ha


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