1 May 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks Planetary Defence Force

What do you think of my forthcoming (side) project IG paint scheme? I love the Cadian Shock Troop models soo much I want some to accompany my FW Death Korps of Kreig, besides they are a lot cheaper too and ever since RT days, this is how I envisaged the Guard looking. I have an Emperor's Fist Tank Company already made, ready for some painting in the distant future. These guys (only a few squads to start!) will accompany the already done Vraks Hellhound posted earlier, so it was rather fitting I thought to post the flamer trooper first, I'll get a group shot of the first 10 when finished, then it's back to Relictor grey.
They are basically following the GW online Cadian colour scheme but with Scortched Brown basecoat under Scab Red instead of Dark Angel Green/Catachan Green. Uniform cloth, face and details all as GW describes in its 'Painting Your Imperial Guard' step by step tutorial. Flesh is just Tanned Flesh over Dark Flesh, simple scheme to keep the speed up - guardsmen don't come in small groups! I've used the Vox head for this flamer as the fumes/whoosh of the flamer mean he needs a respirator/vox type mouth piece.

Still progressing (albeit very slowly) with the Techmarine for the Thunderfire previously posted. Stick to one project at a time Siph...


  1. He looks great - nice and earthy. Me likey.

    How big a bunch of cadians do you intend to do?

  2. I like the way the red works with the cloth color. Very nice.

  3. Very nice, I love the color scheme. I'm a sucker for red.

  4. I would never paint red Cadians as I just "need" them to be green. Some sick compulsion.

    That being said... If I were to deviate from that sickness, your red scheme there looks outstanding.

  5. Nice colour scheme bro. Will look dashing next to your Relictors. Thumbs Up!

  6. Sweet! That's a surprisingly striking paint scheme too...


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