30 Mar 2012


Hot of the press from Forgeworld... the stormeagle has landed!!!

24 Mar 2012

New Citadel '145' paints- review

This morning I spent some time in my local GW, testing the new Citadel paints- painting an Ultramarine to compare with my marines using the old paints.

First thoughts- very positive, the paints are now produced in the UK- thus the paints are slightly different in colour to the previous colours. however the colours are extremely close to the 'originals'

There are 6 types of paints- Base, Layer, Shade, Glaze, Dry and Texture- all work well and I'm very impressed with the results. These paints should work with the citadel spray gun, however the Dry, and Texture are extremely thick- in fact you can hold the pot upside-down with no spillage!

Currently GW have some 'top trump' style cards that show which old paint, the new represents- eg- Macragge Blue Base is Ultramarine blue etc.

It was good to hear that some of the old favourites- Brazen Bronze and Tentacle Pink have made a reappearance to!

Painting- On testing the paint I found it really easy to use, and didn't have to water the paint down, the Base goes onto a black undercoat nicely. The Layer and Dry paints are manageable and produce good results. The Glaze and Shade are far advanced in comparison to earlier washes, with the colour taking really well.


Here is an example of the marine I painted whilst in the shop this morning- not the greatest painted, but you can see the Macragge Blue is almost identical to Ultramarine blue.

Closing- I've very impressed with the paints, at first I was slightly nervous as the thought of having 'two different blue tones' in my army. ( I'd even for a brief moment considered a new SM army!) however after trialling the new paints at GW Poole, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with the results- after all its the paint that makes the painter!!

23 Mar 2012

Reaver Titan WIP


A quick Reaver Titan WIP post- 2011 wasn't the Reaver year I thought it was going to be- my plan was to have completed the project- however a change of job, and army- and also the fact that tackling the Reaver is slightly scary- thus the project never really tuck off as expected.

The current status is that I have completed the model aspect of the base- the Rhino on the battlescape has been completely remodelled to include a rhino interior. Including a couple of dead marines. My plan is to pin the feet into position, and build the legs prior to painting the base. My plan is to get this initial stage done over the next few weeks....  

21 Mar 2012

More thoughts towards BW3

 As blog Wars 3 nears, the decision over which army has to be made, either Ultramarines, or Daemons. My choice is best on which army should deliver fun to both me and my opposition- and I feel with the unpredictable nature of Daemons should offer that.

So- the big question is which God to choose..

I've decided against using the FateCrusher technique- game terms its a winner, however I feel that fluff wise it wouldn't feel right, and that as seen on other blogs, the FateCrusher is a very Uber unit indeed-

I'm leaning towards a Mono-God list, Nurgle would be a good shout, with Gu'Karth and Epidemius (who's name sake(ish) can be found in males- 10 points to the blogger with the first correct answer) backed with plaguebearers and Nurgle daemon princes...

However I'm not following this force either...

For Blog Wars 3- there will be BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!
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