27 Sept 2013

Iron Warriors - (kitbashed) Chaos Spawn

So here are a couple of conversions I built a few months ago but never got round to painting – well, now they’re done!
You might remember that I kitbashed an IW-themed DaemonPrince a while ago – not to use in any of my lists, but in case I got lucky on the Chaos Boon table. I then realised that I hadn’t got any Chaos Spawn if I managed to roll at the other end of the table…
Rather than forking out £20-something for a couple of GW Spawns which would probably not see the light of day (and not look very IW-like), instead I decided to kit-bash my own out of spares.
As you know, I’m not going for “chaosy” IWs and also wanted to reflect that with any Daemons associated with the army. I immediately thought of the Technovirus (which according to some fluff originated from Nurgle) and The Thing (got to love the effects of the mutations).

The first Spawn is an old CSM from my bits box that I hacksawed in half. I then patched up the sawn edges with greenstuff and added some fleshy texture and connected the two halves with guitar wire (bottom E I believe…) for mechanical guts/tendrils.
I wanted both Spawn to appear as if they had recently ‘changed’ so painted all the armour as I would any other IW trooper. Tamiya X-27 (with a touch of brown) was used for the blood (we might see more of that later in an idea I have for another unit….).
The second spawn was relatively simple to bash together – although it took quite a bit of greenstuff to get the limbs to meet in that position… The head is a 3rd party bit from Puppetswar.eu.
I didn’t think these guys would ever get used, but the first time I took them out a lowly CSM Champion ascended/descended to spawnhood after hacking apart one of LordH’s Termi Sergeants in a challenge…and then went on to finish the Termi squad and trash a Razorback…so maybe the dark fates are watching minis after all…?

25 Sept 2013

Iron Warriors - Vindicator

Hi guys – sorry for the sporadic posts of late…geek’age is still happening up North…just at a slower rate of late.
Anyhow, here is a little toy I’ve had finished for a month or two but not had chance to take pics of yet – my first Iron Warrior Vindicator.

I picked the tank up of eBay randomly for an absolute steal of £10.50 – and it came with FW IW doors and some light chain-work conversions which I quite liked so kept.  I simply knocked together a quick combi-bolter to reduce the likelihood of those annoying weapon destroyed results.

It was painted up in my typical IW style and then treated to a lifetime of battering and weathering.

Only had one game with it so far – where it helped destroy Lord H’s Contemptor and made his Centurions very nervous indeed (S10 AP1 will insta gib the entire unit with no saves allowed…) – so pretty happy with the results so far!

23 Sept 2013

Welcome Home Siph! - Ooh Pressies!

Well, I'm finally back from sea and decided to treat myself to some new purchases, darn it GW... my plastic crack habit bites the wallet again and my Necrons will play second fiddle again to the newest miniatures on the block...

I bought myself a Stalker/Hunter, some Centurions and a Tactical Squad - for the new Grav Weapons and one or two new poses. How I'm gonna justify a 11th squad of Battle Brothers I don't know! ;)  And waiting for me was the gamers edition of Apoc with the massive Vortex Grenande carry case! Anyone else missing the Formation Cards... I got the amended Daemon ones in the post but don't yet have the originals they replace?

I'm glad 6thDegree and Lord H have been keeping me upto date with their respective projects whilst i've been away and now the Weeman trophy resides up North for a while... Well, hello avid readers, I'm back for a few weeks so hope to get some weemen painted and posted before I disappear back to sea to go hunt for pirates... and sunken ships, I kid you not!

20 Sept 2013

WIP- Centurions

Hi all,

A really quick post about my current WIP- Devastator Centurions.

These 6 are all armed with the Grav-Cannons, which following a recent battle with the6thdegree are simply amazing- thus I had to arm these guys all with them. 3 of them also have missile pods, whilst the other 3 have hurricane bolters.

Having played with the overall appearance, I've opted to break away from GW, and have the arms so that they don't match- each pair has corresponding icons etc- however I think they look more dynamic with changing the arms- for some reason the 'pairs' don't really go together..

I've also opted to use Grey Knight Paladin helmets- I'm really not a fan of the centurions head, thus I had a root through my bit box and found the Grey Knight helms, and weirdly I think they suit the models- they look different, and also more 'armoured'

I'm planning on adding addition icons/seals to these following their successful destruction of Abbadon and his terminator bodyguard in my last battle..

Thanks for looking!

Further images of the Grey Knight helmets- I'll upload better images at a later date as I progress with these:

17 Sept 2013

Battle Report- Ultramarines Vs Iron Warriors- picture heavy

Hi all,

This past weekend saw the Ultramarines of Lord Halfpenny, clash with the Iron Warriors of the6thdegree. This was a battle of the ages- literary, this was the first 1 on 1 we've had since we were teenagers (only a few years then?- LH) The Battle was 2500 points, over my battle board- the battle also saw the use of the new Space Marine codex, along with a few 'additions' (Sorry they are the 'grey marines- didn't have time to paint them.. LH)

The battle lines were set, the Ultramarines, lead by Marneus Calgar including new additions in the form of centurions and a hunter tank, taking on Abbadon and his chaos horde. the6thdegree used his force from BW, with some additional units to make the points up.

  • single objective in the centre of the board
  • Kill points
  • Line Breaker / First Blood / Slay the Warlord 
Iron Warriors Deployment
  • Iron Warriors deploy first, utilising the agis defence line to fortify their position
  • oblitorators take up firing positions in the ruins
  • Hellbrutes and Forgefiend take up aggressive positioning to either go for the flank or centre of the board
  • Helldrake in reserve
 Ultramarine Deployment
  • Hunter deployed behind ruins
  • Calgar and Assault Terminators in Land Raider Redeemer- positioned to go for the centre of the board
  • Centurions deployed to have good coverage of the board, with a view to move them towards the objective with support from tactical squad

Turn 1
Iron Warriors
  • Obilitorators target the contemptor, taking a hull point
  • Forgefiend kills 3 marines
  • Vindicator finishes off the contemptor in a fiery blast
  • Sternguard arrive via drop pod assault
  • Centurions open fire, causing 24! wounds killing 5 terminators and Abbadon with Grav fire
  • Sternguard combat squads open fire at both the forgefiend and Vindicator- damaged saved with daemonic saves
  • Razorback destroys a weapon of the forgefiend
Turn 2
Iron Warriors
  • Helldrake arrives, killing 3 space marines via shooting and wounding a centurion via vector strike
  • the havoc launcher on a rhino wounds another centurion
  • Hellbrude (dakka) shot the Land Raider- destroying Calgar's transport- a terminator is killed in the wreckage
  • Obilitarators destroy the razorback with lascannon fire
  • Several sternguard are killed with CSM fire
  • Centurions destroy the helldrakes weapon with grav fire
  • Terminiators charge into the rhino- destroying it in combat
  • Marneus Calgar destroys the forgefiend in combat- however he is left open to incoming fire
Turn 3
Iron Warriors
  • havoc launcher causes further wounds on the centurions- killing one, and wounds another
  • Calgar is first wounded by the IW marines encircling him, then killed via obliterator plasma fire
  • remaining Sternguard are killed in combat
  • centurions reduced to 3 in number with weight of sustained fire
  • Stormtalon arrives, killing several CSM with assault cannons
  • Centurions kill another CSM with Grav fire
  • Terminators kill 4 CSM in close combat
Turn 4
Iron Warriors
  • Hellbrute charges Centurions killing 1- centurions fall back and are destroyed
  • CSM vs Terminator close combat sees losses on both sides- the chaos champion wins his challenge- and has the boon of becoming a chaos spawn! (I blame fateweaver who was watching the game..)
  • Helldrakke Finally downed by the Hunter fire
  • Hellbrute is charged by tactical squad and is reduced to 1 hull point thanks to a power fist 
Turn 5
Iron Warriors
  • CSM move forward to claim the centre of the board
  • Razorback is blown to pieces via fire from the havocs
  • spawn of chaos finishes of the last terminator in close combat
  • Power fisted SM destroys the Hellbrute in close combat
  • storm talon kills a couple of CSM with assault cannon fire
Turn 6
Iron Warriors
  • Stormtalon is  finally brought down
  • Move in to contest the objective
  • marines in the centre of the board open fire- but unable to wound any CSM
the game ends- as the dust settles, we calculate the kill points, 
Iron Warriors 12 - Ultramarines 10-  a narrow win to the6thdegree!!!
we had rolled for a 7th turn, and we should of played on- however time was against us- I think if we had continued the Iron Warriors would of destroyed my force, leaving only the hunter left. 
My unit of the game has to be the centurions- I couldn't believe how easily they disseminated Abbadon and his terminator body guards- 6 of them is overkill, and is very high priced.

A few moments of magic- firstly the CSM winning his challenge, only to be turned onto a spawn of chaos.. secondly seeing both Abbadon and Calgar getting blown to pieces- showing that it doesn't matter if you are an eternal warrior- weight of fire will bring them down..
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