28 Sept 2015

Terrain and Scenery - Aegis Defence Line Terrain Pieces

Back in 2011, I completed one section of the scatter terrain Aegis Defence Line, but soon moved on to other pieces and miniatures, but fear not I've finally done these little terrain pieces to scatter around the battlefield. I don't use an Aegis Defence Line in the game, as hiding behind a line is cowardly ;) so these can be based on my usual 3mm Hardboard (FibreBoard).
This uses a shattered tree from the GW Battlefield Scenery piece, the tree is Khemri Brown, washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Zandri Dust and burnt bits Abaddon Black. The vox caster is from the Imperial Guard Cadian squad.
This piece has a smashed Chaos Bike wheel and as a nod to 6thDegree's Iron Warriors, I painted it to match.
And here is all three on the GameMat surface, looking quite good I reckon. These were quick and simple (once I could be bothered to finish them!!)

More Weemen terrain ideas can be found HERE. Thanks for stopping by.

22 Sept 2015

Chaos Daemons of Khorne - Bloodletters for Summoning - 6MMRPC

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Something a little different, after painting two Shrine of the Aquila and lots of Relictors recently, I thought I'd address the balance of good and evil, and paint up some minions of the dark gods, okay these will be put to good use by the forces of the Emperor via Relictor Librarian summoning, but don't tell the Chaos Gods...

It was nice painting something organic and bright coloured for a change, the skin was Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet and Blazing Orange with a wash of Baal Red and blazing orange re-touched to brighten the lumps and bumps. The blades were simply Leadbelcher and Runefang Steel with a Nuln Oil wash and some Blood for the Blood Gods technical paint on most blades! Of course! The horns were basecoated Scorched Brown, then progressively toward the tip layered Graveyard Earth, Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone. The tongues were Hormagaunt Purple and a Leviathan Purple wash and then 'Ardcoated for a gloss finish.
 The back view shows the nice bone graduated effect, and the same on the horns and crests. The bases are the same recipe I always use, Calthan Brown, drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone. Just seen that I haven't added my patches of burnt grass flock... darn. Will address that shortly.
That's all folks, thanks for dropping in, hope you like what you see. And another bit done during my 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge (6MMRPC). Cheers.

18 Sept 2015

Batrep Imperial Knights Vs Legio Astorum - 2170pts - Brutal Broadside Smash-Up

+++ Proximity Alert. Enemy Cerastus Knight Lancer Assault. Critical Damage Imminent +++

Hello Readers, hopefully you enjoyed the last batrep with Legio Astorum triumphing over the Imperial Knights running the long gauntlet of big guns. So we tried another smaller battle, across the shorter table length and using one Reaver and Warhound Vs 5 Knights and a Vindicare Assassin to make up the points. This time it will be a Broadside Exchange, bloody, short ranged and brutal.

First Turn was won by the Legio which was great news, it will be a quick bloody encounter once the Knights close in on the Titans and kill them in close quarters combat! The Titans will need all the chances they can get to fire on the approaching Knights.
Legio Turn 1 - Canis Praetor opens fire on the three standard Knights with his Turbo Lasers and completely annihilates the red Paladin! In the ensuing apoc explosion, the red Paladin falls backward onto the Knight Warden and the centre of the blast being 'D' strength rips through the Warden destroying him too! Wow! What an opener, Canis Praetor with one salvo reduces his threat forward to a single Knight Paladin, down from three! (LH- We forgot to roll the 'scatter' of the second destroyed Knight- With Siph's luck he would have scattered into the 3th knight..) Elsewhere, Reaver Honorum is facing the Cerastus Knight Acheron and Cerastus Knight Lancer, opening fire with all weapons only manages to take 1HP off the Lancer, the Ion Shield taking the brunt of the Reaver attacks...
A great turn one for the Legio, really reducing the IK hunters to the hunted!
IK Turn 1 - In reply, the lone Paladin advances forward towards Canis Praetor, opening fire with the Missile Pod taking out one void from the Warhound, but the battlecannons fail to take down the other shield.. The Vindicare in the tallest ruins fails to hit the Reaver even with a re-rolled BS8 (needing a two or re-roll of 4) - common theme with this particular model, in a previous battle he failed to hit the Lord of Skulls at point blank range!
Both Cerastus Knights run toward the Reaver to get into combat as quick as possible and force the Reaver to fire dangerously close to itself if it wants to defend itself - one bad scatter and it could be disastrous.
Legio Turn 2 - Honorum is forced to point blank fire at the Acheron to avoid being cut to pieces by the Chainfist like a previous battle, in the urgent manoeuvring and defence, Honourum's targetting Moderatii fire the Laser Blaster point blank into the Cerastus Knight Acheron obliterating it but also doing severe damage to itself across the Head module and causing 10HP destroyer hit to itself! Ouch! Reducing the Reaver to 8HPs.
Elsewhere, Canis Praetor aims at the lone Paladin and easily destroys it in a flurry of 'D' hits, freeing the Warhound to come to the aid of the ailing Reaver.
IK Turn 2 - Finally getting into CC, the Knight Lancer Shock Lanced the Reaver voids before getting into combat, hitting Honorum three times with the 'D' Lance, stripping a potential 17HPs, stripping the 8HPs and the mighty Reaver is destroyed! The Vindicare Assassin hits the voids of Canis Praetor but fails to penetrate.
Legio Turn 3 - Canis Praetor vs the Lancer, opens fire on the Lancer but strikes the Ion Gauntlet Shield, failing to do any damage.

IK Turn 3 - The Cerastus Knight Lancer closes on the Warhound, The Vindicare hits the void shield but again fails to collapse the shield.
Legio Turn 4 - Canis Praetor backs off and opens up with the Laser Blasters again, this time hitting with two Destroyer hits and two other hits causing 27HPs worth of damage against the Knight, wiping it out.

IK Turn 4 - sensing his imminent destruction, the Assassin fled the field, victory to the Legio!

Wow! The first turn was the decisive turn, and if we rolled for scatter for the second destroyed Knight, may have even caused more damage! It was a mortal blow for the Knights force, nullifying the threat on the right side and freeing up Canis Praetor to defend himself from the inevitable approach of at least one Cerastus Knight once they dealt with Honorum. The Reaver died as expected, but managed to take out the Acheron (and mortally wound himself 10HPs) which helped Canis Praetor in the next stage too. The Titan did more harm to itself than the Imperial Knight force did, such is the power of a triple shot 'D' Weapon to the face!

I thought the battle was going to be a one sided affair with the Knights ripping into the Titans, after the long 'charge the guns' scenario of the previous battle, this was going to be the Knights turn to earn some honour markings, but unfortunately for Lord Halfpenny, the Legio Astorum was in no mood to lay down quietly!

Great day of battling, showing that when Knights think they are the big fish of 40K, there is always a bigger fish in the pond to bring them down a peg or two ;)

Another great, if frustrating battle! I had hoped that the Knights could have got into combat with only the loss of 1 or 2 knights, however the smash up with turn 1 resulted in the lose of 2 knights, and really from there it was going to be tough to get into combat with HP's remaining. The moment of the match was seeing the Reaver getting hit with friendly fire- which ultimately lead to his destruction by the Lancer. Following the battle it is with sadness that the Vindicare Assassin is going to hang up his guns with retirement- following so many misses!

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet battle report, it was great fun re-living the smash-up! In your face Imperial Knights! Cheers for reading, Siph and Lord Halfpenny.

14 Sept 2015

BatRep Legio Astorum Titans Vs Imperial Knights - 4890pts - Charge the Guns Gauntlet

+++ Seven enemy constructs located approaching the Titan force on attack vectors. Second wave of five constructs detected. Reactor at maximum output. Powered up voids. Legio Astorum will walk +++

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, so Lord Halfpenny and myself fancied another smash up with the big boy toys, and a Reaver plus two Warhounds would be the points level, with which Lord Halfpenny could field 7 Imperial Knights and a Vindicare Assassin. Its a long post, but feel free to scroll through the pictures, everyone loves Titans and Knights and they are on my new Gamemat with recently completed terrain too. Enjoy.
The Imperial Knights stole the initiative and deployed as far forward as they could to bring the CC 'D-weapons' to bear.Lord Halfpenny bought along a Cerastus Knight Lancer as his Warlord, a Cerastus Knight Castigator, a Cerastus Knight Acheron, 2x Paladins, one with a Missile Pod and one Warden and one Errant.
Legio Astorum once again fielded the mighty Reaver Honorum, Warhound Canis Bellum and Warhound Canis Praetor, this was a long range 'charge the guns' for the Imperial Knights, so the Legio set up on the base line for maximum fire-effect.
IK Turn 1 - The Knights all steamed forward, the Cerastus Knight Lancer and Acheron ran their 3D6 as they are designed for CC and closing the enemy fast.
The Knights stripped both voids off Canis Bellum and one from Reaver Honorum and both voids from Canis Praetor but failed to damage any of the titans.
Legio Turn 1 - Calculating the biggest threats were the closing Cerastus Knight Lancer and Acheron (the last Smash Up, the Acheron felled the noble Honorum) all guns concentrated on these two. Canis Bellum opened up with the Vulcan Mega Bolter and rapid fire Plasma Blastgun into the side of the Lancer stripping 2HPs, Honorum's Gatling Blaster and Laser Blaster ripped apart the Lancer and damaged the Acheron leaving it on 2HPs.
Warhound Canis Praetor opened fire with one twin Turbo Laser destroying the Cerastus Knight Acheron! The second arm fired at the other two Knights closing on the right flank, stripping 2HPs from the red Knight Paladin. Finally Honorum fired the Apoc Missile Launcher at the tightly packed group of Knights on the left flank and hit all three stripping a hull point or two. After the turn, the Titans regenerated both voids on Canis Bellum and one on Canis Praetor, Reaver Honorum remained on 3 voids.
IK Turn 2 - After a bruising first turn, the Knights closed on their prey. The Knight Warden and red Paladin closed on the left flank, 
The red Paladin stripped the remain void from Canis Praetor and took 1HP. The Warden opened up with the rending Avenger Gatling Cannon but failed to penetrate the titan's thick armour and missed the melta gun shot. The Warden needed a 12in charge but failed and rolled an 8. The Vindicare shot the Reaver stripping another void.
The Castigator, Errant and green Paladin stripped Canis Bellum's voids and 1HP leaving him on 8HPs.
The Imperial Knights advance.
Legio Turn 2 -  Canis Bellum opened up with the Vulcan Mega Bolter and Plasma Blastgun managing to strip 2HPs from the Castigator. Honorum with 2 voids and full HPs launched another Apoc Missile barrage at the three approaching Knights striking all three and leaving the Errant on 2HPs, Paladin untouched and Castigator on 4HPs. Honorum then let rip with the Laser Blaster and Gatling Blaster wiping out the Castigator! Boom.
Titans view.
Canis Praetor backed away from the Warden and opened up with the Turbo Lasers stripping 5HPs from the Warden, leaving the two approaching Knights on 4HPs and 1HP. The Titans then regenerated one void on the Reaver (18HPs 3V) and one on Canis Bellum (8HPs 1V), leaving Canis Praetor 8HPs and 1 void.

IK Turn 3 - No photo as it was getting just to darn exciting (!) but the Knights continued to close, running the guns, Knight Errant and green Paladin stripped Canis Bellum's void and another 2HPs leaving him on 6HPs. The red Paladin and Warden hit Canis Praetor stripping his remaining void and another HP, leaving him on 7HPs. The Warden failed another 12in charge.
Legio Turn 3 - Honorum see's the predicament of Canis Praetor backed into the corner and opens up with the Apoc Launcher in support striking the Warden 5 times wiping him out, and stripping hull points from the red Paladin leaving him on 1HP Canis Praetor now free to concentrate on the red Paladin opens fire with the Turbo Laser wiping him out too.

The left arm of Canis Praetor and the Laser Blaster of Honorum combine fire onto the as yet untouched green Paladin leaving him on only 1HP! Canis Bellum sensing the enemy wavering concentrates his Plasma Blastgun on overload and wipes out the green Paladin, leaving just the approaching Errant on 2HPs.
IK Turn 4 - The Errant shoots Canis Bellum stripping his voids and charges into combat destroying the mighty Warhound, but the fates are not with the IK force today, the ensuing Apoc Explosion rips into the Knight as Canis Bellum falls forward crushing his nemesis underneath, destroying him! Revenge!
Legio Turn 4 - All that is left to do is destroy the Assassin lurking in the Shrine of the Aquila ruins, 7 D-Weapon shots will do that! Boom!

A great game for the Legio Astorum, it was a challenging run the gauntlet of big guns for the Knights, but once in charge range, those CC D-weapons are devastating. Next up the surviving Legio will face up against the second wave of 5 Knights, but from across the short table length... who will win the Broadside exchange and close in for close quarters combat??... next post coming soon...

LH- Wow- what a game! as soon as I saw the deployment I knew it was going to be tough to get into combat- the hope was that 2 of the knights could have survived and got close to mount a charge- however my dice rolling was pretty poor for saves with the ion shield- shooty D weapons are a pain, especially with a large Blast- as unless you roll a miss, and very high, you are still going to clip them, and get a hit. I suppose it was the good think about 5th ed (I think) where the hole of the blast had to be over the model for a direct hit.. lets see what happens in the Broadside Battle..
Thanks for reading this far! Siph and Lord Halfpenny.

7 Sept 2015

Terrain and Scenery - Shrine of the Aquila Complex - 6MMRPC

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping in. Following up from the previous two Shrine of the Aquila posts, I thought I'd show off the finished article together, shows the grandeur of the piece, made from two of the GW Shrine of Aquila sets and a bit from the Honoured Imperium scenery set too.
This is a massive terrain piece and can be a great objective in a game of 40K, nothing better for a stirring defence piece, or as line-of-sight blocking terrain for the Titans and Knights we are lucky enough to have.
Thanks for dropping in and having a look, feel free to check out all the terrain posts, here TERRAINAnd another bit done during my 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge (6MMRPC). Cheers.
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