29 Jun 2017

40k Scenic Bases

Hi one and all,

This week I've been tackling a few bits in my 'to do pile' trying not to get sidetracked by any Primaris Marines that I might have..

I'm starting to put together a base for a larger model, designed to fit the story of the character. Below is the initial mock up for the base using a dreadnought as a dead model for the character to be stood on. One of the things building this with the model in mind has shown how much I prefer building the bigger, multi pose models, like the forge world knights. Unfortunately the Games Workshop plastics although looking great, are difficult to convert to get the pose anatomically correct unless you start really hacking into the model and then using green stuff. For me, its easier to bulk up the base to make the model stand in a neutral level so that it looks right.
I think everybody can guess the model the base is for - Magnus the Red! At this stage its just playing around with the base until I'm happy then will glue.

What are you thoughts with 'converted bases' what do you prefer? Would you go all out on a well designed base, or feel it takes away from the piece?

While you are at it, for beginners here is a old trustworthy tutorial on how Siph does his bases with sand and PVA/Elmers -  Bases Made Simple from 2008 and he still follows it today.

Thanks for dropping by, Lord Halfpenny.

26 Jun 2017

Primaris Marines - Settled on a Paint Scheme

(Copyright GW)
Hi Everyone, So with 8th Edition and the release of Primaris Marines in the Dark Millennium boxset, I had a choice to deal with... what scheme should I be doing my new tall marines? Now I have a number of Relictors, well quite a few actually. Should I add these reinforcements to my existing ranks, a gift from Roboute Guilliman?
Or should I add these to my forces as another Army, but which one? That's when fortuitously I picked up the Black Library Audiobook Daedelus at Warhammerfest. Well, what a great audio drama, gripping and awesome story involving the remnants of the Scythes of the Emperor after the destruction of their homeworld Sotha, by the Hivefleet Kraken.
(Copyright GW - courtesy of Scythes.com)
Hivefleet Kraken is also the same Hivefleet that I had already chosen for my Purestrain Genestealers from my Genestealer Cult I will be working on as well, very fortuitous indeed! And the Scythes of the Emperor are decimated therefore one of the first in line to get the Primaris reinforcements from Roboute Guilliman and Cawl, they were the 3rd Founding Ultramarine Successors after all.
(Copyright GW)
The other problem I had if they were Relictors is the fact that they, the Relictors, are falsely accused as Excommunicate Traitorius, just for dabbling in Chaos, fighting Chaos with Chaos, using the relics and artifacts they find to battle the foul Chaos forces.  Would Roboute Guilliman risk reinforcing the Relictors with new Marines if he had doubts on their loyalty?
So, there you have it, the reasons I will be painting up a new force in a new scheme to work alongside my Relictors or as a small stand alone force as new releases come out. I have many projects on the go and many forces to satisfy my Hobby Butterfly Syndrome (HBS). I am in the process of building the Primaris Marines at the moment, and I am loving the aesthetics and sculpts, the fluff is growing on me as I cannot see it being retracted, and maybe these will be the new marines with the old line taking second fiddle... only time and GW will tell.
Excellent paint scheme by Badtouch's Hobby Basement Blog
 Jamie Farrar's Sons of Sotha
Lovely weathering on Jamie's SotE Rhino

An excellent scheme by Badtouch's Hobby Basement and blogger buddy Jamie's Sons of Sotha blog, I will be copying for my Primaris Marines, black armour, yellow torso and groin and backpack, black helmet and weapon. These should look quite striking on the battlefield!
Here is the test scheme for the yellow, using the huge pot of yellow Ochre paint from the scenery kit, and FW Airbrush Clear Yellow and a wash of Sepia then highlighted with FW Airbrush yellow. The mini is very much WIP, I haven't touched the black yet, started on the leather pouches. I think the belt will remain black 'Plastek' as the fluff says. I've also ordered some Scythes of the Emperor decals from Chapter Customizer website, which caters for the named yet unsupported Chapters.

Thanks for dropping by, cheers Siph.

22 Jun 2017

WIP - Ultramarine Mastodon - Heavy Assault Transport

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for looking, just a quick post with regards a WIP project, my Ultramarine Mastodon.
The moment I saw the model I knew I needed to have one for my Ultramarine force, the model looks so different to the normal shape of the marine tanks. I have painted the interior, and slowly working on the exterior. 
The plan is to include some white to tie in with our vehicles, but also I intend to add some black and maybe boltgun silver (Leadbelcher) to break up the amount of blue. I also plan to magnetise the doors to allow them to open/close. The main issue with the build was the floor, it took several goes to glue the tank together, and I had to resort to hacking chunks out of one piece to get the required fit.
Its a monster of a tank which dwarfs most SM vehicles. with the dawn of 8th the Mastodon has 30 wounds, with a 2+ save- it will be interesting to see how it fairs with the new edition.

Thanks for stopping by!

19 Jun 2017

Relictors Company Banner Bearer - Command Squad Progress

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by to our humble corner of the blogosphere. Today I'd like to show off my latest addition to the Relictors 5th Battle Company and the Command Squad. The previous members of the Command Squad can be seen here Veterans and here Apothecary. The large number denotes 5th Company, as does the Black colour. Not sure why I chose XXI as these were not from the 21st Cursed Founding, the Relictors were formed from the Fire Claws Chapter, one of the Praeses Chapters raised to defend the Eye of Terror, maybe I got confused with the Fire Hawks (who became the Legion of the Damned)... lost to the mists of time, ha ha.
I bought this torso years ago with the intention of using him for something fitting and special, his tabard was made of greenstuff (by someone else) as was the ornate gold shoulder pauldron. I painted these following the gold tutorial on WHTV by our liege Duncan. I really like Retributor Gold and Liberator Gold.
The censers where from a Dark Angels upgrade sprue I think, that or Black Templars? Fitting as the geneseed is from Ultramarines and Dark Angels originally. Like the Veterans (or is that now Ancients?) with Storm Shields I adorned his power pack with an Imperial Aquila.
Fittingly I added a Terminator Honours shoulder pad to denote his status and worthiness to uphold the Company Banner! I think the skull motif on the banner was cut out from an early White Dwarf or Space Hulk supplement... it was printed out and sealed to the plastic banner, its been years in the To-Do pile so I can't really remember.
So, the obligatory shot of the Command Squad so far, getting there... means I now have just one member to go until I can call the Battle Company complete! Just one Company Champion to do, not that the Battle Company is not expanded beyond just troops and transports! See the whole Company and Armoury here, taken last year.
And a shot of them on the battlefield. Cheers for dropping by, Siph.

16 Jun 2017

Roboute Guilliman Primarch of the Ultramarines - Guilliman Gauntlet Part II (Very picture heavy)

Hi Readers,

Thanks again for stopping by, here is Part II of the Guilliman Gauntlet,

To recap..

Guilliman stands victorious after 6 rounds of combat, firstly 2 Daemon Princes, then Draigo, an Assassin Kill Team, an Imperial Knight, 6 Custodians and finally a Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne have been put to the sword by Guilliman. 6 rounds of combat left, can he survive the Guilliman Gauntlet?
Left to Battle - in the Red Corner are:

  • 3 Imperial Knights
  • A Bloodthirster
  • Skarbrand
  • An'ggrath the unbound
  • A Reaver Titan
  • And finally Calgar
The rules:

The rules are simple, normal 40k with the extra that Roboute has 3 rounds to resurrect with his armour. If Guilliman is unable to get up then the Gauntlet is over - however I will do any remaining battles with the opponents left to face to see how he'd fair against them. Wounds are to be carried over, however Guilliman can regain wounds lost after each battle on a 5+ (imagine him in his corner having a drink)

The round starts 12 inches apart, with a roll to see who goes first..

Battle 7

Guilliman vs 3 Imperial Knights

Knights Claim first turn- they are also deployed in a way to entice Guilliman into them for a 3 way combat- will he take the bait..
Knights Turn 1
  • All three open fire on Guilliman, but all fail to Wound him
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Ineffective turn with both shooting, and a failed charge.
Knights Turn 2
  • The knights manoeuvre around Guilliman, opening fire again- causing a wound- all 3 then charge into combat!
  • The combat sees Guilliman split attack each Knight- causing a Hull point loss on each Knight, the return though is Barbaric- the Knights score hits, resulting in 40 unsavable wounds (3 lots of 6 wounds plus D6 resulting in 12) Guilliman is smashed to the floor- will he get up? 3 turns to get up..
Guilliman Turn 2
  • Guilliman gets up on the second roll - and is back to 3 wounds-  and charges headlong into the gold Knight in combat- the response is to strip the knight of 14 Hull Points killing the Knight in a single phase. The knight falls away from the others.
Knights Turn 3
  • Seeing the Gold Knight- the Baron destroyed, the knights charge Guilliman, Guilliman striking first, killed another knight- again inflicting maximum damage with '6's on the D table. The knight collapses away from the combat. in return the last remaining knight inflicts further D damage to Guilliman, again he goes down- will he get up again?
Guilliman Turn 3
  • He returns on the first roll, however only with 1 wound remaining. He opens fire at the Knight, causing a rending shot- but the ion shield saves the Knight. Guilliman charges, with the hope of taking down the last Knight. In combat Guilliman scored hits resulting in 19 Hull point lost on the knight- who scatters onto the other knights.

Guilliman Survives.. Just..The roll to regain wounds results in only 2 wounds, so for the next battle he will be starting on 3 Wounds

Battle 8

Guilliman  Vs Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

Turn 1 goes to the Bloodthirster.

Bloodthister Turn 1
  • The Bloodthirster wastes no time in charging into combat with Guilliman. Guilliman swings first due to the Colossal D axe the Bloodthirster has, however Guilliman only scores one wound, which is saved, the return attack sees Guilliman lose a wound.
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Guilliman is obviously seeing the fatigue from the gauntlet - as he is unable to wound the Bloodthirster, the Bloodthirster in response hits Guilliman scoring 12 mortal wounds, Guilliman is down again.
Bloodthister Turn 2
  • Guilliman answers the 10 count instantly and returns with 2 wounds,
  • Bloodthister charges again, ready to finish the Primarch in Khornes name, Guilliman manages to wound the daemon twice, however the returning destroyer hits causing a single 9 wound hit- Guilliman goes down again, only 2 rolls to see if he gets up this time.. 
Guilliman Turn2
  • Again Guilliman refuses to die, and stands ready to fight with 3 wounds. Guilliman opens fire, taking 2 wounds of the Bloodthirser leaving him on 1 and then charges him, the combat Guilliman finally bests the Bloodthirster, killing him with the Hand of Domination. 
Guilliman by the skin of his teeth survives a lucky 'return to action' on the second roll was very lucky! The regain roll, Guilliman only gets one wound back.

Battle 9

Guilliman Vs Skarbrand

 Turn 1 is won by Guilliman.

Guilliman Turn 1
  • Guillliman charges forward- opening fire, but failing to wound and then charging into close combat. Skarbrand wounds Guilliman, however the returning blows kills the bloodthister with 10 unsavable wounds. 
Victory for Guilliman!

Guilliman regains 2 wounds, he'll be on 5 wounds for the next battle.

Battle 10

Guilliman Vs An'ggrath

For this battle I've opted to include the rule that a roll of '6' for An'ggrath will result in a D hit, this isn't a rule in the book, but this makes sense to me for An'ggrath to be able to cause a D hit.

Turn 1 is taken by An'ggrath

An'ggrath Turn 1
  • An'ggrath fails to hit Guilliman with his whip, then fails to reach Guilliman with the charge! Guilliman managed to hit two snap fire shots, but was unable to wound the bloodthister
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Guilliman opens fire, and takes a wound from the Bloodthister- Guilliman then charges into combat but again fails to reach the bloodthirster! (both rolling '3' when needing 5!)
An'ggrath Turn 2
  • The combat sees Guilliman slaughter An'ggrath, taking 8 wounds and killing the mighty Bloodthirster!
Guilliman stands again, 10th victory in the Guilliman Gauntlet! Guilliman regains the last wound lost.

Battle 11

Guilliman Vs A Reaver Titan

Turn 1 was taken by Guilliman

Guilliman Turn 1
  • Guilliman charges headlong into the Reaver- getting into combat with a view of taking the titan out as quickly as possible, In combat Guilliman takes a HP away, whilst the Reaver is unable to wound Guilliman. 
 Reaver Turn 1
  • The Reaver disengaged and moved to open fire on Guilliman (again, this made sense to allow the Reaver to shot at Guilliman, otherwise it was just combat) which caused 3 wounds, all were saved by Guilliman. 
Guilliman Turn 2
  • Guilliman opened fire, not causing any damage, then charging into combat - 2 Hull Points were taken, in return for the Reaver taking a wound. 15HP to the Reaver , 5W to Guilliman.
 Reaver Turn 2
  •  Again the reaver moved away from Guilliman, and opened fire, again Guilliman saved the incoming fire.
Guilliman Turn 2
  • Guilliman charges again- with his strikes causing a massive 10 hull points to be lost by the Reaver, without harming Guilliman in return.
Reaver Turn 3
  • The Reaver moves back to get a shot at Guilliman, resulting in a single D hit which caused 3 wounds, Guilliman now on 2 wounds. 
Guilliman Turn 3
  • Guilliman charges again, smashing the Reaver taking another wound from the Reaver, however the Reaver in return stomped the Primarch of the Ultramarines to the floor- he's down, will he get up again?
Reaver Turn 4
  • Guilliman gets up on the last roll, and returns with 2 wounds.
  • The Reaver moves again, and opening fire - but again fails to wound Guilliman.
Guilliman Turn 4
  • Guilliman again gets into combat- and takes 2 more wounds off the Reaver, no wounds in return on Guilliman. Both on 2 wounds/HP
Reaver Turn 5
  • The Reaver moves back again- opening fire- however all 4 shots missed, and one of the D hits hit the Reaver- thankfully a '1' was rolled!
Guilliman Turn 5
  • Guilliman seeing the Reaver fading charges in with the destruction of the titan in his mind- managed to destroy the Reaver in combat, scoring 11 hull points in combat the Reaver is bested.

Guilliman stands tall, 1 battle left!

The Final Battle - Guilliman starts on 3 wounds

Battle 12

Roboute Gilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, Vs Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines. For this I'll be using the blood oath rules allowing Calgar a 'D' hit. Also, for the final Battle a 'D hit roll of 6 can still be saved with an invulnerable save, just with a -1 modifier.
Calgar to go first
Calgar Turn 1
  • Marneus charges forward and into combat with Guilliman, Guilliman takes a wound from Calgar, in response Calgar takes 2 wounds off Guilliman.
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Second round of combat- Guilliman bests Calgar in combat, causing 5 wounds, with Calgar failing 3 saves - Guilliman stands alone.
Victory, Roboute Guilliman!

Wow, that was incredible, 12 battles and Guilliman, though beaten is still standing, over the 12 battles he was taken down 5 times, but he was able to answer the count required. this 6 rounds of combat saw Guilliman take on 4278 points, and taking victory, and overall Guilliman at 350 took on, and was victorious over 6768 points of opposition.

My favourite clash was that with the assassins, which was really close, and the battle with the 3 Imperial Knights. I think the trick there would have been to have gone after one Knight, rather than split the attacks. The battles with the daemons was entertaining too - even if I forgot the 'preferred enemy' re roll 1's!

The Reaver battle was also pretty intense, and was one roll away from the Reaver claiming victory.

To conclude, Guilliman is, or was (7th) pretty handy in a fight, and could take on anybody in combat. I had hoped to have tried him against Magnus- But he isn't finished yet. I'd liked to have tried him against a huge horde- to see if weight of numbers could bring him down.. maybe a Gulliman Gauntlet 3 might be in order.. (using 7th ed rules of course- I won't be using them for anything else after Saturday..)

Much fun had, this was a good way to test out a new unit, and fun as a single player option.

I hope you enjoyed the read, as much as I did playing!
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