14 Jun 2017

Roboute Guilliman Primarch of the Ultramarines- Guilliman Gauntlet Part I (Very picture heavy)

Hi Readers,

So how good is, (or was) in 7th Edition? I've only used him in a single battle, and didn't really get to see him really in action, so- I've devised this- the Guilliman Gauntlet.

Guilliman will be facing 12 opponents in combat, some individually, some as a unit or as several independent characters. The rules are simple- how long can Guilliman survive for?

The rules are simple, normal 40k with the extra that Roboute has 3 rounds to resurrect with his armour. If Guilliman is unable to get up then the Gauntlet is over- however I will do any remaining battles with the opponents left to face to see how he'd fair against them. Wounds are to be carried over, however Guilliman can regain wounds lost after each battle on a 5+ (imagine him in his corner having a drink)

The round starts 12 inches apart, with a roll to see who goes first..

Lets get it on!
In the Blue Corner.... Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines..
In the Red Corner we have...
  • 2 Chaos Daemon Princes
  • Lord Dragio
  • An Assassin kill team
  • An Imperial Knight
  • 6 Custodian Guards (I'm not sure why they'd turn, maybe they were happy sat on Terra?)
  • A Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne
  • 3 Imperial Knights
  • A Bloodthirster
  • Skarbrand
  • An'ggrath the unbound
  • (Oh boy) A Reaver Titan
  • And finally Calgar! (not happy about his demotion)
Battle 1

Guilliman Vs 2 Daemon Princes

Guilliaman has first turn,
  • Guilliman fires, no damage- and charges into Combat with them both.
  • First round of combat Guilliman takes a wound, but returns with hitting the Relictor prince with a Destroyer hit- causing 3 wounds. 
Chaos Turn 1
  • Guilliman saves 4 wounds, with the returning hits taking a wound from the red DP, with the Relictor Prince saving 2 hits with double 6's!
Guilliman Turn 2
  • Guilliman takes another wound, however in return the Relictors Prince is cut in 2 by the Emperor's sword,  and the other daemon prince is wounded- one daemon left.
Chaos Turn 2
  • The Daemon Prince fails to wound Guilliman, who in response smashes the daemon with D hit- causing 11 wounds.. 
Victory to Guilliman!  The end battle roll regenerates the 2 lost wounds for Guilliman.. who's next..
 Battle 2.

Guilliman Vs Kaldor Draigo Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights

Guilliman wins first turn
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Guilliman's shooting is ineffective- he charges into combat
  • In combat Guilliman inflicts 4 wounds, one a D hit causing 3 wounds, but are saved with the Storm Shield bar one wound- in return Draigo causes 1 wound which is saved
Draigo Turn 1
  • Combat continues- Guilliman hits firsts, causing a Strength D hit- resulting in 11 unsavable wounds to the grand master- Draigo is defeated.
Guilliman takes the glory- and without taking a single wound in return!  

Battle 3,

Guilliman Vs Assassin Kill Team
The Assassins win first turn, this battle the assassins- A Vindicare, Callidus, Culexus and Eversor deploy around Guilliman- they aren't going to make it easy for Guilliman!
Assassin Turn 1
  • Shooting phase sees the Vindicare using Shiled breaker rounds, and the Callidus wounding Guilliman twice
  • Eversor and Culexus charge Guilliman- Eversor causes 1 more wound, in the return combat Eversor takes 2 wounds, and saves both via invulnerable saves!
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Combat continues- Eversor fails to wound, Culexus hits with a life drain, but thankfully Guilliman's invulnerable save, saves him
  • Eversor takes several D hits in combat- causing 10 wounds! No hits on Culexus this turn
Assassin Turn 2
  • Callidus charges in to join Culexus- the combat see no wounds to Guilliman,In return Callidus saves a potentially fatal strike, whilst Culexus is blown away by 2 hits causing 11 wounds!
Guilliman Turn 2
  • Combat with the Callidus sees killed by Guilliman- but she takes a wound before being split in two.. Just the Vindicare left, Guilliman on 2 wounds
 Assassins Turn 3
  • Vindicare lines up another shot- and takes another wound- Guilliman is now on one wound.
Guilliman Turn 3 
  • Guilliman shoots the marksman- taking a wound- then charges into combat- Vindicare manages to take one wound, but- Guilliman saves- in return the assassin is obliterated- 13 wounds that can't be saved.
Guilliman is Victorious! (Just- on one wound!) The end of round sees him regain 3 wounds- on 4.
This is getting tough- time for the Helmet!
Battle 4

Guilliman Vs Imperial Kight
Knight wins first turn.
Imperial Knight Turn 1 
  • The Knight fires two battle cannon rounds at Guilliman one doesn't wound, the other is saved
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Guilliman charges forward- shooting with his Hand of Domination- scoring 2 rending hits- which penetrate the Knight. Guilliman then charges and gets into combat.
  • The combat sees Guilliman taking a further 9 HP's from the knight- in the devastation the Knight falls on Guilliman with a titanic explosion- the dice rolls- and a 1! Guilliman survives!
Guilliman takes the honour with this victory- and no wounds lost, the roll sees him regain one more wound from the combat before.
Battle 5
Guilliman Vs 6 Custodian Guards 
A strange gauntlet battle this one, will see the defenders of the Emperor, against one of the Emperors Son's..
Guilliman wins Turn 1
Guilliman Turn 1
  • the Opening salvo sees Guilliman rip a Custodian apart with the Hand of Domination, getting into combat he kills 3 with 2 of his initial hits blocked with the guardian spears.
Custodian Turn 1
  • Combat again sees the custodians blocking 2 hits, but the other 2 hits scored killed the 2 custodians instantly. 
Guilliman stands victorious over the Custodians! 
Guilliman rolls to see if he'll regain the last wound he lost- and a 5 is rolled- back to full health!

Battle 6

Guilliman Vs Greater Brass Scorpion of Khonre
Guilliman wins Turn 1
Guilliman Turn 1
  • Shooting sees Guilliman unable to penetrate the armour of the Scorpion-this is then compounded when the charge distance is '5"' short by an inch!
Scropion Turn 1
  • The Greater Brass Scorpion moves back slightly to open fire on Guilliman- scoring hits with the scorpion cannon, hellmaw and Soulburner- Guilliman saves all 6 wounds.The Scorpion charges into combat.
  • Close combat, Guilliman takes 5 HP's from the Scorpion, with only one wound lost in return, The Scorpion stomp phase only See's 2 wounds (thankfully not a 6' insta kill) which are saved
Guilliman Turn 2
  • Guilliman shows his power- smashing the Scorpion, causing the scorpion to lose 21 HP's with 2 D weapon hits (one causing 12 HP's)The resultant explosion sees the scorpion fly backwards- not harming Guilliman.
Guilliman claims Victory! The wound he lost wasn't regained, so he will start on 5 wounds for the next battle.

Here is the end of part one of the Guilliman Gauntlet, as you can see Guilliman is pretty difficult to take out, having taken the Win in all 6 battles. Over the 6 battles he has lost 8 wounds, but on the flip side he has run through 2490 points of models. 

Hope you enjoyed Part of the Guilliman Gauntlet, and will stop by to see how he does in Part II!


  1. Awesome idea. Looking forward to part two.

  2. "Time for the Helmet!" LMAO. Great post mate, loved it. Looks so OP but 8th should bring him down a peg or two, enjoy 7th while it lasts.... My Necrons will have their revenge!

  3. That was a great laugh, cheers for doing it up. I didn't expect him to do that well to be honest.

  4. Awesome really enjoyed that!! Looking forward to pt2!

  5. Very cool concept, looking forward to part 2!

  6. thanks for the comments- part 2 is up tomorrow!

    It was a lot of fun doing- having an 'open-mind' with views to using the rules as guidelines with a modification here and there definitely helps (thats definitly the case for part 2..)

  7. How awesome -such a great idea and I can't believe how effective bobby-G is! Can't wait to see how he gets on in round 2...

  8. That's insane. You need to start lining up more Primarks....


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