26 Jun 2017

Primaris Marines - Settled on a Paint Scheme

(Copyright GW)
Hi Everyone, So with 8th Edition and the release of Primaris Marines in the Dark Millennium boxset, I had a choice to deal with... what scheme should I be doing my new tall marines? Now I have a number of Relictors, well quite a few actually. Should I add these reinforcements to my existing ranks, a gift from Roboute Guilliman?
Or should I add these to my forces as another Army, but which one? That's when fortuitously I picked up the Black Library Audiobook Daedelus at Warhammerfest. Well, what a great audio drama, gripping and awesome story involving the remnants of the Scythes of the Emperor after the destruction of their homeworld Sotha, by the Hivefleet Kraken.
(Copyright GW - courtesy of Scythes.com)
Hivefleet Kraken is also the same Hivefleet that I had already chosen for my Purestrain Genestealers from my Genestealer Cult I will be working on as well, very fortuitous indeed! And the Scythes of the Emperor are decimated therefore one of the first in line to get the Primaris reinforcements from Roboute Guilliman and Cawl, they were the 3rd Founding Ultramarine Successors after all.
(Copyright GW)
The other problem I had if they were Relictors is the fact that they, the Relictors, are falsely accused as Excommunicate Traitorius, just for dabbling in Chaos, fighting Chaos with Chaos, using the relics and artifacts they find to battle the foul Chaos forces.  Would Roboute Guilliman risk reinforcing the Relictors with new Marines if he had doubts on their loyalty?
So, there you have it, the reasons I will be painting up a new force in a new scheme to work alongside my Relictors or as a small stand alone force as new releases come out. I have many projects on the go and many forces to satisfy my Hobby Butterfly Syndrome (HBS). I am in the process of building the Primaris Marines at the moment, and I am loving the aesthetics and sculpts, the fluff is growing on me as I cannot see it being retracted, and maybe these will be the new marines with the old line taking second fiddle... only time and GW will tell.
Excellent paint scheme by Badtouch's Hobby Basement Blog
 Jamie Farrar's Sons of Sotha
Lovely weathering on Jamie's SotE Rhino

An excellent scheme by Badtouch's Hobby Basement and blogger buddy Jamie's Sons of Sotha blog, I will be copying for my Primaris Marines, black armour, yellow torso and groin and backpack, black helmet and weapon. These should look quite striking on the battlefield!
Here is the test scheme for the yellow, using the huge pot of yellow Ochre paint from the scenery kit, and FW Airbrush Clear Yellow and a wash of Sepia then highlighted with FW Airbrush yellow. The mini is very much WIP, I haven't touched the black yet, started on the leather pouches. I think the belt will remain black 'Plastek' as the fluff says. I've also ordered some Scythes of the Emperor decals from Chapter Customizer website, which caters for the named yet unsupported Chapters.

Thanks for dropping by, cheers Siph.


  1. Looking nice there Siph, I think you've chosen well!

  2. Just finished reading the Agedian Oath, so that is really timely. Love the sons of Sotha and their tragic story with it's roots and origins all the way back in the HH o_O.

  3. Good choice, nice to see them bounce back. Look forward to seeing it all come together.

  4. Relictors are heresy, calling the ordo hereticus now, don't move from your cogitator citizen ;)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the work on these guys.

    One thing that amused me was the Primaris Ancient. How can they have Ancients?

  6. Nick, Zak, Rory glad you approve. Francesc not sure what you are implying! ;). Michael, I think the fluff indicates that some veteran marines have been incorporated (and I assume stretched) into the Primaris Ranks, some models also display Service Studs for years of service... in a gene lab maybe!

  7. Nice choice.
    If I pick up ant Primaris models, I'm thinking of painting them as Knights of the Raven, to differentiate them from my core Raven Guard army.

  8. @ TheRhino, sweet idea, do it!

  9. Sweet. As some young folk might say.

    I like your choice. And the link to the chapter decal 'site. There's stuff out there and there's a chance someone who's blog one follows know where the thing one desires might be found. It's good when that happens.

  10. @ Mike Corr - maybe not 'ancient' as in 'very old' but more 'ancient' as in 'trusted lieutenant' or 'long term retainer'; more Shakespearean English than modern. Which carries itself an interesting nuance as it implies a degree of free will which we (probably) wouldn't associate with Space Marines as initiates and then battle brothers of a warrior cult (ie chapter).

    Just an idea.

  11. It's a great site Zzzzzzz. Wish I knew it at the start of my Relictor journey for the proper badge!

  12. Great stuff Siph look forward to seeing your Scythes mate.

    I've ordered some new style marines of ebay (didn't want all the minis from the new boxset so)and are going to model them, i think, as standard true scale space marines so will have to do a hack job on them.

    It's a great Chapter with awesome fluff Siph although personally I've not read the new stuff and so will stick to the time line where they down to 100 or so marines just after the attack.

    p.s Siph i give you permision to use all my Scythes back Catalog in further posts such as this.....sob sob why didn't he use mine in his blog post.

  13. @ Jamie! I didn't find your back catalogue of SotE until prompted! I think I found your blog after IW posts and now feel dumb as I didn't twig the Son's of Sotha name! Doh!

    Fixed. Your great minis are now above, cheers for the permissions.

  14. I'm famous, thanks for the added pic's, Was only messing with ya Siph but you knew that anyhow lol.


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