28 May 2018

Legio Astorum Forge World Warlord Titan Build - WIP #16b - Commence Rites of Colour

Forgive me Readers, for I have sinned against the Omnissah... it has been nearly two years since my last WIP Post! After Construction (Handy Complete Guide Here) I had model fatigue and Titan Burnout so put this mighty beast aside and carried on with wherever the Hobby Butterfly Syndrome would take me...
But, a lot of encouragement from Titan Owners Club Col H and Drake Seta to make 2018 the Year of the Titan and maybe get her ready for the TOC Walk UK at the end of June. Also seeing lots of Legio Astorum Titans popping up there, along with watching blogger buddy John Stiening and his remarkable pace building his Warlord means I'm finally back on the path of the Machine God and started the Rites of Colour.

The superstructure now has its undercoat and Leadbelcher spray, followed by liberal washing of Agrax and Nuln mix and a few spots of Purple Wash. Then a thorough drybrush of Necron Compound... and we are here.  Next up addressing some of the detailing on the superstructure, picking out all the piston cylinders with bright silver and pipes with brass.

A long and slow path, I am very doubtful Warlord 104 - Dominus Victoria will be ready for end of June, but it has spurred me on to make progress. I'll be attending the Walk UK with her sisters Reaver 10 - Honorum, Warhound's 10 - Canis Bellum and 2974 - Canis Praetor.

Thanks and keep the encouragement coming to keep me on the true path to machine learning enlightenment... Cheers, Siph.

25 May 2018

Guilliman Gauntlet 2! 8th Edition

Hi One and All,

this week I thought I'd have a look at how the 8th edition rules have changed how good certain characters are..

So, I thought I'd try the Guilliman Gauntlet again, this time Calgar Vs Guilliman.

I set them 12 inches about and rolled off to see who started- Calgar.

I started off by moving Calgar backwards, and opened fire- with Guilli's armour save preventing any wounds. Guilliman charged forwards, firing off shots with Calgar saved- in Combat Guilliman wounded Calgar once, in return Calgar smashed the Primarch of the Ultramarines, 5 hits and wounds with his power fist- Guilliman only managed to save 1 hit- with 4 '2's' rolled! losing 9 wounds- Guilliman was down.
 Guilliman got up from being felled by Calgar, with 2 wounds remaining - however this turn Calgar stuck first, and put the Primarch back down to the floor- Calgar won! causing 14 wounds to Guilliman only inflicting 1!

Wow, that was unexpected- note to self, if I'm using Guilliman make sure he has some units to support him.. and that I need to practise my armour save rolling..



21 May 2018

Warhammer 40K Objective Marker - Fallen Fire Claw Chapter Terminator

Hi Readers, Thanks for dropping in. I thought I'd share my latest battlefield objective marker for my massive Battle Company of Relictors Chapter. As you may know (WD281 - Andy Hoare and Graham McNeill), the RELICTORS were first founded in the Age of Apostasy originally designated the FIRE CLAWS and are believed to have been created from Ultramarines and Dark Angel gene-seed. A transcript of the Mythos Angelica Mortis suggests that the Fire Claws may have been one of the 20 or so Astartes Praeses Chapters formed to defend the Eye of Terror region of space. These included the Excoriators, Marines Exemplar, the Night Watch, the Subjugators, the White Consuls and the Relictors/Fire Claws and have served as part of the Imperium's defences against Chaos for nigh on five millennia.
Rightly so, my Relictors scour the battlefields of the 41st Millennia searching for Relics, Daemon Weapons to fight Chaos with and most reverent amongst these is fallen Fire Claw artefacts...
A throne wouldn't be sitting there on the battlefield, so I added some Cities of Death Ruins to make it believable as part of a ruined building this fine warrior was once defending.
As no canon scheme exists (to my knowledge) of the Fire Claws, (Tiger Claws and Fire Hawks yes, no Fire Claws) I made this scheme using Space Wolf claw transfer from the Dark Imperium transfer sheet and some flames (similar to LotD - Fire Hawks... maybe a link there?) to make this Space Hulk Blood Angel a Fire Claw fallen Terminator. Shaved off a lot of blood drops and Liquid Green Stuff'ed the iconography, left a single blood drop on a chain in his lap as a reminder of where he came from ;) Now my Relictors have something truly personal to fight for!

Hope you like it. My other Objective Markers are a Fuel Dump and an Ammo Dump. This particular one only took just over EIGHT years to surface out of the to-do pile!!

Cheers, Siph. (5pts for terrain, 10 for Character, so i'll settle for 5pts)

18 May 2018

Chaos Daemons - Nurgle - Giant Chaos Spawn

Hi One and All,

I've recently spent a lot of time updating and finishing several Nurgle units for the WHW battle with Siph the day after WarhammerFest. (Pics soon..) Here is one of the units completed, my chaos Giant Chaos Spawn - using the LOTR, watcher in the water model.

I loved the model I the moment I saw it, and knew that I had to find a use for the model - and the moment I saw the rules for the giant spawn, I thought it was the perfect opportunity!
I've painted the model over a nurgle green base, with biel tann green wash, then agrax. The model then had blood for the blood god and nurgle rot to add depth to the unit.
The model was based on a 'spare' knight carapace and shoulder guard, with the 'squid' spawn sliding over the curve of the carapace. This adds a little height to the model. There was little conversion needed to make the model fit to the base other than to pin the stomach to the base.

Thanks for looking!

Cheers LH (5 Painting Points)

15 May 2018

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Terminator Squad

Hi All, Thanks for dropping by. The latest addition to the Imperial Agents forces, a squad of Grey Knight Terminators. Glad to get these off the to-do pile, just a niggly job like before, these were painted by The Pirate Viking (Jeff) at The Beard Bunker and I just had to incorporate them into my own.
I re-based them to match my own vast forces, changed the purity seal 'wax' to purple to match my fledgling Sisters Of Battle (coincidentally then went back and changed the Purity Seals on both Grey Knight Dreadnoughts) and added the two red/blue indicators on the rear of the torso to match my own Terminators. Simple job, Jeff had done a great job and I look forward to replicating his scheme with the other Grey Knights I have.
Here is the rather splendid Terminator Justicar with a Nemesis Daemon Hammer.
Two Terminators with Nemesis Force Halberds for the +1 S but -2 AP vice -3 for a Nemesis Force Sword) but I love the iconic look of the Halberds.
The remaining two Terminators, again with Nemesis Force Halberds but one has a Psycannon.

Thanks for having a look see, great to make a small dent in the to-do pile and we shall see where the Hobby Butterfly takes me next... Cheers, Siph. (1 painting point rewarded for re-basing this Squad of Jeff's handiwork!)

13 May 2018

Warhammer World Visit 2018 - Final Photo Dump #3 - More Exhibits

Hi, I hope you've been enjoying this series, my final selection of photos from my recent visit. Cheers, Enjoy! I’m actually at Warhammer World today fighting a massive Relictors vs Daemons battle, and a great Warhammerfest yesterday - photos and batrep to follow....
The HUGE Assault on Angelus Hive takes up all the space in the staircase between Exhibition Halls.
Also on the Staircase
Another display case on the stairs
Tyranids Vs Eldar on a volcanic moon
Black ORK Down, MORKadishu
Blood Angels assault a Necron Tomb World
Probably my favourite - Tau Base being assaulted by Ad Mech and Titans!
The Manta is HUGE
Love this Titan scheme
Awesome attack on the Reaver and the Reaver crushing Battlesuits in its grip!
There you have it, I went on a Thursday evening and whilst the gaming Hall was busy as was Bugmans where I had a delicious Peppered Burger, the Exhibition Halls I had all to myself, amazing sites and really great way to spend a few hours whilst passing through the area.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, especially for our cousins across the pond - if you are ever visiting the UK, forget London (well at least get out of London for a day), you want to make the pilgrimage to Nottingham ;)

Cheers, Siph.
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