29 Apr 2012

Magnetized Tervigon/Tyrannofex Semi-Complete

After finishing my latest Tyrannofex and the last of my gaunts/stealers that needed painting, I jumped straight into the Tervigon/Tyrannofex that I magnetised here.

Knowing that I have some games coming up where I want to play the model as a Tervigon and a Rupture Cannon Tyrannofex I focused on just painting up the parts I will need now and will be painting the rest of the magnetised options at some point in the near future.

I only took pics of the Tervigon option:


5 Apr 2012

Second Tyrannofex Complete (Pic Heavy)

Hi folks, so I recently bought a pair of the new Tervigon/Tyrannofex kits and magnetised one up (see here) so it can be either units and I built the other one to be a Tyrannofex armed with a Rupture Cannon. I wanted to pace myself before taking on the magnetised build (there are tons of variant parts to paint), so started off with the Tyrannofex.

I was really looking forward to painting this model but man it took ages to finish! Its just huuuuge!

4 Apr 2012

WIP Skulltaker

Having got my 'geek on' fully, recently and started putting together potential army lists for BW3, however I wanted to firstly paint one of my favourite characters from the daemon codex- Skulltaker.

Here is a picture of my current WIP.

The 'flaming' hellblade was done using golden yellow directly onto the black undercoat. I had planned to use a foundation paint first (I forgot to take the paint with me when I was working away from home) hence I went straight for the yellow. I found that the golden yellow's finish didn't completely cover the black, however this in fact enhanced the look of 'flames'  I then added fiery orange, then blood red to the sword. I am currently toying with the idea of adding black/white to the tip of the sword.

For the body I went for Mech' red foundation first, then scab red, then onto blood red. I will be adding a wash and highlighting up from there.

The skulls and cloak need some work to complete, as does the horns- I'm not sure whether to have red horns, or black- this will probably done towards completion of the model.

Will this model be making an appearance at BW3? I guess you'll be asking- maybe- maybe not- I've got another conversion in mind....  

2 Apr 2012

Ultramarines- WIP

Just a quick Ultramarine update of some of my current ultramarine WIP.

Land Raider Achilles- first up is the Achilles land raider- an unstoppable beast of a tank, which in the battles including an Achilles has never been destroyed.

Dreadnoughts- several dreadnought projects, including a 'mortis' style Contemptor- the Kheres Assault cannons are lethal, having destroyed a Land Raider on the Contemptor's debut.



Dreadnought 2

Captains- the captains from the chapter master set- I've changed the heads on all of the models, as the original heads I felt were too 'long in the neck'

Also included is Captain Sicarius.

Project 1- A purchase off eBay- Captain Invictus- This will be my second version of the model, having previously modelled Invictus on the old Terminator Captain body

Project 2- A mystery Project- can you guess?

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