4 Apr 2012

WIP Skulltaker

Having got my 'geek on' fully, recently and started putting together potential army lists for BW3, however I wanted to firstly paint one of my favourite characters from the daemon codex- Skulltaker.

Here is a picture of my current WIP.

The 'flaming' hellblade was done using golden yellow directly onto the black undercoat. I had planned to use a foundation paint first (I forgot to take the paint with me when I was working away from home) hence I went straight for the yellow. I found that the golden yellow's finish didn't completely cover the black, however this in fact enhanced the look of 'flames'  I then added fiery orange, then blood red to the sword. I am currently toying with the idea of adding black/white to the tip of the sword.

For the body I went for Mech' red foundation first, then scab red, then onto blood red. I will be adding a wash and highlighting up from there.

The skulls and cloak need some work to complete, as does the horns- I'm not sure whether to have red horns, or black- this will probably done towards completion of the model.

Will this model be making an appearance at BW3? I guess you'll be asking- maybe- maybe not- I've got another conversion in mind....  


  1. I have always liked that model though why there isn't a version on juggernaut I don't know. Looking good so far though for my tastes I would go with none coloured horns maybe with black ringlets on the ridges for contrast to the red and black.

  2. Looking good so far. I've painted one of these before and found him to be a blast to paint with all the details and the skulls on his cape.

    Ron, FTW


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