5 Jun 2023

Legio Astorum Forge World Reaver Titan - Carapace Vulcan MegaBolter

Hello all and thanks for dropping by. If you are as old as me, and own Titans, you will also be disappointed that a kit from 2006 still only has one carapace weapon option, and the AT versions have plenty... come on Forge World, where are my Titan Weapon options?
This was made using an old Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan Vulcan MegaBolter, I liked the simplicity as the armour shielding is symmetrical whereas the Mars version is asymmetric and would need the modelling skills of my Titan buddy Rob Wolters to look decent.
I added various gubbins on the rear and a set of inner Land Raider doors to hide the shaved off arm socket.
Dakka Dakka
What I found the most useful is a stack of 5mm magnets in the centreline strut was strong enough to affix to my magnetised Apocalypse Missile Launcher mount (the reason I chose to magnetise that bit).
Here it is on Reaver Aquila Occulus, ready to strip the voids on the Traitor Titans
I quite love the low profile and stubby barrels, looks brutal.
Here was the converted stage, I used a landing gear strut and cog mechanicum piece from the StormTalon Gunship, a sponson side from the same, a couple of doors from the internal Landraider doors and the landing struts made the hingles, gap filled and finished off with a couple of eyebolts from a Leman Russ (I think).
Hope this inspires some of you Titanseers to re-arm your Engines!

Cheers. Princeps Siph (5pts)

2 Jun 2023

Lord TITANium Halfpenny WIP updates - Deathwatch and Adeptus Titanicus

Hello all, here is a quick WIP update - load on at the moment!


Further progress on my Deathwatch force, with more Primaris and Firstborn marines, I've built 3 Eliminators with the Las Fusil, the plan is to also utilise some Reivers with the spare sniper rifles.

I've also built a few Primaris Marines utilising some 3D printed bodies - These are all going to be from the Dark Angels chapters, potentially as a DW honour guard for the Lion..
Further Vets and Terminators to the Deathwatch squad - these are all done as per the DW scheme I've used before.

Adeptus Titanicus

I've started building my AT force, currently I've got 3 Warhounds, 2 Reavers and a Warbringer under construction.. currently reviewing what magnets I need for all the weapon options!

Cheers for stopping by! LH

29 May 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus - Secutarii Hoplites 'Titan Guard' - Squad #3

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Here is the third squad of Secutarii Hoplites. These were also part of the painting commission I had ordered. More Infantry choices for Ad Mech, and more Titan Guard to protect my God Engines!
Another ten Secutarii Hoplites sworn to protect the living embodiment of the Omnissiah's might, a Titan!
5 Secutarii lead by the Secutarii Alpha (denoted by yellow and gold pauldrons, but missing the crested helm - not sure what the Commission team did with those few, nevermind)...
And five more Secutarii protecting the God Engines of Legio Astorum.

Cheers, Siph

15 May 2023

Relictors Chapter Space Marine - Castraferrum Dreadnought #1

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I am scheduling these posts again as I return overseas. This is the first of many Dreadnought reinforcements I bought from Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country blog, at the link I now have the honour of matching 18 of these to my current Relictors Battle Company, mainly all the Castraferrum types - (the square boxy ones, rather sadly now OOP, so this can be my ode to them). This one is an ancient METAL dreadnought with plastic arms. It weighs a ton, haha.
Here he is in the new livery of my Relictors 4th Company.
Here he was just before the re-dedication, in Goddenzilla's Relictors livery.
The main changes were the base colours, to match my extensive forces. I also brightened the panels with some Codex Grey, highlights of Administratum Grey and the muzzle brakes of bone colour. I also re-did the lenses, brightening them up, did the front armour plate details with my usual golds and red internal glass. The Battle Company I have have skull motifs on the front facings, made from a lot of WFB Shield Bosses, I still have a number of these to further link this into my forces. I mounted this on a black panel to match my other Dreadnoughts.

The 4th Company have a lot less Dreadnoughts than my extensive 5th Company, so denoted by the large 4 set on a green stripe this one joins the ranks for the 4th Company Relictors ever growing Battle Company.
The change of the base to my usual Calthan Browm (like Mournfang) goes a long way to matching it into my forces, I also highlighted the metals with Iron Hands Steel to further brighten the scheme to match mine. Thanks to Goddenzilla for the opportunity to grow my Battle Companies further, his scheme is a great hand-up to apply my touches to.
Here is the newest Dreadnought compared to my first Dreadnought in 2008.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

8 May 2023

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - 4th Company Tactical Squad #4

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have been gifted a Tactical Squad from my mate Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country as he makes room for his Imperator Titan! I also bought 18 Relictors Dreadnoughts from him to make my own too, so re-basing and like these a few touch-ups.
These are my fourth, 4th Co. Tactical Squad, the first being the re-modelled Tactical Squad plastics from 2014 and the two RTB01 Squads completed as part of the annual Squaduary hobby events in 2017 and 2018.
Veteran Sergeant Aurelius from Gamesday 2005 now leads the squad, the original Sergeant will get used for another project, perhaps Tactical Squad 5... I weathered his greaves to match the squad. Armed with a Power Fist he will be handy for striking back in Close Combat. The special and heavy weapons are a Missile Launcher and Flamer.
Some of these plastics are from the Assault on Black Reach box set I believe, but not all of them, like Tactical Squad 6 of 5th Company, missing the ML backpack, the 'grey knight' helm, the bolter strap versions, and the Flamer has had his Pauldron shaved free of the detail.
Here you can see the subtle differences from what Goddenzilla gifted me, I removed the gold trim, adding the steel Aquila on chest and the green pauldron trim of 4th Company. I also added the bone colour kneepad, a diagonal stripe denoting a Tactical Squad, a marking I used since 2008 with Tactical Squads 1 and 2. Added brass magazine; re-done the golds; metal vents on rear and an edge highlight of Administratum grey to match my other forces. The base rims were also extended using TTAdaptors 25 to 32mm rings. I also re-done the decals to match my forces.

Cheers, Siph (9pts - Sergeant Aurelius already posted)

5 May 2023

Deathwatch Space Marines - WIP

Hello all, Warhammerfest, the Titan Owners Club Walk was a blast! pics to follow - thank you to everyone that popped over to say hi!

This week I've started work on another 5 man Vet squad for my Deathwatch. Hopefully these will be complete over the next week or so.
Same base scheme as the others, I've started the process of picking out details.. more to follow soon.. LH

1 May 2023

WeeMen at WarhammerFest 2023 - Titan Walk

Lord TITANium Halfpenny and I were again with our Titan Owners Club friends and at WarhammerFest 2023 in Manchester, putting on a demo game with Titan Owners Club UK.

Long days, but great talking to so many Titan fans and seeing the Titan Owners Club Admin Team and Members. ENGINE KILL!

Cheers, Siph
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