19 Oct 2018

Battle Photos - Titan Owners Club (FB) Walk UK - Tamworth (Picture Heavy)

Hi One and All,

Last weekend both Siph and I joined fellow Titan owners for the second Titan Walk of 2018, this time at Tamworth near Birmingham. This was a true 'floorhammer' battle, with plenty of terrain to block LOS.

My battle force included my Legio Crucius Reaver and Warhound, as well as 18 knights which had to supplement the depleted ranks of the Traitors to balance the forces. Unfortunately due to another commitment I had to disappear after 1700, so missed the final turn of the battle where Siph reported that the Loyalists started the fight back..

Here are pictures of the event, the day started with all the God Engines lined up... Siph calculated approximately £21,000 worth of resin and plastic krak...
Simple tweaks to 8th rules, adding distance to all movement and Macro Damage only on natural sixes.

The following are photos during the Battle itself:
Legio Fureans Void Shields seem impossible to collapse... five sixes one after the other... the Tempestus Princep Majoris was not happy...
Player Calgar looks forlorn as his Warlord is reduced to 2wounds... ;)
Too many Warlord fists - the dual fist Warlord with hindsight was not the best choice in a field of TurboLasers and Belicosa Cannons...
The mainstay of the Traitor forces, the Maniples of Legio Mortis and Legio Fureans
The hordes of Imperial Knights close for an epic melee...
Legio Crucius hold the Traitor flank with the horde of Imperial Knights
Final Tally Traitor Win 158VPs to 136VPs.

A really enjoyable day battling, the Reaver gained another 'Engine Kill' taking out a Warhound, however the new Warhound was pretty poor with shooting, and any hits were all saved with the Void Shields of the Tempestus Engines.

Cheers, LH

18 Oct 2018

DreadTober 2018 - Relictors Ironclad Dreadnought - End of Week 2

Hi, thanks for dropping in and hello fellow DreadTober-teers, a small amount of progress was made despite me being busy this week with preparations for the Titan Owners Club (FB) Walk UK massive titan battle at the weekend. But now back and concentrating back on the smaller scale Dreadnought!
I managed to finish the claw arm, the green denotes 4th Company and will be dulled down when Matt sprayed, at the moment the 'Ard Coat varnish used to seal the transfer shows. I undercoated the Hunter Killer missiles and finished the head and smoke launchers. As you can see I basecoated and washed the Sarcophagus and mounted it on the stumpy legs - details and highlights yet to do.
The finished arm, rather pleased with the power claws subtle fade to dark using Nuln Oil over Kantor Blue and the lenses, I'll 'Ard Coat the lenses afterwards.
I also 'heat-stained' the Melta Gun, slightly richer irl, but basically silver-black-blue-purple-sepia using washes only, a simple effective tip for realism and interest.

Progressing well enough, no more Titan distractions will mean I can hopefuly get the majority done ths week coming. Cheers, Siph.

16 Oct 2018

Battle Photos - Titan Owners Club (FB) Walk UK - Tamworth UK

As promised, welcome back Titan Enginseers, these are the battle photos from the Titan Owners Club (Facebook) UK Walk held this weekend in Polesworth UK, near Tamworth, Birmingham. A decent central location and a great facility with kitchenette, air-con and ample parking and local shops for refreshment. Above is the set up - a smaller affair than the official TOC UK Walk earlier in the year, but a great day for it - I made a few new like-minded friends and got to hang out with buddies from the previous Walk. I'll leave it to TOC to do a better Battle-Report than me, I just had too much fun to remember all the goings on. The day was full of the shouts of "ENGINE KILL!" which made it all the better :)
The Battle Lines were drawn up, Lyden P's traitor Legio Fureans maniple of 7 Titans (!) held the centre.
The Loyalist line up, Knight Banners on each flank, Warlords in the centre. I was in direct support of the Warlords with my Legio Astorum Maniple.
The Fortress meant the Traitors concentrated their line up to our centre and right, making our left flank weapons out of range for the first turn... well played traitors...
We marked out the gaming area with masking tape and insisted players wore socks to avoid 'clown-feet' crushing resin!
Mid-game the right flank Knight Banners traded blows and Lord Halfpenny's Legio Crucius were 'Traitors for the Day' to balance the forces.
Col Hertford's Tempestus Warlord strayed to far forward to go hit something with it's fist! But fists on the Loyalist side was perhaps not the best idea, the Traitor Warlords armed with Belicosa Volcano Cannons vapourised several Warlords during the day - we recycled Titans back into play at the start of each turn.
The massive Maniple of Legio Fureans spoke very loudly when they opened up! The weight of all those Turbo Lasers and Volcano Cannons certainly was EPIC!
Probably my favourite shot of the day, Brothers lined up, the middle Astraman and my Astorum Reaver had identical armament even down to which arm was what... Drake Seta's Warlord and a Fureans Reaver made Honorum pay in the final turn... but only after Honorum had clocked a Warhound and a Reaver kill, so not bad for a day's hunting.
Legio Gryphonnicus and supporting Knights on the left flank close for the kill, the Castellan Knight actually scored a Warhound Kill! The Traitor forces were dominating the opening turns, but in the final turn the Loyalists closed the gap with two confirmed enemy Warlord Titan kills.
At the end of the day, the might of the traitors won through, but the mechanics and turn activation etc was the real winner, now we think we have a decent mechanic to make sure the games are speedy, involve more than two players at a time and are fairer (activating a single Maniple at a time sounded fair until you are faced with a Maniple of 7 titans containing 20 barrels of turbolaser!) lol.

Scores on the doors measured in Kill Point's was 158 to the Traitors and 136 to Loyalists (20 for Warlord, 12 for a Reaver, 8 for a Warhound, 2 for a Knight and 1 for an Armiger Warglaive), so just a Warlord kill in it really.
My nemesis this battle - wreaking revenge for Honorum killing it in June's Walk, he made sure my Warhounds Canis Bellum and Canis Praetor were deleted!

So, I did some maths out of curiosity:
FW Warlord Titans (not including foam unofficial) £1290 x 4 = £5160
FW Reaver Titans and weapons roughly £666 x 11 = £7326
FW Warhound Titans and weapons £376 x 16 = £6016
GW/FW Imperial Knights (Cerastus/Questoris/Castellan) roughly £100 x 28 = £2800
GW Armiger Warglaives £45 for two x 5 (10) = £225
Grand total present for this muster - give or take weapon options and Knight chassis = £21,527 !!

That's actually up £2,329 on the previous Walk UK with £19,198 and 7 Warlords... more Reavers and Warhounds this time.

An excellent day of 'big-toys' gaming! Brilliant atmosphere and a great bunch of dedicated hobbyist Titan Princeps! Thanks TOC and all who attended. Cheers, Siph.
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