20 May 2024

Legio Astorum - Forge World Warlord 'Dominus Victoria' - New Carapace Apocalypse Missile Launchers

Welcome Titanseers, and all, thanks for dropping by. I have now added some additional weapon options for Dominus Victoria, or any of my Warlords. I now have the option to swap out the Laser Blasters for some Apocalypse Missile Launchers for longer ranged firepower if desired. 
The missile launchers took the same colour patterns as the previous Warlord "Ex-Noctia" with white missiles and black rear armour panels.
I added some OOP Legio Astorum decals from the Forge World sheet, I still have some for the next few Titan builds which is great considering the price they now go for is about x10 the RRP...
I tried out some new white paint pens I got from Amazon for trying my hand at some star maps type motifs, these took one take and look great, the paint pen worked great. I traced around a few plastic lids and along the edge of some masking tape to achieve the lines. Tricky but worth it. I'm already planning using these more on Warlord number 4.
As usual the trim was Vallejo Brass and washed Reikland Fleshshade.
Dominus Victoria Walks with new-ish armaments of Mori-Quake Cannon and the latest Apocalypse Missile Launchers
Rather nice indeed...
And here with the selection of the options I now have for my Warlords, all are magnetised and interchangeable between all Warlords.

Cheers, Princeps Siph (10pts)

13 May 2024

Adeptus Mechanicus - Sydonian Skatros

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. The latest addition to the Adeptus Mechanicus ranks is a Sydonian Skatros, an augmented sniper created by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
According to Warhammer.com "Sydonian Skatros is a sinister cybernetic sentinel, stoic and unmoving until the moment an enemy strays into range of their huge rifle. Mechanical, stilt-like limbs allow them to traverse hazardous terrain and survey the environment, shrouded by a smog of incense-exhaust. With protocol-driven precision and an advanced scanner known as the Achillan Eye, they lock on to their foes’ weak points and unleash pinpoint fire that sows panic and agony – all the better for eroding enemy morale."
These can be armed with one of two long-barrelled guns – a Radium Jezzail, which fires radioactive bullets that pierce armour and poison flesh, or a high-powered Transuranic Arquebus.
Each weapon comes with its own bionic loader-arm, as well as an ammunition pack for the Skatros' belt, which sports a holstered pistol for closer foes.
This sniper is a completely different silhouette from the other Ad Mech snipers, a Skitarii Ranger armed with a Transuranic Aquebus. A delicate miniature, will be a pain to transport without bending any aerials. I added a two pence piece as a weight under the base to provide stability.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

10 May 2024

Deathwatch Space Marines - More Captains! Done!

Hello one and all!

Sorry for the lack of posts on my side, its been a busy few weeks, however there are big updates soon!

This weeks offerings are two Deathwatch Captains, these are 'home made' and are taken from a well known 3D printing site.

Centurion Captain

This guy I had to have the moment I saw the file, the model was flipped so the shoulder pauldrons were correct. I've painted the same style as my other Deathwatch, the model is armed with a chain blade and flamer, in game this could be a Terminator captain, or house rules. The model had a back pack added to finish.

Gravis Captain

This guy is a 'hit!' I wanted to have models that look imposing on the battle, and this guy does for sure! He has had his left arm mirrored from the right, with some purity seals added. I've also added a skull helm which was purchased from an auction site prior to me getting my printer. Again, finished off with the same scheme as the DW.

Thanks for swinging by! LH (20pts)

6 May 2024

Necron Dynasty - Overlord with Warscythe and Tachyon Arrow

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. A character from the Indomitus Boxset is finally done, an Overlord with Warscythe and Tachyon Arrow. 
My Gauss energy is red and orange so the usual box-art greens are all replaced with reds. The armour panels of my Necron Dynasty is a dark blue and as ever, the more gold the character has the higher rank.
This sculpt has a beefy appearance, and the little rock at his feet has a cheeky little Scarab. 
The Tachyon Arrow is a wrist mounted energy weapon worn by Necrontyr royalty which when activated transmutes a sliver of inert metal into an unstoppable thunderbolt capable of piercing a mountain, and the Single-shot variants are tremendously powerful, capable of firing a projectile at the speed of light which can instantly destroy an Imperial Titan.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

29 Apr 2024

Relictors Space Marine Chaplain from Indomitus Boxset - Chaplain #12

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping by. Well last week I added my eleventh Chaplain, a Terminator Chaplain, so here is my twelfth Chaplain. This was the Indomitus Boxset Chaplain, my favourite sculpt from the set of characters. I love the skull re-built portion of his visage, I gave him a red cybernetic eye.
Here is the new Relictors decal.
This was an eBay purchase with quite a decent paintjob modified by me to fit my forces.

And along with his other Primaris Chaplain, a fine pair to lead and stir up the battle rage of the Primaris Battle Brothers.

Cheers, Siph (2pts as modified from existing scheme)

22 Apr 2024

Relictors Terminator Chaplain Tarentus - Chaplain #11

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. I have a great love for Space Marine Chaplains, I have numerous Chaplains, old and new, and this is my third Terminator Chaplain after the Limited Edition Terminator Chaplain and the original metal Terminator Chaplain.
Chaplain Tarentus is armed with a Crozius Arcanum for melee and a Combi-Flamer for purifying the enemies of the Imperium, a Bolter firing two shots (Terminator rules) and a Flamer.
The 'feathers' of the Crozius are painted white to differentiate from the other Terminator Crozius which was gold. This was an eBay purchase with a decent paint job which I’ve adapted and overpainted the golds.
The gold was Retributor Gold, washed Reikland, highlighted Auric Armour Gold. The detailed base was edged the same as the rest of the army's in Mournfang (Calthan) Brown and drybrushed Karak Stone and Ivory Fang (DRPA colour range) or Ushabti Bone.
Here is Tarentus with his twin battle brother the Limited Edition Chaplain

Cheers, Siph (2pts as Character adapted from existing scheme)

15 Apr 2024

Titan Owners Club - Titan Walk at Salute51 at London ExCel

Had a great weekend Walk at Salute51 at London ExCel Centre with Titan Owners Club. Here is a number of pictures of the set up and fabulous Titans bought along. Above you see Raptor Astra ready for some short range Sunfury annihilation!
At opening, just before the attendees arrived
Rob W's fab Solaria Engines
Jon O'K Engines
Leakycheese's Warlord
The Forge Of Mars Lee M's Engines
My own Astorum Engines
Weird_Wolf_Games Gryphonicus Engines
Drake_Seta's Mortis Engines
Honey the Destroyer's Vulcanum Engines - Along with Mortis, my opposition for the day
Lord TITANium's Crucius Engines
Lord TITANium Halfpenny and the really Big Crane...
Jordan's Praesigius Engines
Kacee's Gryphonicus
The Astorum Scouts
Warlord Dominus Victoria bagged herself a Vulcanum Warlord kill (WLT0002) so a great day was had by all. The venue was good, secure parking, pre-day set up of terrain and local hotels and restaurants all nearby. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones amongst the TOC Members and getting to chat with the public about ForgeWorld titans, painting, Titan Owners Club and construction of Titans.

Cheers, Princeps Siph

12 Apr 2024

Titan Owners Club at the London ExCel - Salute51 - Pre-Event 'Training'

Ahead of this weekend's Titan Owners Club demonstration Walk at Salute51 at the London ExCel centre, Lord TITANium Halfpenny and I had a trial run with our forces, hopefully on the event we will be on the same side but we have faced off against eachother times before (depends on numbers of Members attending) and we can assume the role as Ex-Crucius or Ex-Astorum if needed, not all the Horus Heresy was documented.

If you are around in London and coming to the Salute convention, come say hi - you won't be able to miss us! Look out for the shouts of "Engine Kill!"
### Here was a quick vid vox transmission ###
Lord H's Legio Crucius forces, A support Warhound, 3x Ursus Claw Warhounds in a Squadron, a Warlord and two Reavers, one Close Combat, one ranged.
Siph's Legio Astorum comprised of 3x Warlords and a squadron of Warhounds armed with Las/Plas.

Lord H had the first initiative roll so opened proceedings. The strange skull shaped terrain provided some cover or choice of avenue of attack...

The walk had some fantastic moments - the Ursus Claws causing major damage to Rapture Astra' legs, and then to have all 3 warhounds charge into Dominus Victoria - killing the fabled engine with melee attacks, and then a final melta shot to finish her off- however the resultant explosion of her reactor killed 2 hounds, and crippled the third, which was easily picked off. 

 Final totals saw Cruicus take 2 warlord kills, against the 7 kills (2 of those in the explosion) of Astorum..

Awesome mini walk! 

Cheers, Princeps Lord TITANium Halfpenny and Princeps Siph
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