18 Feb 2019

Legio Astorum - Forge World Warlord Titan Build #20 - Painting the Toenails

Hello Titanseers, since completing the inner toe-gap armour plates in Sepember I had been rather idle and distracted by my HBS (hobby butterfly syndrome) but now continuing my Warlord Dominus Victoria once again, I've started painting the many armoured pieces, giving the Titan it's bright regal Legio Astorum livery at last. It feels good finally adding these eight Toe Piston Assemblies as these also lend more strength and stability to the leg assemblies, now with five points of contact with the feet, rather than the single main ankle ball socket (which is pinned).
It certainly feels like the Titan has finally began to take shape beyond the silver endo-skeleton mocking me silently from the edge of the gamesroom... it's pround regal blue and gold livery beginning to shine through the to-do pile!

Cheers, onto the biggest job next, the hefty and awkward sized (for painting) Torso box main body assembly. Thanks for dropping by, Siph.

15 Feb 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP sort of...

Hi one and All.

Away from the hobby desk this week, so no 'real' progress, I'd just thought I'd share a few images of potential weapon options on the Warbringer Nemesis titan... :)

The Nurgle Cannon...
An Armiger Cannon.. mightily feared amongst Legio Fureans Princeps...
 Warlord Sunfury Plasma Cannon (a future option I reckon - Siph)
The Typhon Cannon
The Plasma Obliterator Cannon..
Imperator Mega Gatling Cannon.. okay maybe on the future Warlord Nemesis variant??
Plasma cannon
The Quake cannon.. (I'm sure this wouldn't work..)
The crazy tech priest reviewing the cannon options.. or ordering from his local take away...
My personal favourite - the Warhound cannon... OF DOOM!!
 Back to normality now, hopefully the next post might include some painting.. LH

13 Feb 2019

Necron Dynasty - Necron Warriors - 50-55

Hi all, another five Warriors done, amassing a large phalanx of troops for my Overlord. Just need to pick up another five to round these off to 3x20 blobs. A simple recipe of Army Painter Plate Metal, washed Agrax and Nuln Oil. Chainmail highlights, then the red gauss energy and copper capacitor coils.
No golds or blue for these lowly warriors, I reserve that for the higher ranking troops and HQ.

Well, thats all folks, a simple squad - five more off the to-do pile. Thanks for droping in.

Cheers, Siph (5 points)

11 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Vanguard Skitarii - Progress Week 2

Hi all Squaduary-teers and readers various, thanks for dropping by. This is where I am after two weeks of Squaduary, progressing well, smashed out the two remaining Plasma Caliver Vanguard Skitarii, they all match pretty much so I am quite pleased (the original one from two years ago is the one on the right).
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games.  Thanks Rory for providing this encouragement event - its spurred me on if no-one else!
As for the rest of the Squaduary pledge, the torso and coats and legs are all finished, just backpacks, arms and weapons and heads left to do. I started on one of the Radium Carbines to test the proposed scheme and it worked fine, so that was quick and relatively easy to do from the Leadbelcher undercoat so all is good!
And the arms and heads as is... will have these cracked out this week then it is just backpacks, sealing and 'Ardcoating the lenses - I think I am on target to finish early which amazes me, but these are really enjoyable to paint - good really as I have another ten from Forgebane lurking in the to-do pile!

Good luck all other Squaduary participants, still plenty of time to get the Squads done. 

Cheers, Siph.

8 Feb 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP #5 Quake Cannon

Hi All,.
It’s been a slow week, however I have spent some time with the Warbringer - mainly the Quake cannon.

I wanted to have it where the canon could be move into position to fire - with vertical movement. Initially I tried with magnets - however due to the weight, the cannon would be pulled to the horizontal axis.

So I added a 'lock and key' mechanism to allow the movement of the cannon. A pin was added within the housing, and then an adjacent hole was drilled into the vertical support. I then scored the resin to show the direction of movement, and added to more holes, and then the resin was removed between the holes with a knife. This allows the cannon to be set into 3 positions, upright, a semi erect position and a firing straight ahead position
I am really happy with the way this turned out, allowing the model to be positioned mid game will add more realism to the model. I can't wait to see the Warbringer in action..

Cheers LH

5 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Skitarii Vanguard - Progress Week 1

Hi All and Squaduary Participants, this weekend I cracked on with some building and construction and re-did the helmet of the one completed Vanguard to a brighter red, Mephiston Red and the shoulder/torso armour with Fulgrite Copper washed Agrax. This was so I could match the helmet to the cloak inner and match the torso armour with the paints I have.
I then forged ahead with the painting of the Torso and Legs of the squad members. aiming to get the three Plasma Caliver troops done first so I can match the plasma coils with the first and get done and out of the way. The clean up of these was quite arduous, especially on the Radium Carbines with some mould slippage - but salvageable so all is good. I'm liking painting these, a change from the Warlord Titan certainly! I found painting the legs separate to the torso/coat makes it a lot easier to get to the base and the inside of the coats, other than the three above, the rest are not glued.
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games

Thanks for checking out the progress and to all the participants, keep going, more plastic and resin off the to-do mountain is a worthy cause :)

Cheers, Siph

2 Feb 2019

WIP Pink Horrors and Inquisitor Greyfax

Hello one and all!

Having had a few days away with work, I opted to take some models with me to my hotel to paint, rather than spend all night in the hotel bar!

Pink Horrors

I've painted these the same as my other 2 units, with a different colour for the tongue to make the units stand out. I've used gold for the bracelets and blue for the flames on them. To finish is some further details etc.
Inquisitor Greyfax

I've had this model for a while, and decided to give her some love. Working over a silver base the model has had gold detailing added, as well as details picked out with red for the Inquisitor 'I' The cape was painted with a purple hue, which was painted in different thickness' to try to add depth to the cape. I've also added a nod to my wife's favourite shoes - With red soles added in tribute to her Christian Louboutin's. (Ah, a worthy visage on the tabletop of the long haired Admiral Halfpenny! - Siph)
Thanks for looking! LH

1 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Hobby Motivation Time Again!

often join blogger buddy Hobby events, I find they help me focus my Hobby Butterfly Syndrome for at least a month anyway - In February last year I completed a squad of RTB01 Marines, this year I am joining in again with Squaduary and painting something AdMech - Skitarii Vanguard!
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games
This RTB01 Squaduary pledge was 2018.
And this Squaduary 2017
And this year, Skitarii Vanguard Squad
Here is the state of play at the start of the month with the exception of one Vanguard, seen above I did as a test scheme in 2016, so nine more to complete this month (in between continuing slow progress with the Warlord Titan!) Wish me luck, cheers, Siph.

30 Jan 2019

Necron Dynasty - Necron Warriors - 45-50

Hello all, so I posted back in Summer 2017 that I had finished my Necron Warriors now that I had 45 done, I thought that'll be plenty, then 8th dropped and large blobs of Warriors and the Reanimation Protocols made Warriors a solid chice for any Dynasty. So, I purchased a squad of ready made Warriors on eBay and painted to match my existing troops.
Here are Warriors 45-50, nothing special but five more simple automatons to swell my Overlord's ranks. 5 more in the pipeline and then I aim to get a final 5 to make a round 60, so I can field 3x20 blobs - they should be hard enough to shift and reanimation protocols being active every turn regardless of when they fell.

Thanks for dropping by, more Titan progress soon as I aim to get Warlord Dominus Victoria finished for the Titan Owners Club UK Walk in June.

Cheers, Siph. (5 points)

28 Jan 2019

Batrep - Blood Angels Vs Ad Mech - 2000pts

Hello All, A quick look at a recent battle between  On_Wings_Of_Fire and Siph, check out his Blood Angels on Instagram.

The Blood Angels faced off against the AdMech holding a facility and fuel storage park. The Blood Angels had been given orders to seize the facility for the ongoing system wide operation however the AdMech vowed to keep the facility in the direct control of the Ommnissah. The game scenario was "No Mercy" Eternal War, VPs awarded for Units Killed, LineBreaker, Slay Warlord and we played First Strike. Deployment was "Hammer and Anvil" longways down the table.

Blood Angels had Smash Captain, Jump Chaplain, 2x5 DC Jump Troops, 3x5 Bolter Scouts to test the Beta Rules for Bolters, Libby Dread, DC Dread, 3x Landspeeders, Lieutenant and a Stormraven carrying a Leviathan Dread and Heavy Flamer Devastators. (potential 14VP tally)

AdMech forces allied with an Imperial Knight Paladin, an Armiger Warglaive, 2x3 Breachers, Techpriest Dominus, Techpriest Enginseer, 9x Fulgrite Techpriests, 10x Rangers, 2x Gun Kastelan with Datasmith, 2x Fist Kastelan with Datasmith, 5x Sicaran Ruststalkers and two Sydonian Dragoons and a Icarus Dunecrawler (potential 15VP tally).

BA Turn 1 - Blood Angels deployed first and AdMech failed to seize, so the Blood Angels surged forward into the face of the Imperial Knight with the Stormraven and Landspeeders targeting the Knight with Lascannon and MultiMeltas, gotta go hard early with BA.
The Stormraven fired its now 24 shots Hurricane Bolters killing two Ruststalkers hidden in the ruins ans shroud-psalmed. The Stormraven MultiMeltas hit once and Ion shield saved but the Lascannons hit taking just one wound, the Landspeeders had more luck with one taking 6 wounds from the Knight leaving him on 17. The Scouts on the BA left took a wound off a Breacher, the other two Scout squads in the central ruined blastscape and platform took one wound from the lurking Ruststalkers.
A rather lacklustre shooting phase from the Blood Angels and no close combat this turn. (BA:0VP AM:0VP)
AdMech Turn 1 - The Rangers and Breachers opened fire on the left flank Scouts, killing two on the AdMech platform. The Kastelan Robots with the guns on double shot protocols stripped the DC Dreadnought to two wounds and the second Breacher Squad wounded the Landspeeder Squadron wrecking one machine. The Icarus Array found the target of the swooping Stormraven reducing the beast to 9 wounds whilst the Imperial Knight opened up on one of the Death Company Jump troops killing three with the Rapid Firing Battlecannon.

In the fight phase the Imperial Knight strode into the blastscape ruins and wiped out the Scouts for First Strike and a VP. The Kastelan fist Robots and Sydonian Dragoons wiped out the other two Landspeeders for another VP. (BA: 0VP AM:3VP)

BA Turn 2 - (somehow I forgot to take pic captures in my excitement...) The pain was about to come down, BA are good in CC and now they were poised to return some of the hurt dealt to them :) The BA shot the Imperial Knight with its Grav Bombard before charging in and wrecking the towering war machine, luckily for both sides it's reactor did not go into meltdown and nuke everyone nearby! The DC Dread had softened up the Knight with its MeltaGun before charging the three remaining Sicaran Ruststalkers easily ripping them asunder, securing another VP. In the rear of the lines the BA Smash Captain, Chaplain and DC Troops bolstered by the redeployed survivors of the first DC Squad slam into the Fulgrite Techpriests slaying 7 of them before they have a chance to increase their Invul - a mistake learnt last battle! The last two fled the field for another VP.

The Leviathan fresh from the Imperial Knight kill emboldened consolidated into the Armiger Warglaive who was bathed in fire from the Heavy Flamer Devastators disembarked from the Stormraven losing 3 wounds, whilst the DC Troops consolidated into the AdMech Warlord Techpriest Dominus. The Stormraven raked the Rangers killing 7 but the final three hold fast. The Lascannons stripping a few wounds from the Dunecrawler leaving it on 9 wounds. (BA:3VP AM:3VP)
Ad Mech Turn 2 - The Warlord Techpriest Dominus wisely fell out of combat with the DC Jump Troops to allow the Breachers and Rangers to wipe out 3 of the 4 DC Marines. The Kastelan robots remaining stationary open fire at the Chaplain and other two DC Troops, raking 18 shots each but the Will of the Emperor is strong and the Chaplain remained alive on 1 wound! The two DC Marines were not so lucky and were mown down leaving one DC, the Captain and Chaplain still in the AdMech facility. The Onager Dunecrawler and Breachers again targeted the Stormraven reducing the bird to 3 wounds.
In the assault phase the Armiger struck at the Leviathan but the might SM Dread only took two wounds. The fist Kastelans rolled 2in for charge but still made it to the Libby Dread smashing him with their fists. The Sydonian Dragoons failed their charge to the DC Dread, even with a CP re-roll. (BA:3VP AM:5VP)
BA Turn 3 - The Blood Angels were in a good position with the demise of the Imperial Knight and now Leviathan locked in combat with the Armiger, The Captain and the remaining DC Troops slammed into the Breachers, the Chaplain sensed an easy kill so charged the Techpriest Engineseer. The DC Dreadnought charged the Sydonian Dragoons who had failed their previous turn charge.
The Captain landed 3 Thunderhammer wounds on the T5 Breachers but the Breachers were saved with an amazing round of invulnerable saves! Each wound would have been 3 damage and would have wiped out the squad. The Techpriest Engineseer saved all the Chaplain attacks and struck back but failed to finish off the Chaplain.
The Leviathan in combat with the Armiger Warglaive suffered 3 wounds from a CP interrupt by the Armiger leaving him on 7 wounds, then striking back taking 3 from the Armiger reducing him to 9 wounds.
The Sydonian Dragoons were dragged down by the DC Dreadnought, but in turn was destroyed by the two fist Kastelan Robots. The Heavy Flamer Devastators bathed the Robots in promethium overheating the circuitry taking one robot down to 2 wounds.
The Stormraven fired his Hurricane Bolters again at the remaining Rangers but only took one down with 24 shots but hitting on fives due to damage bracket. The Lascannons tickled the Dunecrawler taking 2 wounds. The destruction of the Sydonian Dragoons and the DC Dreadnought meant a disappointing turn for the Blood Angels with a lot of lucky saves for the AdMech. (BA:4VP AM:6VP)

Ad Mech Turn 3 - The Techpriest Dominus repaired all the wounds to the Dunecrawler and the Techpriest Enginseer repaired the Armiger Warglaive, the fist Kastelan Robots charged the Leviathan in combat with the Armiger aiming to take him down. The Datasmith used his Gamma Pistol to kill the Devastator Sergeant and the accompanying shooting robots wiped out the squad. The restored Dunecrawler and the remaining Breacher squad and Arc Rifle Rangers fired at the wounded Stormraven taking down the mighty flyer. A great turn of shooting for the AdMech.

In combat the BA Captain took down the Breacher Squad with ease this turn but the Chaplain was beheaded by the Techpriest Enginseer's Omnissah Axe! The Leviathan in combat with the Armiger and the Kastelans resisted a bucket load of dice with its invulnerable saves! (BA:5VP AM:9VP)

BA Turn 4 - The Scouts aimed at the Datasmith who shot the Devastator Sergeant but his Refractor Field saved him from harm. The Captain and last Death Company trooper multi-charged the Dunecrawler, Techpriest Dominus and Rangers, taking the Dominus down to 2 Wounds, taking three from the Onager Dunecrawler now on 8 wounds and killing the Rangers getting a VP.

The Leviathan in combat with Armiger and Kastelans concentrated on the Armiger smashing the Armiger Warglaive for another VP. In return the fist Kastelans took 6 wounds leaving the Leviathan on 1 wound. (BA:7VP AM:9VP)
Ad Mech Turn 4 - The Ad Mech gun Kastelans opened up with the double shot protocols, one wiping out the Scouts on the right flank for one VP, and one shooting the Scouts on the left flank - only killing one Scout due to some insane saving throws afforded by the cover of the platform!
The Dominus and the Dunecrawler fell back from combat and the Breachers fired at the now disengaged Captain with their Heavy Arc Rifles but unfortunately failed to get past the Storm Shield. Elsewhere though, the two Datasmiths singled out the BA Lieutenant now on his own and the Gamma Pistols found their mark, atomising the Space Marine hero for another VP. In combat, the fist Kastelans tore through the smoking Leviathan sarcophagus felling the mighty machine! (BA:7VP AM:12VP)
BA Turn 5 - The BA Smash Captain and DC Trooper singled out the Techpriest Dominus and smashed him down in combat for Slay the Warlord and a VP. The remaining few Scouts took a wound from the Breachers. (BA:9VP AM:12VP)
Ad Mech Turn 5 - It was largely over now for the brave but foolish Marines, the Captain was cut down from the massed guns of the Breachers and Onager Dunecrawler Icarus Array, also taking down the final DC Marine. The shooty Kastelans made short work of the remaining Scouts on the AdMech platform tabling the Blood Angels. The three units plus Slay the Warlord meant final VPs were (BA:9VP AM:16VP)

An Ad Mech win and a really fun battle for both players, Turn Two saw the loss of the Imperial Knight and Armiger in combat with the unstoppable Leviathan Dreadnought plus Smash Captain in the back lines and Fulgrite Techpriests wiped out, but then a great fortune in turn three with the Breachers resisting the Captain and the pulling down of the Chaplain the tide turned to the favour of the big guns of the AdMech, it was then a slow and deliberate grind of blood and gore for the Space Marines underneath the superior firepower of the Mechanicum. Ad Mech prevail and hold their techno-secrets for the Omnissah!

Thanks for reading this far, cheers go to my opponent On_Wings_Of_Fire and see you soon. Siph.
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