21 Jan 2022

Deathatch Land Raider - Done

 Hello all! 

Thanks for stopping by - another week, another comleted model..

This time its a ride for my FirstBorns, one of my favourite tanks, the Land Raider! I've had this waiting to be completed for a while. 

The tank has been painted like the rest of my Deathwatch force, with a black undercoat, metallic black base, hightlights with Eshin, then Thunderhawk. Red has been used across the weapons to tie in the with force. I've also added, like the other tanks, a silver panel on the left of the tank, and a colour one to denote the commanders chapter of origin - this on is Blue with a U, for the Ultramairnes. 

Thanks for looking! LH (10 points)

17 Jan 2022

Chaos Daemons - Seekers of Slaanesh

Hi All, Happy New Year! - thanks for dropping by. I finally painted a squad of my own Seekers of Slaanesh, my first squad was painted by my good blogger pal Nick at The Burning Eye blog. A great set and well done. Seen HERE
Once the Contrast Paints were released they looked great on organics so I decided to paint some Daemons, I wrote a painting guide for Daemonettes HERE if you want to check it out.
The bases were my usual recipe. Mournfang Brown, Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone

The Seeker Mount was a simple job of two thin coats of Magus Flesh Contrast, one all over and a second partial coat on the upper surface. So simple, so effective.
Really happy with these, and didn't take too long. 

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

14 Jan 2022

Deathwatch Aggressors and Deathwatch Captain

Hello All! 

Another week, another post! Shocking I know Siph! (Gasp! - Siph) 

I've completed my 6 Aggressors for my Deathwatch force - these were done in the same style as previous Deathwatch Primaris, with a metallic black base, highlighted with Eshin Grey, then thunderhawk Blue. I've picked out details that match across the unit. I opted for 3 and 3 with the configuration to give me options as the force increases, whether they are played as a unit of 3, 6 or as part of a killteam with other Gravis armed united. 

The First Born Captain is based on a spare Ultramaine Chapter champion, with weapon swaps. I've given him a plasma pistol, and a Xeno blade (could this be where Sicarius is after he went missing?) I've tried to retain certain 'Ultramarine' elements, without the model looking out of place with the other Deathwatch marines.

I am very happy with the sword - the green has had 3 lighter shades applied, with then highlights with white to the edge. I then applied a wash of Tesseract Glow to give it a Xeno 'feel' with a final highlight to the tip in white. 

Thanks for stopping by! LH (22pts) 

10 Jan 2022

Relictors Space Marines - Chaplain #10

The recent Games Workshop made to order old school Space Marine Chaplain reminded me how understated and awesome this particular sculpt was. The grimacing visage and the low threat of the Crozius coupled with the lethal Plasma Pistol I particularly liked. So I scouted the interweb and bought one at a lot less than the £17.99 RRP. Above you can see the White Dwarf backdrop.
I mounted the Chaplain on a 32mm adapter to the base and inserted a few small rocks under the feet as the original owner had not fixed them to the base correctly, but I didn't mind as it gave a few more millimetres.
The studded Pauldron was painted in Relictors grey and metal studs. The Plasma coils my usual blues.
A nice great addition to my many Chaplains, I love Chaplains so I keep adding them to the ranks, a Chaplain Dreadnought, a Biker, two Terminators, one Primaris, one Jump-Pack and four Chaplains on foot. Others found HERE

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

7 Jan 2022

Lord TITANium Halfpenny - 2022 Update!

Hello one and all!

Thank you for stopping by! 

I am still here, and indeed will be planning more posts. I've gone through a little of a hobby-hobble, but now back and ready to get building and painting! Last year was a poor show on my part - Sorry Siph! 

Recently I started rebuilding the models that were damaged either by the house move, or when one of my bookcases collapsed - hence the hobby-hobble. I've rebuilt 3 of 4 Cerastus Knights, with the 4th ready to finish - I am just needing to rewire the LEDs. 

Daemons have had all parts broken repaired, or converted back to standard. This included my chaos spawn squid - from the LotR model, this was a pain as the tentacles were all snapped away from the model, with the pins snapped.. 

I still have 3 drop pods to redo, however I have taken the time to repaint some of the details missed previously. 

I am working on Deathwatch Primaris Aggressors at the moment, and hope to have these 6 finished soon, then onto the remaining 15 or so Primaris before I take on the first-born Marines that are sat waiting to be painted! 

My hobby goals for the year are to:

  1. Complete majority of my Deathwatch force
  2.  Start and complete my AT force (still in boxes)
  3. Terrain 
  4. Knights (this has been an annual pledge for some time now)
  5. Another Titan prior to end of year (not yet bought) 

Thanks All! LH

3 Jan 2022

Siph’s Hobby Goals and To-Do List 2022

Hello all, well I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions as I never stick to them and I prefer a less than rigid “goal” to work towards… so last year I was away for the most part with work, however a backlog of completed miniatures kept the blog ticking over nicely and when back in the country I could add to these posts and keep it going once again. You wouldn’t have noticed (even if you were monitoring, lol).
Rather than a wall of text, some photos of last years gems.
I had a bit of a Necron push
Alas, this year I am called away again with work, but have less posts to rely on, so you will see a drop of on regular content - fear not Blogger, it’s not the winding up of another blog heading for instagrat/facespam… it’s just I’m busy away :)
So, goals - perhaps this year when able:
  • Reduce some mass from the to do pile… failed miserably and added more last year! Whether this means sell what I’m never going to get around to, or trickle a few projects through when able, we will try. I have a disgustingly large capitalist greed pile of shame - Siph’s to-do Mountain
  • Complete Lucius Warhound
  • Construct Warlord no.2 - note construct, not complete haha, record so far is 3.5yrs…
  • Get Lord TITANium Halfpenny to post more regularly once again, someone has to keep it up
  • Paint some Custodes
  • Attend Titan Owners Club Walks when able - highlight of last year.
So, there you have it, some simple goals. I’ll blog when I can and get that Halfpenny character turned-to! 
Have a great 2022, and a safe year avoiding Nurgle’s pox once more! 

Cheers, Siph

27 Dec 2021

Chaos Daemons - Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, hopefully Nurgle hasn't blessed your house and you are safe and well. I bought this rather disgusting Plague Hulk second hand and have had fun bringing the nurgle disease ridden corpse flesh back to 'life' and touching up the guts, blood, pustules and warts etc.
My main go to paints other than Deathguard Green and Nurgling Green have been the technical Blood for the Blood God and Nurgles Rot, both applied after the flesh work and a layer of matt varnish, that way I can preserve the shine and gloss look to both.
The metals received a lot of weathering and washes and a few inks like my old trusty Chestnut Ink.  
I love the disgustingness of Nurgle Daemons, I have another two Greater Unclean Ones to do, that way the FW one I have will be a Scabeiathrax the Bloated, also known as Papa G'aap, Lord of the Blighted Pit, Maggotspore, and the Wind of Nurgle, Scabeiathrax was most recently summoned into the mortal realm in by the Forces of Chaos infesting the world of Vraks Prime during the grinding military campaign recorded in Imperial databases as the Siege of Vraks wth the Death Korps of Kreig.

A rather large and cumbersome miniature to photograph but I think all the gross colours and pustules have come through...
I particularly like the weeping Nurgle's Rot from the Rot Cannon.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

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