15 Nov 2019

WIP Redemptor Dreadnought - Deathwatch

Hello All!

Hot on the heels of my first 2 Dreadnoughts for my Deathwatch force, is another one to add to their number. This time a Redemptor class dreadnought.

The model has been built to be striding forward, the kit has a number of options for the build which is great - I am not a huge fan of basic 'mono-pose' models, as you end up with all your models looking 'samey'. I think this is why the Deathwatch appeals to me, as you can convert the models to look like different chapters etc. like I did previously with the first 2 dreadnoughts.
I have built this and based exactly like the other dreads and the Corvus Blackstar with a metallic black over a base of Chaos Black. the left arm was then picked out with silver. A quick note, be very careful with this model if spraying the arms separately - I found I got some paint around the joint, which made it difficult to put the arms back into position.
I've opted for the plasma weapon for this dreadnought, I like the overall look of the weapon, and the stats are good too!

Thanks for looking! Lord Halfpenny.

12 Nov 2019

Relictors Primaris Chaplain (Chaplain #7)

Hello All, so my Relictors are forgiven by Roboute Guilliman and bought into the fold of the Imperium once again and reinforced by Primaris Helix Astartes, but to ensure the purity and the steadfast devotion to the Imperium and not be swayed by insidious Chaos, taint from the Chaotic Relics the Relictors have stored away - Roboute Guilliman deemed it necessary to start with a Chaplain!

Not all my own work, not sure how I came across Black Hand Marines, but I saw in Heretic Deb's Store page that there was a very reasonably priced Primaris Chaplain for sale and with a little tweaking I could make him my own Relictors Chaplain.
The sculpt itself is a marvelous one, probably my favourite Primaris sculpt to date even, so I had to have one and I loved the leather effect Heretic Deb had achieved so with a few alterations to the base, pauldron, icons and a general tidy up on the metallics and underside I had myself a Primaris Chaplain ready to go.
Along with my other Primaris Marines in the works, gone is the glossy black pauldron, replaced with a matt finish Relictors icon and grey border, the Relictors Primaris reinforcements are not indoctrinated into specific Companies, but rather Command is held centrally so the Primaris Marines lack Company specific colours on the shoulder trim, just Relictors grey. When they are attached to a specific Company for actions, they do observe the Command structure as normal, I'm thinking the Primaris Ancient might have a 5th Company Banner as his Astartes Banner.
Chaplains are an excellent addition to the Primaris Space Marine forces, with the Litanies on a 3+ meaning you can tailor your character to boost firepower from the rear with the Recitation of Focus or Catechism of Fire or with a Jump Chaplain for example boost the attacks in the Assault phase with Mantra of Strength, Canticle of Hate, Exhortation of Rage or Litany of Hate.

An excellent start to my Primaris forces, some Intercessors in the pipeline, the two Scythes of the Emperor are now proudly wearing the new regalia of Relictors grey and I've even preserved the formal Red colouring for Sergeant helmets in accordance with the Index Astartes - I intend my Primaris reinforcements to be fairly strictly following the edicts laid down by Roboute Guilliman, I don't want to attract the wrath of the Lord of the Imperium and have ourselves Excommunicate once more! (Not to say a few Relictors character traits and decorations won't find its way onto my Primaris forces as I build and paint, got to inject some flavour in all this vanilla...)

Cheers, Siph (5pts - Character but half as not all my own work)

11 Nov 2019

Lest we Forget...

Just a minute to say Thank-you, God Bless and Rest In Peace. 

Yesterday on Remembrance Sunday and today being Remembrance Day I am acutely aware of the sacrifice made by others in all walks of life, Service men and women; Emergency Services; Civilians and Merchant Navy, so I can forget about it every other day of the year and enjoy 'playing' with my WeeMen. 
Normal hobby blog service will resume tomorrow ;)

8 Nov 2019

Deathwatch - Corvus Blackstar Flyer - WIP

Hello one and all!

This week I've re-started on another project I started ages ago - a Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar.
I really like the look of the model, and feel it is one of the best Space Marine flyers for overall look. I am using the same metallic black base as the recent Dreadtober Deathwatch Dreadnoughts, and then will follow the same recipe to complete it.
The weapons have been picked out with a red basecoat, which will be the colour of choice for all my Deathwatch weapons to contrast against the black.
The Corvus Blackstar flyer will be based on a base from daemonscape these are amazing bases which I plan to use for all the Deathwatch force I am putting together.
Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

6 Nov 2019

Genestealer Cults - Achilles Ridgerunner

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. One of the most anticipated Units from the Genestealer Cults Codex for me was the small light buggy I had glimpsed in the GW YouTube cartoon reveals - the doubters told me it was just a stylised Goliath Truck however I had faith (in the Four Armed Emperor) that it was a yet unseen vehicle. I give you the Achilles Ridgerunner!
I like the small Humvee-esque profile and the big tyres, but it is smaller in scale - the crew compartment must just be a small cockpit inside, it's quite tiny. And for a small fast (14in) unit option this is a great one I think.
I basecoated the chassis Zandri Dust whilst the weapons, grab rails and ladders and tyres were kept separate and sprayed Leadblecher or Chaos Black. Then Agrax weathering and Karak Stone highlights the main bulk was done, details added and the painted on markings for some interest - my Hive Fleet is Kraken, so Reds and Tans is ideal. The Cultist fatigues echoes this combination too.
The Missile Launcher was magnetized at the top of the arm so it can be swapped out with the Mining Laser, I left off the Heavy Mortar as I didn't see the appeal of having a fast buggy camped out in the rear stationary - I'd much rather take my chances and fire on the move with the -1 penalty for firing Heavy Weapons, D3 Mining Laser shots hitting on 5+ still has the potential to upset.
The Ridgerunner also comes with two hull mounted Heavy Stubbers for more shots and I've fitted the turret with a Flare Launcher for effectively a 6+ FNP and the ability to speed up a unit of Cult Bikers an additional 6in Advance.
I 'hand painted' the Cult motif on the bonnet with a few paint streaks. And I added a few slate rocks to the base for variation.
Here you can see the Mining Laser fitted, as a Scout Vehicle you can position this Unit (up to 3) just 9in away from the enemy and if you get first turn, potentially 9x 36in 'Lascannon' shots will upset something!
I will have to get a few more for options, with T5 and 8 Wounds they will die quickly even to Bolter Fire, however they are cheap enough to have a few as harassing units.
Here you can see the Cultist using his Auspex to guide the Mining Laser - you can also play a Survey Auger and the kit comes with a small Radar Dish instead of the Flare Shield giving Ignores Cover, or a Spotter for an additional 6in range. But I like the idea of frustrating the enemy with a 6+ 'FNP' with the Flare Shield.

A great little addition to the growing insidious GSC... Cheers, Siph. (5pts Vehicle)

4 Nov 2019

Relictors in the Indomitus Era - my thoughts and direction

- Marneus Calgar, Ultramarines Chapter Master.
The Indomitus Crusade and the Ultima Founding were things I thought that had passed the Relictors by, Excommunicate Traitorious and hunted to near oblivion by the Grey Knights and Inquisition, robbed of their home world Torva Minoris, my Relictors have been secretly campaigning for the Emperor in the fringes and shadows, hunting for relics, fighting Chaos with Chaos artifacts - my Relictors 5th Company is at full strength and the 4th is slowly growing. The Relictors fluff background updated to the Indomitus Crusade era can be read HERE.
Then I saw the above Chaplain in White Dwarf... had WD forgotten its own fluff, or had the Cicatrix Maledictum allowed Roboute Guilliman and Archmagos Belasarius Cawl cast aside small infractions and invite back the loyal misguided Brothers wherever they can be found fighting the good fight?
The loyal Relictors are falsely accused as Excommunicate Traitorious, just for dabbling in Chaos, fighting Chaos with Chaos, using the relics and artifacts they find to battle the foul Chaos forces. Would Roboute Guilliman risk reinforcing the Relictors with new Marines if he had doubts on their loyalty?
(not quite a Relictor Primaris, but close)
The seed of hope flourished inside, I had the chance to paint up some Intercessors in a grey scheme (above) which I really enjoyed but I had committed to painting Primaris Forces as Scythes of the Emperor, I painted two - just two... (a familiar tale, like my now sold off T'au)
But my heart is with the Relictors... and I can paint Relictors grey armour quite fast... well, 10yrs fast...
So, I sent an email to GW asking for clarification, I even emailed Graham McNeill the co-writer of the Index Astartes on the Relictors when they were introduced in WD281 who is now independent of GW and living Stateside... alas nothing back from Graham but I did get a response and chat with Dan at White Dwarf who wrote - "In answer to your question, I have checked with the Warhammer 40,000 team and, at present, there hasn't been any new background written about the Relictors. Essentially that means their future hangs in the balance. They may be forgiven and given access to Primaris Marines, they may not be. The Chaplain painted by Paul was just a fun painting project for him – it isn't based in any background."

So I wrote back - "Dan, thank you for the reply, and the clarification. I guess this is quite neat in itself as it leaves me free to interpret it how I want, the Galaxy is a big place after all... I’ve kinda assumed with the galaxy wide Indomitus Crusade and RG’s rather straight forward thinking he will forgive the Sins and see the Penitent Crusade as sufficient penance, bring back all loyal forces to the Banner of the Imperium and dispatch some Greyshields to the Relictors location for indoctrination under stipulation of more rigorous scrutiny by Chaplains to ensure the purity of minds and souls (albeit turn a blind eye to Relictors specific ‘dark’ practice of using chaos to fight Chaos..."

And Dan wrote back - "I mean, that's definitely the best course of action – it's your hobby after all, so go for it. I'm currently building Primaris Death Company for my Blood Angels. They can't have them, but that's not stopping me! Cool models first, rules later. ;) Dan" (Hmmm... so rules for Primaris Death Company later eh? ;) haha) But he is right, it's my hobby, do as I please.

And I saw this poster, Primaris Relictors 4th Company colours confirmed?... albeit just a cut and paste of existing known Chapters to sell Primaris to existing collectors! But, I think I have come to a decision, to some maybe a cop out - but they are my WeeMen and I want to grow my Relictors force beyond the now superseded 'old-marines'... no new kits, no new non-Primaris stuff, barely a mention and a few pictures in the SM Codex that wasn't Primaris - even the Characters are becoming Primaris (yeah lets risk the mightiest heroes of the Imperium first in a process that might kill them, not test and perfect the process on basic Marine stock first...) The fluff might be a bit meh, but it is what it is.
Another turn of the handle and I think 'old-marines' will be removed from the Codex, the announcement of the Index Rules forever is a thinly veiled disguise on shelving 'old-Marines' but without pi$$ing off the current collectors, and a drive by GW to move us to Primaris - why not, they are a company who want to sell the new merchandise, new miniature kits. I just lament the whole Primaris shoe-horned fluff, its a bit meh... and the shift to tacticool away from GrimDark, but I understand the delicate path GW had to tread not to p%$$ off the entire Space Marine majority of its customers by introducing tru-scale marines - that is effectively what Primaris are.
So, to bring this ramble to a close, yes perhaps to some I've sold out; perhaps I just see the writing on the wall for 'old-marines'; perhaps I'm just embracing the future of my Space Marine aspects of my hobby - but I've gone with my heart, as Dan says "Its your hobby... cool models first, rules later" - as the Relictors battle cry says "Strength of Will, Courage of Will" -  I have the hobby courage to embrace change, my Relictors WILL have reinforcements, I love the Chapter background, I know Primaris are very vanilla but Relictors are genestock of UM and DA and UM are vanilla, I will have to grow it myself lacking official direction... so...
From: Primarch Roboute Guilliman, Gene-Sire and Father, Lord Commander of the Emperor's Forces, Primarch of the Ultramarines Chapter, High Lord of Ultramar.
To: Void Fleet Relictors Chapter, Successor Chapter of Ultramarines and Dark Angels Chapters, Astartes Praeses Chapter Founding.

Sons, Brothers, hear this broadcast. You are needed - it is our darkest hours, the forces of the heretic, xenos and chaos beset humanity from all sides, the Cicatrix Maledictum has rent the galaxy in two. Now is the time Brothers to return to the fold. Your duty done, your Penitent Crusade comes to an end. I have ordered the Inquisition and Knights of Titan to cease the hunt. My Brother the Lion is lost, I am your remaining gene father - I order you to return to Segmentum Solar for immediate re-arming and Crusade.

Many indiscretions now have to be overlooked, forgiven, even embraced, the Codex Astartes does not fit this fight, I have perhaps taken a path outside my own guidance, my instruction to Belasarius Cawl to embrace technology where it can benefit mankind and not to be afraid of the unknown, tied down by hundreds of years of superstition and false religion - my slumber has taken humanity along a path I did not intend.

Wherever you travel, in your Fleet ships, Sons, Brothers, return to the fight - I have instructed Archmagos Cawl to redirect the nearest Greyshields Primaris Fleet to your last known position near the system of Balor, Nephilim Sector - use them, grow them and push the darkness out of the galaxy so the Light of the Emperor can shine bright once again in Imperium Nihilus.

Sons, we are at endless war. I order all our loyal prodigal Sons to return to the fold. In our Fathers's name The Emperor, beloved by all - Come home.


I hereby give you, Relictor Primaris reinforcements...
(You might recognise this Battle Brother as a Scythe of the Emperor earlier)

Battle Brother and Battle BIG Brother
Cheers, Siph.

1 Nov 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Lord Halfpenny's Project - Deathwatch Dreadnoughts Complete

Hello one and all,

Another Dreadtober finishes, an event to aim to complete a dreadnought of any variation. This year I opted to complete 2 dreadnoughts with a deathwatch finish. Here are the results and many thanks to Mordian7th who organised the event this year! Cheers mate!

Both dreadnoughts have had resin bases added - these were from http://www.daemonscape.com/ these base are great, with good, crisp details. Definitely will be getting more in the future!
Space Wolves Dreadnought
The Space Wolves dreadnought was built with spare SW parts in my bitz box, added to the venerable dreadnought kit. The model has a metallic black basecoat, which I've added line highlights with Eshin Grey and Thunderhawk Blue. The details have been picked out to pop from the black base. The eyes and the 'Frost Claws' DCCW are a contrasting blue to stand out from all the black. Decals were added from the SW set.

Dark Angels Dreadnought
The Dark Angels Dreadnought was based the same as the SW one, with again details picked out to show him as a fallen (maybe not the best wording there LH!) Dark Angel. The dreadnought just had to be a Dark Angel due to the Plasma Cannon! Again, various decals were added with a Dark Angel gothic feel to complete the model.
Really happy with how these guys have turned out, on to the next batch in the 'to-do-pile'.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (10 points - 2 dreadnoughts)

30 Oct 2019

Relictors Space Marine 3rd Company Terminator Captain Theol

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. This is the Terminator Captain from the Army Boxset which then became the Deathwatch Terminator Captain. I have however replaced the inscribed blade which I thought was too thin with the blade from a Gravis Captain and added a head swap for a helment from Dreamforge Games Valkir Heavy Troops.
I think the banner was from the Venerable Dreadnought kit, anyhow I've made him a Captain of the 3rd Company, Brother Captain Theol, as I already have far too many Captains from the 5th and a few from the 4th... the backstory for this Captain is that he has lost the 3rd Company to the persecution and execution of the Inquisition and Grey Knights - tasked with hunting the Relictors for being Excommunicate Traitorious, only the Relictors know they are Loyal - they might just experiment with Chaos a bit to better understand it and fight Chaos better, a viewpoint not shared by the Inquisition... His tear drops on the Helmet and the Banner is to reflect this great loss and sadness. One tear for his beloved Company, one for the Emperor's grief of the loss of loyal sons, and one for himself - knowing he cannot and will not be able to exact revenge on his Brother's killers, as they know not what they do - soon it must be revealed to the Inquisition that the Relictors are loyal sons.
I chose to add some red flourishes to link him with the 3rd Company colour, by rights I guess Terminators should be in 1st Company, but Characters can choose to fight however they wish - High Command is not taking any risks with Capt Theol, he fights on in the relic Terminator Armour to preserve 3rd Company!
I really enjoyed painting this mighty hero, a lot of nice details and the miniature went together really well. I like my addition of the Knightly Helm, adds to the crusading Knight feel for this individual, determined to let the spirit of 3rd Company live and fight on through him.
Brother Captain Theol of the 3rd Company Relictors fights on! Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

28 Oct 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Completed RT era Dreads "Eddy" and "Fury"

Hello Dreadtober-teers, thanks for dropping by. Here is the fruits of my labours, thanks for the encouragement along the way! So, meet "Eddy" Deredeo Class and "Fury" Furibundus Class Venerable Dreadnoughts. 
A big thanks to Joel (Mordian7th) for keeping the hobby event alive for another year! And thanks to the founder Greggles, and Joe B and Todd (Sincain40Kfor their contributions over the years. And a huge thanks to all the contributors who make this a great success!
"Eddy" has a STC double shot firing Lascannon (Dual Lascannon) and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with Stormbolter. "Fury" has a Missile Launcher and STC Lascannon. I will be playing both of these as Venerable Dreadnoughts, quite fitting for these relics of Rogue Trader era.
As for height wise, here is a comparison between the old metal RT era Dreadnoughts and the modern plastics, the Venerable Dreadnought. I only have friendly games so I am not worried about modelling for advantage using the smaller ones.
And here is a shot of the whole Dreadtober collection so far, from 2016 a modified plastic Contemptor; in the centre a Forge World Deredeo with Autocannons and Missile Launcher and SM casualty on the base; from 2018 a Forge World Mk4 Ironclad and finally the two RT Dreads.

Cheers all, thanks for looking and cheers for your support, Siph.
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