27 Apr 2017

Leviathan Dreadnoughts - 3 Ultramarine Leviathans

Hi one and all,

To follow up on last weeks post, My 3 Leviathan Dreadnoughts. to complete these I need to add some transfers, which I intend to do as a massive bulk with my other dreadnoughts and vehicles.

Up first, my all rounder, with melta and claw- I'm really happy with the pose of this one- as though he is charging into combat- the left claw is mounted further round that it should be really, but the look needed that to get the desired look. Definitely benefits from the 2 running feet.
Up next, my combat dreadnought - again the pose looks good, aimed to be in the middle of a big combat; the rules for this in CC are pretty insane, (7th ed rules) and I am looking forward to seeing how he fairs in combat.
Lastly, Mr Shooty himself, the storm cannon armed Dreadnought. Designed to let the other 2 charge forwards whilst he blasts away at everything, again the benefit of having 3 of these is to have been able to change the feet around. This dread has 2 flat feet befitting of a shooting stance.
 The 3 Dreadnoughts together on my battle board..
 The the 3 dreadnoughts with my others- a 14 strong unit...
Thanks for looking!! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

24 Apr 2017

Necron Warriors - 35-40 done, 5 left

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by, 5 more from the Battleforce done, now the remainder of the 4th squad, that's 40 done now. I only have 5 left to do in the to-do pile, plenty of other Necrons left though.
These ones I took the time to re-pose the heads so they are not looking up in the air or too crouched over. I also posed them so they are actually shooting their Gauss Flayers. I copied the same scheme for the rest of the Warriors I've done so they blend in seamlessly, makes it easier when choosing my forces for upcoming battles, just pick however many soulless automatons I need... perhaps all 40 next battle! We are Legion!
Finally a shot of the whole lot so far, I'll keep going with my To-Do pile pledge before I buy nice new shiny WeeMen. Cheers for reading this far, Siph.

20 Apr 2017

WIP- Leviathan Dreadnought(s)

Hi one and all!

Thanks for looking at our Blog!

Just a post on my WIP Leviathan Dreadnoughts, when 1 isn't enough, go for 3!

I really like the look and feel of these HH models, they look how I image dreadnoughts would look- massive, chunky and deadly! I opted to have one true shooty Dread, one for close combat and the other a mix of the two.

Up First, the Mix dreadnought, armed with the Cyclonic Melta Lance, and Siege Claw, I've switched the feet around so this one has two 'running feet'. The missile rack is to be added, plus transfers and line highlights and base. The model (and other 2) appears to be 'too' blue- I think this is that the base isn't done yet. 

 Secondly, the shooty dreadnought- armed with 2 Storm cannons. This model has the 2 'standing' feet, which I think helps with the pose. To complete, same as above with transfers, missile rack and base.
 lastly, the Close Combat beast- armed with a siege claw and drill, the pose is meant to be in the middle of combat. To complete, same as the first two.
 By working on all 3, I've managed to get a uniform blue across them, and am happy with the look of all 3 together- once finished I'll do a group shot on my 'HH' dreadnoughts as well as my battle group of 14 dreadnoughts!
Thanks for looking!

17 Apr 2017

Necron Warriors - more from the To-Do Pile - 30-35

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in, more progress battling the to-do pile, 5 more Necron Warriors now done, another 10 to do, leftover from a Battle Force boxset. I already did all the Canoptek Scarab bases, seen HERE. And the rest of the existing warriors can be seen HERE.
So I guess these are Necron Warrior Squad 7, but with the latest codex, minimum squad size was increased to 10, so actually these are the beginnings of Squad 4. The copper capacitor coils are Fulgurite Copper, my new favourite metallic colour. These are my basic Necrons so they lack any Blue or Gold accents, but the metals are actually more than sprayed! Its Platemetal AP Spray washed with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Runefang Steel. Neat, functional and mass produced - just like Necron Warriors should be!
Whilst I was at it, I re-based the Thunderfire Techmarine to a more stable and suitable 32mm base, much better. I am also slowly re-basing the existing Marines to 32mm bases using the TTAdapters I have, a process seen in the tutorial HERE - really easy if you are thinking of it, I have another 130+ Marines to do.

Thanks for dropping by.

13 Apr 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #8 - Rites of Colour

Hi readers,

Thanks again for popping over to our blog!

More progress with the Reaver to show, I've finally started to get some paint to the model, adding boltgun metal (or Leadbelcher for the new paints) to the legs and weapons, the base has been sprayed brown ready for dry brushing and detailing. The Rhino will probably get a 'Relictor' feel to it, to go with the dead marines already painted.
With regards the weapons, all have been sprayed, there is the addition of the Volcano cannon which I hadn't posted yet. There are details under the armour plate I want to do prior to sticking the plate to the gun. The Volcano cannon is huge in comparison to the other 2 guns! Again, I've built the arm to use the same screw/nut feature.
I'm still in 2 minds for the scheme, I do have a legion (maybe 2) in mind, I've seen both painted on other blogs or at WHW. Hopefully I'll have picked the legion for the next Reaver post.

He is the model currently, slow progress, but I'm happy with the direction its going in.
Thanks for Looking!

11 Apr 2017

Terrain and Scenery - Moonscape Craters

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in to our humble corner of the blogosphere once again. My latest addition to the Terrain and Scenery I have is the Apoc OOP Moonscape Craters plastic set from GW.
These were first on sale around the launch of Apocalypse I think and judging from a quick serach on GW website, no longer available which is a shame. I bought some of the Quake Cannon Craters too, much more detailed and grim dark with bits of tanks and plenty of skulls, these by comparison are very generic and a lighter vacuum formed plastic mould. A lot more flimsy than they look, and thinner plastic than the Quake Cannon Craters but once on the table top, they are very durable and do the job just fine.
Not much to say other than these took about an hour from start to finish, (not including optional glue drying time overnight), so if you do have them, get them out and get them done! Don't take several years like me!
I went the additional optional step of PVA (Elmers) glue around the plain plastic rim, and dipped in my modelling sand and then once dry, sealed with some Purity Seal to lock the grains in place.
Paint wise, which took less than the hour for all of them, is simply spray primer, sprayed Mournfang Brown, drybrushed Ushabti Bone, the centre of the craters was washed with a Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade mix. Done.
I then added a few clumps of burnt grass flock to the rims as all my bases have, and helps tie in with the Gamemat I have, it has little bits of vetetation pictured.
There you go, the GW Mournfang Brown spray is your friend here! Bag open to done in 1hr (overnight if you use glue like me). Go on, paint your scenery!

More Terrain and Scenery ideas HERE or in the sidebar labelled under "Terrain". >>>>>

Cheers, Siph.

6 Apr 2017

Bloodthirster WIP #3

Hi Everyone!

Here are a few more pictures of the Bloodthirster I'm working on, I've got the wings virtually there, I'm now debating whether to pin, or magnetise them into place, or just to glue them.
Left to do is the face, horns and feet, then an overall final wash/drybrush over the armour panels and then a final dark drybrush over the flames. I'm pretty happy with the way the model is looking, and that the skin tone is what I was aiming for.
Also in shot, is Skarband - a little further behind, but getting there slowly! Hopefully I will get these done within the week.

Thanks for looking!

3 Apr 2017

Genestealer Cult - Purestrain Paint Scheme

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping in. I had to decide on a paint scheme for the Genestealers for the Cult. I know the Codex says independent Genestealer Cults are a purplish hue, but that is dull to all be the same and think its a bit of creative fluff manipulation to explain why all the canon genestealers in Space Hulk are purple! But I wanted mine to link in with the reds and khakis of the Genestealer Cult Leman Russ and the infected PDF. So, Hive Fleet Kraken is my favourite scheme for Tyranids and is ideal.
I used the great tutorial over at Tale Of Painters for painting the Hive Fleet Kraken scheme, I love the reds, Mephiston red is a really nice red I'd never used. I subbed out the fleshy Bugmans Glow for some Ratskin Flesh but otherwise matched the tutorial, lovely results, thank you ToP.
This was an old 2nd Edn Genestealer, I have loads of them fortunately and a few of the Deathwatch Overkill ones so a First Curse formation will be on the books...
So, another 19 to do somewhere on the to-do pile! Thanks for dropping by, cheers Siph.
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