17 Apr 2017

Necron Warriors - more from the To-Do Pile - 30-35

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in, more progress battling the to-do pile, 5 more Necron Warriors now done, another 10 to do, leftover from a Battle Force boxset. I already did all the Canoptek Scarab bases, seen HERE. And the rest of the existing warriors can be seen HERE.
So I guess these are Necron Warrior Squad 7, but with the latest codex, minimum squad size was increased to 10, so actually these are the beginnings of Squad 4. The copper capacitor coils are Fulgurite Copper, my new favourite metallic colour. These are my basic Necrons so they lack any Blue or Gold accents, but the metals are actually more than sprayed! Its Platemetal AP Spray washed with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Runefang Steel. Neat, functional and mass produced - just like Necron Warriors should be!
Whilst I was at it, I re-based the Thunderfire Techmarine to a more stable and suitable 32mm base, much better. I am also slowly re-basing the existing Marines to 32mm bases using the TTAdapters I have, a process seen in the tutorial HERE - really easy if you are thinking of it, I have another 130+ Marines to do.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Very nice. You can never have enough necron Warriors :)

    I redid all my marines to 32mm bases with those TT adapters. They are very good and nice and quick to do

  2. @ Naf Naf, I may stop at 45 tho. And yes, when I can be bothered, re-basing to 32mm is easy, I just have to be in the mood, lol

  3. They look great mate! You always test my fortitude with your Necrons. Really want to get a few....

  4. @ Col H, cheers mate, coming from you that's a compliment ha ha. Go on, you know you want too.... just a small Decurion and Canoptek Harvest....


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