24 Apr 2017

Necron Warriors - 35-40 done, 5 left

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by, 5 more from the Battleforce done, now the remainder of the 4th squad, that's 40 done now. I only have 5 left to do in the to-do pile, plenty of other Necrons left though.
These ones I took the time to re-pose the heads so they are not looking up in the air or too crouched over. I also posed them so they are actually shooting their Gauss Flayers. I copied the same scheme for the rest of the Warriors I've done so they blend in seamlessly, makes it easier when choosing my forces for upcoming battles, just pick however many soulless automatons I need... perhaps all 40 next battle! We are Legion!
Finally a shot of the whole lot so far, I'll keep going with my To-Do pile pledge before I buy nice new shiny WeeMen. Cheers for reading this far, Siph.


  1. Good stuff, man! That's a lot of murderbots - You're in the home stretch now!

  2. Oh shiny shiny! Looking good.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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