22 Feb 2016

Relictors Battle Company On Parade - all miniatures to date - Feb 2016

Ask and you shall receive, a good blogger buddy Zzzzzz commented recently that he would like to see a 'family shot' of the Relictors, and I thought why not ;)
This is the entire Relictors 5th Battle Company I have to date, significantly larger than the previous shot back in Jun 2009 as seen below.
Unfortunately I cannot still accept this Battle Company as finished as I have four members of the Command Squad still to do! But even when they are done, I'll keep expanding as I see fit. Now some close ups of sorts...
Command Razorback, Linebreaker Vindicators and the Battle Company Devastator Squads
Marneus Relicgar - Chapter Master of these Relictors! You may also recognise Vulkan He'stan, and Pedro Cantor and Tyberius the Red Wake and the recent Shadow Captain Solaq.
The Chaplaincy and Librarian Enclave and a Damocles Command Rhino and a Tactical Squad from the 4th Company
The core of the 5th Battle Company, 6 Tactical Squads and Rhinos
Some of the Heavy Support elements
A few more of the Master of the Forge's (on bike) Armoury
Drop Pods (urrgh... painting them) and Dreadnoughts and the two 5th Battle Company Assault Squads
The Company Scouts
My lone Bike Squad - these will be added too soon...
The Centurions
First Company Terminators and Sternguard - I have expansion plans for both too...
Air Support elements

There you have it, my Relictors miniatures so far. I am adding to these as and when I can. And the above doesn't include my Mechanicus forces, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Daemons, Assassins, Legio Astorum Titans or the fledgling Tau... Ha Ha. I'll need a bigger room soon!

Hope you like ;) Thanks for dropping in.

15 Feb 2016

Relictors Landspeeder Typhoon

Hi Readers, I am continuing with my massive Relictors Battle Company arsenal with the latest addition of a Landspeeder Typhoon. I already have two Landspeeder Tornado's armed with Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer, and a single Landspeeder for use with my Suppression Squadron Whirlwinds, but not a Typhoon.
The paint scheme was the same as the others, and same transfers to make sure they all matched properly, the yellow missiles match much of my army missiles.
The gunner has a Heavy Bolter as I envisage this Landspeeder staying out of harms way, using the superior range of the Typhoon Missile launcher and mobility to keep out of the way and grabbing objectives late game. A Multi-Melta would be a waste.
And finally, a couple of shots of the whole family, this Landspeeder came about from the purchase of the Shadow Force Solaq which I got for the Captain previously posted in January, so this was a freebie in my eyes ;) Ha Ha, an expensive Captain and Sternguard... must get around to them.
Cheers folks for dropping in our humble corner of the interwebs... Titan updates will come shortly...  Still on HQ Squad short of the completed Battle Company, it's like a running joke now at Weemen HQ... but even if I complete the 4 models I need to, the Battle Company will never be fully completed right?

8 Feb 2016

How to Build a Forge World Warlord Titan - Compilation Post

Thanks for dropping in, I hope this compilation post will be useful for any Titan Builders out there. Here is a link to all my Warlord Titan Posts so this one post can be a handy bookmark for you to save into your browsers. Hopefully it will help someone build theirs and at the very least I hope the previous 15 posts have interested a lot of you, the traffic doubles every Titan related post, so it does attract some people.

How to Build construction posts:

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