11 Jun 2018

Legio Astorum Forge World Warlord Titan Build #17 - Re-Base

Hi All. Thanks. Continuing my slow progress with the Warlord, I have had the wooden base in the WeeMan room for nigh on two years and for some reason I never quite liked it... so I changed it.
The newer base still provides stability, and the characteristic circular shape my other Titans have, but now the footprint is smaller as the Titan pose is fairly stable anyway, this will stiffen up the two legs, the base providing the third side of a triangle, thus making the pose strong and stable.
It is also a lot thinner, 6mm MDF rather than wood which would require a lot of filler to make smooth edges. This is more in line with the other Titans too.
Here is Dominus Victoria's bare legs... nice and stable, I've saved room by offsetting the centre of the foot to be away from the centre of each circle, but still leaving a larger surface area than the feet alone giving extra stability.
And the edge is nice and smooth, ready for priming and sand and PVA sealing before painting my characteristic Calthan Brown (Mournfang Brown) basing.
As a comparison, here is Canis Bellum's base, nice and thin and circular. I think the smoothed out indentation on the Warlord will improve the structure of the base, no weak point at the point where the two circles join - Rich Gray used something akin to laminate on these bases, so stronger than 6mm MDF, hence the change.

Construction Guide:  Link to Warlord How To Build - Index Page

Thanks for checking out my progress, any nods of encouragement are greatly received, my hobby butterfly gets distracted easily! Cheers, Siph.


  1. Very nice. The single piece of the new base does look much more stable and flows better to the eye than the old one.

  2. Excellent change-up, I really dig it!

  3. @ TheRhino, yeah, I thought the same, thanks.
    @ Mordian7th, cheers mate. Now to continue Dominus Victoria

  4. What size base is this? Or how wide are the feet from toe tip to toe tip?

    1. Hi Ben, The feet are 7in toe tip to toe tip, the base is 18in wide and 9in deep, by linking the two legs as a third side of a triangle, and effectively lengthening the foot area, the Titan is sturdy and stable.


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