31 May 2017

Warhammerfest - Photos - Staff Iron Warriors, Custodes Orion Flyer and Sicaran Variants

Custodes Orion Flyer
Just a few shots of Legio Custodes and a staff Iron Warriors Army that caught my eye.
And finally, the three variants of the SM Sicaran Battletank - using alternative turrets.
Sicaran Arcus
Sicaran Omega
Sicaran Punisher

30 May 2017

Warhammerfest - Photos - Dioramas and Displays - Warlord and Promethium Rigs

Hi All, continuing my photos I remembered to take at Warhammerfest! A few display pieces, a Warlord Titan and the Shadow War Armageddon Promethium Rig display and the Primaris Marines battling the Chaos Forces of Nurgle.

29 May 2017

Warhammerfest - Photos - 8th Edition Models Primaris and Plague Marines

Hi All, A few shots of the new Primaris Marines and Nurgle Forces and some painted examples on one of the few display pieces present at Warhammerfest, not enough of them in my opinion. Enjoy.

28 May 2017

Warhammerfest - Photos - Sicaran Battle Tank w/ Punisher Cannons and New Thunderhawk

Hi All, some photos of the newest addition to the Sicaran Battletank arsenal, the Sicaran Punisher. A Sicaran with Punisher Cannon Turret instead of Accelerator Autocannons, and some photos of the leaner meaner new Resin Thunderhawk. Enjoy. More tomorrow.

25 May 2017

Ultramarine Daemon Prince

Hi One and All,

Thanks for reading!

Here is a little project I've finished, an Ultramarine Daemon Prince. This was a model I purchased off a well known auction site, as I liked the flying conversion of the plastic daemon prince. I'd already added a Relictor DP to my princes, so I thought it was only fair to add an Ultramarine on to the party. I believe this guy was finished before Siph's Daemon Prince of Tzneetch.

I've opted for a veteran look, with white helmet/face and shoulder trims, this is added to the pale skin complexion. I'd always wanted to try white skin, and really happy with the look. The wings flesh is a fleshy blue, with a really watered down Ultramarine blue. I am toying with adding a banner similar to the Relictors one (Relictor Daemon Prince), however I'm not sure the addition would benefit the pose.

How the flight is achieved... (Ouch...)

Here are all the princes on the battle board..

Thanks for looking!


I've realised I didn't include the background, and thoughts behind the model.. I see him being a Sternguard veteran that was injured by a daemon weapon wielding Relictor captain- the wounds caused the marine to fall to Chaos, a true Ultramarine wouldn't ever turn Heretic..

22 May 2017

Necron Triarch Stalker - w/ Interchangeable Weapons

Howdy Folks, So, I've continued with progress of the To-Do pile, a Necron Triarch Stalker now done. It feels good to get another one off the To-Do pile, and moar line highlighting, gotta love it. After the Ghost Ark, this was a breeze.
As my previous post about magnetizing this showed how I can interchange the under slung weapons between the Heat Ray (Melta/Flamer) and a Heavy Gauss Cannon (24in Lascannon). The main reason I painted up this beauty was to take advantage of the bonus to the surrounding blob squads of Necron Warriors, a plus 1 to BS is really handy, especially if the two 15 Warrior squads nearby are within rapid fire - any vehicle or squad will fear 60 BS5 Gauss shots coming its way!
I love the look of this vehicle, great 'stalker' tank design, with the Praetorian driver up top and the weapon below.
I added glyphs on the largest legs and posed one raised leg like it's stalking forward.
Here is a close up of the under slung weapons,firstly the Heat Ray melta type gun, short range and focused (Melta) or dispersed (Flamer) type weapon. You can just see the magnets on the flank of the weapon body to mount the Heavy Gauss Cannons. It comes with a third option of a Particle Shredder (Blast) weapon, but I foresee only using the basic Heat Ray or splashing out on the TL Heavy Gauss Cannons.
Here are the TL Heavy Gauss Cannons (Lascannon) type weapons, the Heat Ray nozzle removed and a gauss 'lens' put in its place.
Here is a frontal shot of the Triarch Stalker with the TL Heavy Gauss Cannons, ideal for Pen or Glancing heavy armour.
And from the side.
And lastly, a shot of the stowed Heat Ray nozzle, so I don't lose it.
And a shot from the tabletop, where I will be using it, amongst large squads of Warriors, boosting their effectiveness.  Thanks for dropping in. Cheers, Siph.
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