31 May 2017

Warhammerfest - Photos - Staff Iron Warriors, Custodes Orion Flyer and Sicaran Variants

Custodes Orion Flyer
Just a few shots of Legio Custodes and a staff Iron Warriors Army that caught my eye.
And finally, the three variants of the SM Sicaran Battletank - using alternative turrets.
Sicaran Arcus
Sicaran Omega
Sicaran Punisher


  1. Now I've thought "Custard Onion Fryer" I cannot un-see it when I look at the post.

    I like the idea of the different Sicarans. But that Omega model looks sort of tau-ish, the punisher one is nice, though.

    And that custard onion fryer is a lovely looking model.

    Kool picts, thanks for showing :)

  2. It is essential to have fried onions on hand no matter how challenging the situation may be. It's in part of the Custodes mantra.

    Seriously, I really like those turrets!

  3. Not sold on the omega one, bit liking the punisher variation.

  4. Yes, the Plasma looks a bit Tau rail gun-ish


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