31 Mar 2016

GW 30th Anniversary Space Marine and LE2 Rogue Trader Original

Hello Readers, so I saw the above from BoLs (originally peeked Barnstable Slayers FB page) and want to share what it is based on. Soon it will be the 30th Anniversary of the humble Space Marine. I have an Original LE2 Imperial Marine, note not a Space Marine, that prefix change came later! 
Here is the ORIGINAL (Space) Marine from all those years ago, I have the original Hexagon Base too, plus an LE1 which was a Space Ork with double barreled Shoota. He was also later released in 1991 as Space Marine with Bolter 5, seen here on Stuff of Legends website.
As you can see, GW has stayed true to the Original but updated and up-scaled it to the 32mm base and modern Marine sizes. Good stuff, I will definitely be getting one!

Hope you liked this trip down memory lane.

28 Mar 2016

Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad with Plasma Guns

Welcome Readers, Thanks for dropping in.  Here is my latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company. Hot on the exhausts of the Melta Bike Squad, here is the re-appropriated Plasma Gunner from the original bike squad with his gun on his hip.
Along with the metal Plasma Gunner torso is another Plasma Gunner torso from the Dark Vengeance 40K set, slightly converted/re-posed to sit on a normal straight wheeled space marine bike. I had to cut at the wrist and a few adjustments to the waist to fit on a normal set of space marine biker legs. Also the Ravenwing icons from his back pack, Shoulder Pauldron and helmet were removed with a sharp knife and hobby file.
The Sergeant is another of the Dark Vengeance bikes, but with the bolt pistol replaced with a Combi-Plasma from Forge World. I am using the three fancy Dark Vengeance feathered fairing bikes as my Sergeants in two other squads yet to come, this matches the original Bike Squad Sergeant whose fairing was from the Space Marine Chaplain on a bike set. So this way, all my Sergeants have fancy gold fairings whilst the troops have basic looking bikes - functional. I had to remove the Ravenwing icons from the front wheel, Helmet, Shoulder Pauldron and Bolter casings too.
The rear totem feathers were simply painted Hawk Turquoise with Nuln Oil wash and a fine dry brush again with Hawk Turquoise to bring the edges back to a brighter colour. Notice, I always drill by exhausts as well as Bolter barrels for a touch of realism.
There you have them, another fine squad of Bikers for my Battle Company. Thanks for dropping by, hope you like. Cheers, Siph.

21 Mar 2016

Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad - re-armed for Anti-Tank role

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by. Today I would like to show you a little update from my original bike squad first posted HERE in 2012. I have considered their role on the battlefield and since I used the metal bikers torsos, I had one Meltagun and one Plasma Gun. I have now subbed out the plasma gun trooper and re-armed the Sergeant who used to have a Power Sword.
Now the squad have 2x Meltagun and a Combi-Melta, more specialised for the anti-tank role I see them having. I used the Meltagun from the Sternguard plastics and the combi-melta is from Forge World. The marine with the Meltagun on the hip is the original metal torso.
Finally a shot of all three special weapons, I may field just the three if the points are tight, but the normal pistol armed marines act as ablative wounds so will still see the table top. I have many more bike squads in the WIP stage for some of that Grav/Combi-Grav goodness.

Cheers for reading and visiting our humble corner of the blogosphere.

18 Mar 2016

Mechanicus and Skitarii Vs Grey Knights and Assassins - 40K Batrep 2000pts

Welcome Readers, not a comprehensive Battle Report as we were having too much fun battling and taking a few pictures to record the narrative in detail, soz, but plenty of pictures were taken to share and a precis of happenings was remembranced... it was a Maelstrom of Battle with Tactical Objective cards and good use of the BlogWars Objective markers from Alex at From The Fang blog.

Draigo and the Knights of Titan plus some Imperium Assassin Operatives were dispatched to the Mechanicus World of Dach II to stop research into cybernetic AI deemed heretical by the Imperium.
The Skitarii Ongar Dunecrawler started the hostilities as its defensive protocols were activated by the advancing Grey Knight Terminators, a shot of the Neutron Laser on target made easy work of the squad killing all but one Terminator. The Dreadknight shunted into the back lines of the Mechanicus and targetted the Datasmith of two Kastellan robots.
A second squad of Grey Knight Terminators and Librarian Gate of Infinity phased right into the path of two Kastellan Robots and Fulgrite Techno Priests. Fresh from its first turn sucess the Dunecrawler targetted the second squad, and combined with the firepower of a squad of Torsion Cannon wielding Kataphron Breachers tore the squad asunder.
The Skitarii Rangers were caught in a crossfire of Eversor Assassin, Dreadknight and a squad of Grey Knights wiping them out, but not until the Rangers had taken down the Eversor! with a lot of help from two Sydonian Dragoons. The Skitarii Ruststalkers got the measure of a Callidus Assassin using their Transonic Blades and Chordclaw, then over a few rounds of combat took out the Culexus too.
The Grey Knights and Dreadknight continued to cause concern in the back corner.
The centre was dominated by the Dunecrawler, Breachers and the shooty Kastellan robots.
On the right flank the fist Kastellans faced up to Draigo and his squad of Paladins who had failed to cast Gate of Infinity to get into the action elsewhere. The Force activated bolt and Psycannon rounds made short work of the robots. However this opened them up to return fire from Torsion Cannons and the Dunecrawler - torsion cannons being outstanding and taking a few Paladins out. The Vindicare Assassin finally found his mark taking out the Dunecrawler in response for targetting Draigo.
Draigo Gate of Infinity shunted to the opposite flank to claim an objective and easily cut down the remaining Ruststalkers and resisted the firepower of three Kastellans.
In turn five, the massed firepower of Torsion Cannons ripped apart the venerable Dreadnought who had not done much, failing to hit with his twin linked Lascannon and taking a hull point off the Dunecrawler but failed to snipe the Tech Priest Dominus.

Final result 11 vs 3 VPs to the Mechanicus Force, research to the Cybernetic AI will continue - at least until Draigo orders Exterminatus from orbit!

14 Mar 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Sydonian Dragoons

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest additions to my humble Mechanicus forces, and the last of my Blogger Buddy Mordian7th's painted units I got from him awhile ago. I now have a significant force I can add to, perhaps a few new units to bring them up to a full 1850pts force.
I love the Sydonian Dragoon lancers,but I think to be effective on the battlefield I will need at least one more. And a Onager Dunecrawler is a must to benefit from their cumulative Invul save bonuses. And defo more Kastellen Robots... 'cos they are huge Robots!!
All I did to these was alter these bases to match my own armies, so all credit due to Mordian7th. Thanks for dropping in and having a read. The rest of my Mechanicus Forces can be found HERE.

7 Mar 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Statue of the Emperor (or suitable Hero)

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is my latest piece of Terrain, I just can't stop doing terrain as it is quick and easy. This is a statue of the mightiest hero of the Imperium, the Emperor himself, or a suitable Hero...
I had the piece lying around now for 5-10yrs from a third party sculptor, marketed as a Mighty Hero of Humanity or something, clearly based on the Adrian Smith colour artwork of the Emperor but who knows. I was a gift back then and no I don't have any or have the details of the supplier - please don't ask. I don't really approve of third party re-casts or ripping off IP, however this was a gap in the market and not directly harming GW so I like it. (The gap still exists for an Emperor Model!! Come on Horus Heresy, make an Emperor and a fallen Horus - I want to make that diorama of the final confrontation on the battle barge above Terra, but the black and white version - Horus with two Lightning Claws and looking Daemonic!)

The far superior FW casts of the Primarchs make this kind of miniature old hat as the Primarch models are way bigger - this is about the same size of a mere marine - I have used a plastic Sternguard head as the supplied one was too elf like. I liked the regal patriarch features on this head but it lacks the depicted Emperor's long hair - hence it might be a mighty hero of the Imperium, the details are lost in the eons of history...
So what to do with an under-scaled Emperor-like mini... well, Terrain of course! I painted the mini my usual gold, Gehennas Gold, washed Agrax Earthshade, layered Gehennas Gold, highlighted Runefang Steel.  The column he is atop is a cake decoration tier for a wedding cake, made of plaster and cut with a Razor Saw.
I painted the plinth to match the Shrine of the Aquila terrain I have, and I am sure when he is used in battles it will be a worthy objective in the centre of the building! The main colour is Zandri Dust, washed again with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Ushabti Bone. The plinth itself is simply some Cities of Death Terrain.
I added various Oaths of Moment, purity seals and parchments left by devout worshipers of the Imperial Creed. And washed the gold itself with 'Ardcoat Gloss to make it shine. The ground base is usual Calthan Brown, drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Ushabti Bone.
He is the Statue in the centre of the Shrine of the Aquila. A worthy height to him in a big building.
Hope you like. Please feel free to browse my other Terrain type posts HERE. Hopefully someone will get inspired to put effort into their gaming tables - it really does enhance the games! And scenery doesnt have to be more than a quick spray basecoat, wash and drybrush to bring it alive!

Thanks for dropping in. Cheers, Siph.

4 Mar 2016

Deathwatch Space Marine Conversions WIP

Hi one and all- thanks stopping on by!

I just thought I'd do a quick post prior to the release of the new Deathwatch game- images of my Deathwatch I started ages ago- but not finished yet. I wanted to add a touch of character to my marines, thus I add various icons, chest plates, shoulder pads, heads to make them appear more like their 'home' chapter.

There are 10 'Sternguard' marines, from a selection of chapters, a Librarian plus 5 Vanguards with jump packs.
 The plan to complete these is to re-base them onto the bigger bases, and highlight them up- potentially in line with the guide in the recent WD. Currently they are in a early stage, where I was trying to work out a scheme and a look, I am looking at maybe painting the armour in a more metallic black- rather than a matt black scheme - more to come!
Hopefully these guys will be finished soon and I'll post the results!

1 Mar 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Rangers Squad

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. These are another unit I bought from my blogger buddy Mordian7th, and an excellent squad they are too. I updated some lenses and did the bases to match my other armies, but all his paintjob.
Armed with the decent Galvanic Rifles (30" S4 AP4 with Precision Shots) and a couple of Arc Rifles for Haywire goodness, these are fairly cheap and cheerful troops. An Omnispex seems compulsory as it makes the unit shoot with a -1 modifier to Cover Saves. And finally the Ranger Alpha has a Taser Goad and Arc Pistol. The unit is Relentless and Moves Through Cover so can re-deploy quite quickly.
My thanks again to blogger buddy Mordian7th for these, I now have a decent Ad Mech contingent. Cheers Man.
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