21 Mar 2016

Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad - re-armed for Anti-Tank role

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by. Today I would like to show you a little update from my original bike squad first posted HERE in 2012. I have considered their role on the battlefield and since I used the metal bikers torsos, I had one Meltagun and one Plasma Gun. I have now subbed out the plasma gun trooper and re-armed the Sergeant who used to have a Power Sword.
Now the squad have 2x Meltagun and a Combi-Melta, more specialised for the anti-tank role I see them having. I used the Meltagun from the Sternguard plastics and the combi-melta is from Forge World. The marine with the Meltagun on the hip is the original metal torso.
Finally a shot of all three special weapons, I may field just the three if the points are tight, but the normal pistol armed marines act as ablative wounds so will still see the table top. I have many more bike squads in the WIP stage for some of that Grav/Combi-Grav goodness.

Cheers for reading and visiting our humble corner of the blogosphere.


  1. They look nice - I too have the original metal torsos somewhere though I've ditched them in favour of spare weapons from elsewhere, I never really liked the 'resting on the hip' pose.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the bikes!

  2. Cheers Nick, but I kinda like the hip pose, why? - in a sea of grav gun wielding marines on bikes, they all look quite awkward if not pointing to the ground or in a stowage as the weapon protrudes over the handlebars. The hip pose offers something that normal marine plastics doesn't offer. So I like it for variation. I am trying to think of ways to mount the grav guns and combi-gravs that differs throughout the force, finding poses for 10-12 bikes is difficult.

    I'll post as I complete, Plasma Bikes first,using the older metal Plasma Gun on the hip too ;)

  3. Hi Siph, I think they look great! We I were a lad riding my bmx, I'd carry my toy m16 at the hip. It just feels cool.

  4. When you're a Spaze Murheen, you can ride one handed in combat...

  5. Looking good :). You can never have too many bikes, especially when they will be wealding gravy gns :)


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